Friday, December 14, 2012


7th to 14th December 2012

With only eleven days to Christmas it is a busy time, a time where we sometimes forget the important things in life in the rush to shop.  If we stop for a while, remember to smile and spread joy.  If we give to others rather than expecting to receive then our hearts are set alight with love and joy.

My last few days of school this week were spent taking part in the Medieval Activities, I made a dress, using a dress I already had and adding long flowing sleeves and an over skirt, I made a special headpiece made of wool, flowers and ribbon.  On Tuesday we had a special assembly where all the groups came together and showed the rest of the Grade what we had done.  It was a special time seeing how talented people are and I also learnt some new information about Medieval times. 

Our Medieval day ended with a special luncheon, a spit roast with meat, salads and roast potato and pumpkin.  I think it was a magnificent way to finish off what has been a challenging yet totally enjoyable year. 

Presenting the Pathfinder Award at the Middle School Celebration was such an honour for me, I think that the person who won it was very deserving and will set an example to others to forge a path in life and think of others to make a difference.

On Monday night it was our Senior School Celebration, it is a night where the students from Years 9 to 11 come together to recognise fellow students achievements.  You can imagine my total surprise when I was awarded not one but two awards.  One was a subject award for English, which I was so thrilled about because I had worked so dedicatedly in English especially in my Romeo and Juliet project  and my speech about A Bridge to Wiseman's Cove, which I achieved 100% in both.  Then I was just so humbled, surprised and honoured to be awarded a special award, only one student in Senior School receives it each year.  It was the award for Personal Achievement.  The Head of Senior School gave a speech before awarding it, he mentioned how I was so dedicated to my studies, how I had represented the school in sports, continued to contribute to the School and community and showed so much courage and determination despite adversity.  I actually felt just a little embarrassed about receiving the award, I am sure that there are other students in the School who are far more deserving than I am.  I think I have said this many times, I have been given a journey and I just try to remain positive and make the most out of each and every day, it is just what you do when you face something like this. 

I was so very excited though to see Jarrett also receive two awards, he got an Academic Excellence in PE and then an application award for Mathematics.  He was also surprised by his awards, but he too has worked really dedicatedly this year, I am so proud of him. 

The Principal in his speech on the night started by saying "Never, never, never give up", he then went on to talk about Neil Armstrong and his determination and courage in his life and what he was able to achieve.  Every person should always believe in themselves and definitely never give up especially on their dreams.

I had physiotherapy and again Kaitlyn, who is has worked so tirelessly to try to assist me with my pain this year, worked on my spine, it has been extremely painful and causing me so many problems.  She is able to provide some relief and I am so grateful to her for that. 

I also had an appointment with my paediatrician, he too has been so wonderful this year.  He is very supportive and is always there to listen and try to help me.  I have to see him again on 8th January, he is going to keep a close eye on me now. 

Tonight I have Interclub again, last week despite been sore, competed in discus and shot put and it was so worth it because I achieved a personal best in discus throwing the 350g discus 6.36m and then throwing the 1.5kg shot put threw it 2.22m.  Having the lighter weights makes it a bit easier for me and does not hurt my spine as much. 

Next week will be splendiferous because my Nana and Pop are coming to spend some time over Christmas with us and my Uncle James and Aunty Kate.  I always love to see them and give them huge hugs, I think Grandparents hugs are very special. 

Last Christmas we went to Queensland to be with them, at that time I never expected that my journey would take another twist.  I remember having back pain when I was there but never expected to hear the devastating news I did.   I have asked Santa for a surprise this year for Christmas, I secretly wish it was a magic wand to take away my pain and make me better, but I don't think there is one of those anywhere.  So I will continue to find an inner strength to try to keep fighting, hoping a cure can be found.

Most days now I find I am very weary and have to have a sleep, rest helps your body to recover and continue to fight.  I have found that I have to take ondansetron more often to help cope with nausea, it works very well, which is a good thing because I hate been sick. 

I will have to start looking through the cook books and look for some delicious treats to make for Christmas, I am already going to make a gingerbread house and coconut ice. 

To anyone who is travelling during this time, stay safe and alert and don't rush to be where you have to be, take your time and enjoy the beautiful landscapes around you. 

With many thanks again to all those who read my Blog, I truly appreciate your support and often read back on the many comments to give me strength and courage.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dainiere,
I completely agree with you that grandparent hugs are so special, you don't get that feeling from anything else. I hope that you have a dafe and enjoyable Christmas, I will ask Santa for something very special for you!!!

