Friday, May 31, 2013


25th to 31st May 2013

Good evening everyone.  Dainere is not up to writing her Blog this week so she has deputised me to do it.  I am afraid I don't possess her incredible and beautiful gift of writing but I will fill you in on her week.

She was so excited to see her Wests Tigers finally have a win, it was a hard fought one at that too.  Them winning put a huge smile on her face.  The fact that they beat the Cowboys, which is her Nana's team made the win all that more special, as they put her closer to Nana in the footy tipping competition.

Again this week she has not been able to attend school, she is sleeping for roughly 75% of the day, she is having dreadful swallowing issues, incontinence, pressure sores and is terribly off balanced.  She is such a fighter though and despite adversity is still able to smile that gorgeous smile of hers that magically lights up the room.

She had visits from her two wonderful palliative care nurses and one from Kaitlyn her incredible physiotherapist.  What amazing people they are they have assisted Dainere on this journey above and beyond what would be expected.

Her Occupational Therapist, Bronwen is organising a shower chair for her to make life just that little bit easier when showering her.  There are so many useful items available to help those with illness or disability, it is amazing.

We are all so extremely proud of Jarrett's City2Surf Fundraising effort, almost $6000 and to use Dainere's word, this is so splendiferous!  He would not be at that amount if it wasn't for people opening their hearts, spreading the word and being so generous.  Here again is the link to his everyday hero page to keep spreading in the community.

Speaking of Jarrett, he is not too well at present, he has been diagnosed with shingles, which the doctor has said would have been brought on by stress.  Trying to keep up with the hectic demands of Year 12 as well as having Dainere unwell has taken its toll on him.

It is his 18th Birthday on Tuesday, it will be a day of quiet celebration and one of pride for such an extraordinary son and brother. 

Thank you for the comments you leave for Dainere, she is humbled and grateful to everyone.


Anonymous said...

Dear Yvonne,

Thank you so much for continuing Dainere's blog for us. You are all in our thoughts constantly as you travel this most difficult part of your family's journey.

Happy birthday to Jarrett for Tuesday; your family is justly proud of such a caring son and brother.

Lots of love and warm hugs to beautiful Dainere. We hope that the caring thoughts and good wishes from all of us will encircle and comfort her.

Love always,

Anna xxxx

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you all, such a loving and supportive family for each other. Happy 18th to Jarrod and well done with the fund raising hope you feel better soon. Dainere I hope you see a wonderful rainbow this week end that puts a smile on your beautiful face.
Fondest love Susan xx

Greg Jericho said...

Thank you for writing this Yvonne. Our thoughts and prayers are truly with you all. Hope Jarrett is feeling better for his birthday. I'm really looking forward to seeing what time he runs for the City2Surf.

Anonymous said...

Dear Yvonne,

Thank you for sending an update on our beautiful Dainere, the girl with the most captivating smile, who has touched the lives of so many.

The photo of Dainere, Jarrett and Theodore is one to be treasured.

I am so sorry to hear that Jarrett is unwell and hope that he is feeling better by Tuesday. Please wish him a very happy birthday. He is a very caring brother, indeed.

Please give Dainere my love and a special hug.

Jarrett's fundraising efforts will continue to increase, as word spreads more into the community.

My love and prayers to you and all of your family.

You did a splendiferous job as Dainere's deputy.

Much love,

Elizabeth xoxo

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

We have been following your inspirational blog and really love your way with words.

Appreciate your efforts keeping everyone up to date Yvonne. Dainere you are a very special daughter and sister with a depth of character beyond your years. Well done with your fund raising- increadible effort so far.

Happy birthday Jarrett for Tuesday - keep warm and comfortable.
Love Candace and family

Anonymous said...

Dear Yvonne,
Our thoughts and prayers are always with you all.

Sending lots and lots of love to Dainere. Hoping that she is feeling warm and comfortable. Hopefully after the rain this weekend she will see a beautiful rainbow.

Hoping Jarrett is feeling better for his 18th birthday. Wishing him a happy day with the family. Well done with the fundraising efforts so far.

With love to you all,

Steph D and family xxx

Alan said...

Dear Yvonne,

I have long admired the fighting spirit and the positive outlook with which Dainere has fought her battle. I am saddened that she was not able to write this weeks log.

Happy birthday to Jarrett on Tuesday, may he have many more enjoyable birthdays.

May there be more enjoyable rainbows for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Dear Yvonne and Dearest Dainere, we are so sorry you are not feeling up to writing this week Dainere , but mum has done an amazing job.

Dainere , we have the most amazing gift for you from England , so you can start guessing what it will be .

That is so great that your Tigers won this week, as you know we are in Britain now but will endevour to keep in contact.

Yvonne , special air cell mattresses are avaqilable to rent that would relieve Dainere of bed sores , because the air cells rotate ,they are electrically powered so that you are not on the same spot all the time , they can be rented , and from memory are calles Alpha mattresses ask Bronwen, i think i used to get them from The Independant living centre . I am more than willing to e mail calvary Occupational Therapists and ask them to confirm the name of them and the supplier also and you can pass it to Bronwen , failng the air cell mattress sheepskins are also excellent for bed sore relief.We also used them at the hospital. Please dont hesitate to contact me via e mail and ill help whilst here in uk if i can .

Jarrett you are to be commended for your efforts , meryl and i are so sorry you are not feeling to good right now . But we wish you well for your 18th Birthday .

