Friday, April 26, 2013


20th to 26th April 2013

Yesterday was an extra special day, a day for all Australians to remember those who have fought for our Country; those who have given us freedom, those who lost their lives and those that are still fighting .  They are truly courageous heroes. 

Anzac day is probably Australia's most important national occasion, it marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War.

ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.  The Soldiers in those forces quickly became know as ANZAC's and the pride they took in that name endures to this day.

This week I had to show courage as I said goodbye to my extraordinary Occupational Therapist, Tom.  He has been so supportive in helping me with equipment for school and home and he has also been a splendiferous friend.  He is off to the Philippines to weave his magic over there, they are so lucky to have him.  In life we have people come into our lives who truly make a difference and he is one of those people who I have been blessed to have met as part of my journey.

Another guardian angel in my life is Kaitlyn, my physiotherapist, she is there for me every week, relieving me of my pain.  This week she worked on my neck, lower back and that ever troublesome right foot.  At the end of my appointment I had those absolutely warm and delightful heat packs on my neck and spine. 

I have not felt too well this week with pain, nausea and just not feeling very well.  Resting has been an important and much needed activity this week for me as next week is back to rush of school and other appointments.

The appointments that I have next week are one with my Oncologist from Sydney and after seeing him I have an appointment with a Speech Therapist who may be able to offer some suggestions to assist with my continuing and difficult swallowing issues. 

I have been listening to Lord of the Flies on a CD for English, we have to have it read before returning to School. It is not really the type of novel that I would select to read for enjoyment.  It is an extremely dark and heavy novel, however it is written well and the language used draws you into the story.

Many, many thanks for those followers who have so generously donated to Jarrett's City2Surf fundraising, I am so excited and proud to say that he has now raised $2500. It is so incredible and with 107 days to go until the event, he is hoping to raise even more money.  Here is the link again to his Everday Hero page, please pass this onto family, friends, neighbours, around your workplace, school and to local businesses.  Together we can make a difference.

There were not football games last weekend so I am still leading the tipping by one.  This week I already have one right because I choose the Roosters against the Dragons in the Anzac Day match.  Nana and I have made quite different selections this week so that will separate us by the end of the round.  I am hoping that my Wests Tigers can pick themselves up and find an inner strength to push themselves to victory.

Many thanks to Lori and Merran who sent me the most magnificent parcel in the mail this week, it was an envelope filled with the most splendiferous drawings done by students in Prep/Grade 1, their teacher Emily told them about me.  They are so special and I will treasure them always, when I looked through them I thought they were the most rainbowiffic rainbows I had ever seen. 

I will leave you with some words out of a book that Tom gave me.

"I feel so blessed - of all the billions of people who could have shared my path, I stumbled across you."


Anonymous said...

Dearest Dainere

I couldn't have said it better! Exactly what is in my heart for you gorgeous! A beautiful quote.

"I feel so blessed - of all the billions of people who could have shared my path, I stumbled across you."

Sending all my love and huge, huge hugs to you across our special rainbow
Tess xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

It is good to see that Australians are showing an increasing interest in and respect for Anzac Day. I attended the Dawn Service this year. It was very well attended and was a moving experience.

You show courage every day Dainere, but I know that farewelling Tom would have been especially difficult. No doubt, he felt the same. The quote, from the book he gave you, made me realise that that is how I feel about meeting you.

I had a feeling that you wouldn't enjoy the Lord of the Flies. I'm sure it is on the reading list because of the quality of the writing, not the storyline. I have no desire to read it again, but I'd like to read The Old Man of the Sea. I just need to find a copy.

Jarrett's fundraising is coming along very well.

I can't comment on the football, as I don't follow it. I wish you well in your tipping competition.

Young childrens' drawings are precious to have.

I'm sorry to hear that you have been feeling unwell. Rest as much as you can and see those beautiful rainbows, when you close your eyes.

All the best with your appointments and school this week.

Much love,

Elizabeth xoxo

Anonymous said...

Dear Dear Dainere,Yes oh so very much so , ANZAC day is so very special , its because of those men and women of today and years gone by that we are free and secure

Dainere , it is always so very hard when people like Tom , have to leave , as you know , you and i are so alike , and i can feel for you in a special way when those kind of things happened to me with surgeons and people like Tom , Be strong dear friend .

We are so sorry youve been not to well this week.

We wil be thinking of you when you see the Oncologist and speach Therapist.

NO, Lord of the Flies was not my cup of tea either , but i agree with Elizabeth .

Jarrett is simply awesome and doing a GREAT job.

HAHA again like Elizabeth i know nothing about footy , but wish you well in your tipping comp with the rest of the family .

The words in the book that Tom Gave you are so special Dainere , and Believe me , Myself and Meryl are so proud and happy to have met a young lady who is one of those billions of humans that one just has to know in life . Thanks for all the kind words you always say .

Sending you much love and hugs and kisses .

stuart and meryl

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

So sorry that Tom is leaving, and that you've been feeling pain and nausea this week.

Your assessment of 'Lord of the Flies' is spot on!

Jarrett is really receiving a lot of support.

Listening to the Tigers playing the Broncos as I type.

Your closing words are so apt.

Sending rainbows.



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