Stay optimistic and safe,

Susan Shaw said...

Hi Dainere, I pray that this Christmas will be a blessed time for you and all of your family.
Congratulations upon your achievements at school this year.
My prayer for 2013 is that God will be close to you where ever you are - at school, at home, when you are having physio, undergoing any medical care - AT ALL TIMES.
Love and God bless Susan Shaw

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere, yes you are 100%correct , we all need to take time out and think of those less fortunate than ourselves , and it is in giving that we receive .

How wonderful it would have been to see you in your medieval dress, may be one day we can see it . The special roast spit luncheon sounds yummy and so much fun .

Many Congratulations on presenting the Pathfinder award.

Many congratulations to you and Jarrett on being awarded , the two awards each , Dainere you are a shinning light to the other students in your school , and perform admirably , we are sure the other students look up to you as a great example of what can be achieved in life regardless of the situation , WELL DONE and CONGRATULATIONS . For Jarrett Conratulations and Well done too. It is so warming to hear of his achievemnets .

Your Principal in his speech , is so correct Dainere , NEVER , NEVER EVER give in. even after number 3 tumour removal I always said to myself , well if numbner 4 must be , then so be it , BUT I WILL NOT give in . Neil Armstrong , now there is a man that the world will never ever forget , his courage and determination , was the modern day version of Sir Christopher Columbus and his sea adventures. So if you ever feel a little low Dainere Think of Neil Armstrong .

Glad to hear your Paediatrician is going to keep a close eye on you .

Congratulations in Interclub . a great result . And we hope you had a great time last night too .

WE hope you have a great time when Nan and Pop , and Aunty Kate and Uncle James come over , you will have the best Christmas .

WE wish also that Santa can provide that magical wand for you , but remember , never ever give in ok , progress moves on so fast in this ever more knowledgeable world Dainere.

IN allowing your body to rest and sleep when you are weary is the best thing Dainere, you must do as it tells you .

WE hope you find a great recipe , and make the mouths of your family hungry for more .

lots of love hugs and kisses .

stay safe

stuiart and meryl

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

Christmas is a special time of year. I'd like the spirit of Christmas to be evident for all of the year.

Well done with your clothing for Medieval Activities.

Congratulations to you for receiving the awards at Senior School Celebration. They were well deserved.

Congratulations to Jarrett also.

Well done at Interclub!!

Enjoy all your hugs from Nana and Pop.



Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere

I have been reading each week and am continuously amazed at your strength & determination to lead an active lifestyle. Again, your spirit is to be admired and we can only learn from your fine example Dainere how to lead better lifestles ourselves.

It is an extremely busy time of year winding down at school, preparing for Christmas & planning & attending social events. Your family appear to be busy doing all of these things too.

I'm glad your Nan & Pop are going to visit. We are having Christmas at our house this year so we are getting the house ready. Each family brings something to contribute to lunch so the main thing is that we are altogether. The youngest this year are my nephews & niece, all the other cousins are older so it's fun to still have them enjoy the fun & excitement of Santa.

I have loved all the glitzy pictures you have been inserting at the end of your text, very fancy!!

Take care this week,
Love to you & your family
Fran xoxo

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,
Congratulations on your awards at school - you truly deserve them. I know that your courage and strength give so many other people courage and strength to keep on when it is hard.
I sooooo wish you could have your Christmas wish and will be hoping and praying that you get some relief on this special day.
I have finally started my Christmas baking - fruit mince pies yesterday and this morning some scummy savoury macadamia crisp biscuits. I had to have a taste test because I will be giving them away to work friends as gifts! Hope you find some great new recipes - I know how much you love to bake.
Ollie the cat and I would like to wish you and all your family the most wonderful Christmas. Spending time together is the greatest gift of all. My wish for you is to enjoy the love surrounding you.

Merry Christmas and may 2013 bring hope and even more love to your life.
Catherine and prrrrrrrr from Ollie.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,
I agree that it is important to always take the time to spread joy, think of others and be giving (especially at Christmas).

You are so giving Dainere and such an inspiration. You are always thinking of others and always express your words with such feeling and wisdom. You are such a strong and courageous person.

Congratulations on your school achievements and awards. Congratulations too to Jarrett. You have both worked very hard.

Wishing you and your family a very happy and enjoyable Christmas. Thinking of you all with much love.

Love Steph D and family xxx