Dainere , you are in our thoughts all the time and we wish you bright Rainbows and we send you lots of love , hugs and kisses .

lots of love
stuart and meryl

Anonymous said...

Dear Yvonne and Dainere,
thanks for writing, it is always good to know what is happenning. I hope Dainere and Jarret are both feeling well again soon.

WOW Jarret, that amount is huge, keep going! Happy 18th for Tue.

Keep on fighting and looking for the rainbow,

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere and Yvonne,

I heard the Tigers game. It was an exciting finish! I just knew Benji would do something.

Good to see that you are receiving so much support for Dainere.

Hoping Jarrett's fundraising efforts continue to grow.

Wishing Jarrett a happy 18th and recovery from shingles.

Sending love and rainbows,

Michael and Clare xoxo

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

Sorry to hear you were not up to writing your blog this weekend. Your mum did a great job keeping us up to date.

Sounds like you had a pretty tough week. We're hoping this coming week will be better for you. Maybe the sunshine and Jarrett's birthday (congratulations to Jarrett!) will help.

After commenting on Friday (on your previous post) that admiring a rainbow, when we see one in the sky, is a whole different experience now (no longer just marveling at nature's ability to produce pretty rainbows, but also thinking of a brave and special person), I found myself hoping we might see one this weekend with the change from sunshine to rain and back to sunshine again. But if there was one, I missed it. We did enjoy the sun coming out for High Noon today. Out of the wind it was quite nice.

All the best for this week!

Best wishes,

Carol Duncan said...

Hello lovely Anthoney clan!

I do hope Dainere is feeling a bit more splendiferous shortly and up to writing a blog post.

After trying to hold out for such a long time, Pete and I have bought the boys a kitten - a beautiful ginger boy that they have named Samuel P Gak. Why? Absolutely no idea!

But he is lovely!

And shingles SUCK! I've had them twice now and I'd be very happy to not ever have them again. Get well soon, Jarrett!

Love to you all and STAY WARM!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere & Yvonne
Thank you Yvonne for writing for Dainere. We are all grateful for the updates as you are always in our thoughts & prayers.
Happy 18th Birthday Jarrett!! Very special occasion but sad that you are unwell. I'm sure your family will make it a special day to remember. I'll sing for you and clap 18 times on Tuesday morning. Hip Hip Hooray!
Please give Dainere a very big hug from me. I'm constantly thinking of her, wondering how she is in the colder weather & all. I know you are smothering her with love & care at present, I pray her nurses can bring her some relief.
May you embrace each day with smiles, love and strength for the wonderful family that you are.

Lots of love to you, Fran xoxo

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere and all of the Anthoney Family,
I am catching up later than usual as I am in e US on a motorbike trip with my husband. Ollie the cat is at home with his big sisters and managing to con two dinners out of them!
I know what a difficult time this must be for you all but as always your strength and love as a family shine through.
Jarrett and I share a birthday - happy 18th Jarrett, you are an amazing young man and real credit to your mum and dad.
Dainere, we have been seeing many rainbows over here - lots of thunderstorms this time of the year. But every time I see one I send my love and prayers to you. You have made such a difference is so many people's lives and my hope is that your pain is relieved and you are able to rest.
Love and faraway hugs,
Catherine. And Ollie the cat ( at home in Canberra)

Anita K said...

Dear Dainere,

I first visited Canberra in 2010 (I am from Canada)and purchased your book in a store. I was intrigued by the title, and read it cover to cover the first night. Since then I read your blog weekly.

I wish you peace and happiness as you have spread that message so well.

A rainbow is a promise that there will be better times ahead - Thank you for spreading rainbows across the world.

Anonymous said...

Happy 18th birthday Jarrett. Hope the shingles go soon. BTAA raised $1900 at the Music @ Midday concert today from gold coin entry. Dainere's books were on our display table. The RMC Band and the Rugby Choir did 2 shows - with the nursing homes showing up in force. Also lots of disabled folk who really enjoyed the show. Please let Dainere know that Sarah is full steam ahead with the planning for the Brainstorm for Hope event - on Sarah's 40th, and Dainere's 16th birthday on 8 Feb 2014. Even if Dainere is unable to make it BTAA will make sure there is a splendiferous huge rainbow cake there with 16 candles for Dainere - even if I have to make it myself and I am terrible at cake making. Dainere has made a real difference to the lives of so many. Love to you all, Susan Pitt(on behalf of the ACT Brain Tumour Network and Brain Tumour Alliance Australia Inc.

Dianne said...

Dear Dainere and Yvonne

Please wish Jarrett a Happy 18th Birthday from the Calvert's and all the best for his health...we want him better soon for the City to Surf.
Thinking of you all :)

Lv Dianne xxxxxx

Dianne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere,

I am Uncle Len's Granddaughter and have heard so much about you and I also read your book and LOVED it! I have so much admiration for you! I hope you have a safe and Fantastical journey throughout the rest of your life and give Theodore a BIG hug for me!!

Lots of Love
Hannah <3

Anonymous said...

Hey Dainere,

Just hoping that you're doing well and I'm thinking of you. Thank you to Yvonne for keeping up the blog. You guys are amazing and Dainere you're just awesome! Love you lots and the best to you and your family.

The one and only, Allyson!!! :D

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