Friday, May 17, 2013


11th to 17th May 2013

MS Contin is a strong medication, that assists with chronic pain, it can also make you very drowsy which I have experienced this week.  I think that I have slept more than what I have been awake.  It does help the pain a little and I guess it also assists you to relax, so that you can rest. 

I have not been at school this week because I have not been well, it is a combination of the medication and my disease.  I did not get to have physiotherapy either this week which was extremely disappointing, however I know that next week it will be even more beneficial, that is what happens when you miss something one week, you appreciate it more the next time.

This week I said goodbye to my electric wheelchair, as I am having problems with balance and staying upright when sitting, it is no longer beneficial to me.  I have many fond memories of special achievements in that wheelchair.  The School Athletics Carnival last year doing the 100m and 200m in it and then this year doing the Cross Country. 

Despite not been at school, I have tried to do a little research on my English Novel - The Lord of the Flies and I have been working on my Sports Science Assignment, it is difficult though when your eyes just don't want to stay open!

My care nurse Karen came to visit me and check how I was doing, she told me that resting will help me and that is what my body needs to do.  She also filled in another sheet with me, like the one I did before, some things have changed since the last time we did that.

There were two rainbows in Canberra this week, I think that rainbows are the most splendiferous and beautiful creations, they give me hope of better days.

Thank you to everyone who has been donating and passing on Jarrett's City2Surf Fundraising page information.  He is now over $4000 and with eighty five (85) days until the big event there is more time to really make a difference. He has been training with dedication and a passion, this is so important to him.

Here are some facts again if you want to share them with others to encourage them to donate.

      Many people are unaware that brain cancer is one of the most lethal yet understudied of all cancers.
      It is the leading cancer killer of children and young adults
      Worryingly little is known about this disease, other than some devastating statistics
      No risk factors have been identified and no screening procedures are in place
      It will take $50 billion over the next 30 to 50 years to perhaps find a cure for brain cancer.
      As it receives the least amount of funding of all the cancers, it is only through community donations that we can ever hope of finding a cure
    Here is Jarrett's link to his fundraising page again, so you can keep passing it on or just follow how he is doing.  Again many, many thanks for your support.
    In footy tipping, Nana is still leading, although last week she got the least correct so there is hope yet for Pop and I.  My poor Tigers are sitting last on the ladder and the incredible Benji Marshall has been benched for this week.  I know that both the Tigers and Benji Marshall will find an inner strength and they will come back fighting, after all they are the Tigers. 
    'When it rains in my life, I look to the sky, for I know that after the rain, a rainbow appears and makes the day so much brighter'.


A Rainbow that appeared in the sky this week




Anonymous said...

HI Dear Dear Dainere,

OH how hard for you , yes it will relax you im sure which in turn makes you sleepy , and its designed to help you rest and take away that terrible pain.

I think home will have been the best thing you could have done dear friend .And now no electric wheel chair , oh what a terrible week its been for you . Yes you must remember all the good times you had in that chair .

YOu are keeping up your excellent standards still keeping up the studies WELL DONE .

Yes Karen is so right Dainere , when i was in The High dependency unit at Royal Prince Alfred after my first tumour removal , they kept me sedated to make sure my body got a forced rest.i was given pethadine regularly.

WE love the rainbow picture you put on your blog its tremendous .

Jarrett continues to forge ahead , its fantastic Dainere.

Yes The eternal hope is the beautful rainbow .

With the colder days and nights coming on now Dainere its so important that you keep warm and free from any further problems .

Meryl and i are with you in spirit and thinking of you .

Take care , .
lots of HUGS and love and kisses to you our beautiful friend .

stuart and meryl

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

'The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most'. John Ruskin

This must be why you love rainbows so much, Dainere.

That was a beautiful photo of the rainbow. When we see them our spirits are immediately lifted.

I am so sorry to hear that you have been feeling so unwell this week.

Your body is telling you that it needs to rest and your medication is helping you to do that.

Your wheelchair has certainly helped you to achieve so much.

People are still responding to Jarrett's fundraising, so that is excellent news.

We made a quick trip to Blackheath during the week and Thursday was definitely a heavy coat, gloves, scarf sort of day.

Rest well this week and picture all the colours of the rainbow when you close your eyes.

Much love,

Elizabeth xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere,
What a week you've had, but you have seen the light at the end of the tunnel and you don't stop believing in the power of a smile. No matter what happens you are always inspiring me, this week's post has been a massive reminder of that. A song which I think would be really good for you to listen to is 'Keep Holding On', it is totally relevant to you. You have hte support of all your friends, family, people who follow your blog and the people who help you through physio, your OT etc. When we are struggling, we must remember that you have so much support and that while the storm may be on, you will find that rainbow. Good luck to Jarrett through his fundraising.

Sending lots of rainbows of hope for you,

Anonymous said...

Dearest Dainere,

Stay warm and snug darling girl and know that you have the support and loving thoughts of so many people.

Lots of love always,

Anna xoxox

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

So sorry that the medication is affecting you like this.

Rainbows are really beautiful. Nothing better than the sight of a bright coloured rainbow stretching across the sky.

Jarrett is doing so well with his fundraising.

It is so hard to follow the form of some teams. Things can only get better for the Tigers.

Sending love and rainbows,

Michael and Clare xoxo

Greg Jericho said...


Sorry to here the medication is having such an impact. Hope this week you feel much better.

I always love reading your posts.

Carol Duncan said...

Hello gorgeous young woman!

I was putting some bits and pieces into the two big plastic tubs that I call 'Treasure Boxes' - these are where I put important items belonging to James and Alexander as they grow up - school photos and reports, awards, even TEETH!

And I found in one of the boxes a beautiful 'rainbow' ribbon.

It's such a special item because when Alexander was little and heading off to preschool for the first time - he was only about four - he used to get very upset at me leaving him.

A friend of mine gave me a 'rainbow ribbon' for him.

The story of the 'rainbow ribbon' is that you give it to a child who is struggling with being away from mum and dad - that the rainbow stretches all the way to mummy and daddy and that if the feel sad or lonely, all they have to do is put their rainbow ribbon in their hand and to think about mum and dad and they'll feel better.

I used to use a safety pin to secure it inside his pocket every day.

Which is just another story about how truly magical rainbows are!

Lots of love,

Carol Duncan in Newcastle


Anonymous said...

Beautiful rainbow story Carol - thanks for sharing with us all.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,
I too love rainbows, I live in Inverloch Gippsland Victoria, I often see rainbows over the ocean and I was lucky enough to see a double rainbow recently. I visualize the colors seeping through my body its very theraputic. You are loved and admired by so many people Dainere and you are making a difference to humanity. God Bless and may your angels wrap their wings around you and comfort you.
With warmest of love Susan xx