Friday, April 12, 2013


6th to 12th April 2013

We have had the most incredible Autumn weather here in Canberra this week.  There is no season in all the year so beautiful with kaleidoscopic colours, so radiant with the freshness of the breeze or as glorious with a gentle warmth in the air, it is a lovely time of year.

We had to wind our clocks back an hour, daylight savings came to an end.  It is so delightful to wake up to see the sun waking and rising also.  However, it is also just a little melancholy that the sun disappears behind the horizon that much earlier.

This was the last week of Term 1 at School, it has gone so swiftly, has been so incredibly busy and filled with many academic challenges but at the same time it has been enjoyable, as you know, going to school is important to me.

We have already begun to look at our next unit of work for Sports Science; which is technology and Sports, this is not just about computer technology but also technology in areas of equipment, playing surface and clothing.  I think that this unit of work is going to be extremely fascinating.

In Maths we are doing Statistics Work, doing cumulative frequency tables and graphs as well as box plots.  Once you understand how to do it, it is quite easy to master. 

For English we had to do our presentations for our Money Matters Unit.  I did a video presentation based on a current affairs type show for teens where I interviewed 'Steve' who was actually Jarrett who had just got his first job.  We discussed how he went about getting it, facts about tax file numbers, superannuation, employment conditions and pay rates and saving the money he would earn.  'Blair' who was Nalani, was an expert from The Australian Taxation Office, giving advice on tax file numbers.  It was tiring putting it all together but I was really pleased with the finished product.  The next thing to do is to read The Lord of the Flies, I am fortunate enough to have it on CD so I can listen to it rather than trying to read the extremely small print in the novel.

I had my wonderful physiotherapy appointment as usual.  Kaitlyn is so fantastic, she worked on my neck which has been terribly painful, then she did a little on my back and finally my foot.  She used the voltaren gel with the ultrasound again, this gives it some relief for a while. 

Apart from school and physiotherapy I have been helping Nalani study for her exams, doing a little knitting and some Sudoku puzzles. 

Now for some exciting news from a fundraising perspective:  Jarrett has decided to run in the City2Surf this year, not for himself but to assist me in my fundraising efforts.  The race itself is a 14km run along a challenging course in Sydney, including the famous 'heartbreak hill'.  It is on the 11th August and Jarrett has secured a Gold Entry place.  He is running as part of Team Kids to raise those so desperately needed funds for The Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation Brain Tumour Research Fund.  It would be so wonderful if he could raise a huge amount of funds, it is so important that one day a cure is found.  The race for Jarrett will be challenging, just as the journey is with a Brain Tumour.  This is the link to his hero page -
Please consider supporting him, you are also welcome to share the link. I believe that together one day we can make a difference to the lives of children and their families who receive the devastating diagnosis of a brain tumour.

I feel so blessed also because I have been sent during the last week the most rainbowiffic and beautiful 'Rainbows of Hope'.  Helen from Hugs' n Kisses organised this extra special surprise and fundraising initiative for me.  People have sent me the magnificent rainbows with a $5 donation to go to the Brain Tumour Research Fund.  I have hung the rainbows from a shelf in my room and each morning when I wake and every night before I go to sleep I see them and they fill my heart with hope and love.  Thank you so very much to Helen, Christine, Annette, Marilyn, Janine, Lo and Liz and family, your kindness is astounding and I am so humbled by what you have done and will treasure those rainbows always. 

The splendiferous 'Rainbows of Hope' that people have sent to me.  I will treasure them always.

In Footy Tipping I have now slipped one behind Nana, who has now taken the lead.  Pop is still a little behind but he is very analytical in his picks so as the season goes on he usually catches up.  Poor Benji Marshall is out with a toe injury, the Tigers will miss his extraordinary style of football but I guess if they live by my saying of 'You Have to go Through a Storm to get to a Rainbow', they will find an inner strength to pull through this difficult time. 

If you see someone this week that is not smiling, share your smile with them, not only to brighten their day but to also create happiness in every ones lives. 


Dianne said...

Dear Dainere

My girl are you now a film producer? What you get up to is just amazing to me. And a tutor for Nalani as well. Lachie has it so tough :)

I will share the link for Jarrett's race and hope he and the Team have an really great City to Surf.

Will you be doing a reprint of Theodore and friends? I have had some enquiries about your second book...maybe a sequel to Thoedore could be Tinkerbell the magic cat who has the power to make you happy...she certainly looks like majic in the pic of you with Nalani & Jarrett on Mum's Facebook.

The holidays are here so you can rest up for a while and enjoy the lovely autumn days, take care.

Lv Dianne xxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

Just before I read your post I heard this quote on the radio: "if you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours" which fits in perfectly with your closing paragraph.

You write so descriptively!

School subjects certainly have changed since I went to school.

Your video presentation sounds great.

I've never been able to complete a Sudoku puzzle.

We will be supporting Jarrett.

Helen is a wonderful person. She was on 'The Project'.

Sending you rainbows.


Michael and Clare

Anonymous said...

HI Dainere, yes it is a lovely time of the year , and now we are back in Sydney , after our trip to Peru etc , being away for a long time makes you appreciate what you have.

Technology moves on so quickly so it will be great for you to see the latest changes .

The money matters unit will be so interesting , im sure it was put together by a guy called Paul Clitheroe , a man i admire and have met many times .

Excellent that you can listen to Lord of the Flies .

How magical that Jarrett is running in the city 2 surf , we have seen his site and made our contribution , so WELL DONE Jarrett , what a great brother he is to you .

Helen and all the other people are fantastic for sending you those Rainbows , they look lovely on your wall.

well we are having lovely Indian Summer weather here in sydney so hope the weather is being kind to you too.

Lots of love , kisses and hugs .

stuart and meryl

Anonymous said...

Good morning Dainere,

Autumn is certainly a pleasant, colourful season.

Your writing is so descriptive. When I was teaching, I would read snippets from books to my students in the hope that it would inspire them. A few tried it, very successfully.

The book I am reading at the moment has many examples of descriptive writing, for example, 'There was a full moon, and the stream, fed by rain, was leaping among the stones in its bed'. Such writing, paints a picture and your writing does just that.

How good that you have Lord of the Flies on CD.

Lucky Nalani, having you help her to study and well done to Jarrett for deciding to run in the City2Surf to help raise funds.

The rainbows from Helen and her helpers looks so attractive.

Are you knitting something in particular? Did you sell all of your cushions with the rainbow on them? I'd be interested in buying one, if not.

I can't quite get my head around Sudoku, but I enjoy other puzzles.

Enjoy the holidays and get lots of rest.

Much love,

Elizabeth xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hello darling girl,

I do hope that you are relaxing now that the school holidays are here. The sunshine has been glorious so far - hopefully you are enjoying this last remnant of summer!

How wonderful that Jarrett has chosen to run the City to Surf race and support your fundraising efforts at the same time. There will be many of us cheering him on!

Have a rainbowiffic week,

Lots of love and big hugs,

Anna xoxoxox