Saturday, July 14, 2012


7th to 13th July 2012

This week has been so very splendiferous with the mini launch of my special new book 'Theodore and Friends - Theodore is Left Out', having it published means the world to me, through the book I can not only send a message to others about tolerance, inclusion, understanding and acceptance of people for who they, this book is also another fund raising effort for The Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation Brain Tumour Fund.  My dream is to try to make a difference and be able to raise awareness and funds in the hope that one day in the future, through research that a cure can be found for this absolutely devastating disease. 

The amazing Anna and I at the Mini Launch
The Mini Launch was on Wednesday morning at Anna's welcoming and lovely home, Anna was the one who is the publisher of my book and organised all the other amazing people that were involved.  We were so fortunate that after dreadful, wet weather the day before, the sun came out and shone upon us for this special occasion.  All the generous, incredible people who helped make it all happen were there, Kimberley, Jacqueline, Jackie, Zed Seselja, Emily, Tio and a reporter from WIN Television Luke and Morgan his cameraman were there.  After some inspiring speeches from Anna and Zed who announced that the Canberra Liberals were funding another one hundred copies to be published, we enjoyed a delicious morning tea.  I never dreamed that when I was fourteen that I would be a two time published author of books that I hope will inspire and make a difference and more importantly that twice I could donate the funds to The Brain Tumour Fund.  
Zed Seselja and I, his generosity has allowed another 100 copies
of my book to be printed
I was really surprised to see that the story of my mini book launch was on WIN News that night, I am so grateful that they thought that what I am doing is special enough to put on the news and I hope that through that story that more people will purchase my book, because the more books that are sold mean the more money that goes to research to find a cure.

There was also a story done for City News this is the link to it, I was also extremely surprised and honoured to see this story. 

Many times I have thought it a little unfair to have to have been given such a devastating journey, yet through that journey I have grown and learnt things that many people my age never will.  I have also met the people who reinforce that the world we live in actually has people who have pure hearts and love to share.  God chooses those who he thinks are strong enough to go through journey's like mine and I know that the path he has given me is for a reason. 

Following the launch I was so very tired and sore, I think it was the excitement of it all, but to be surrounded by those that really are passionate and truly care put a huge smile on my face that is still sparkling even today. 

I have sold forty seven books already, so from the original one hundred there are only fifty three remaining, because of the generosity of Zed Seselja another one hundred been printed means that there will be one hundred and fifty three available for sale.  It would be totally incredible if they could all be sold by the end of August, I think that is a goal that I will set myself.

Apart from my mini book launch I have had physiotherapy this week, my right foot has been terribly sore, so Kaitlyn worked on it, it appears to have a tear or sprain.  After Kaitlyn worked on it, she then taped it to help support it.  I am not able to put weight on it, without it hurting, so I am hobbling around using my rollator or I have to get someone to pick me up.

I completed another module in my Beginner Sport Coaching Course for Sports Science, this module was about injury risk and management, I found it extremely easy and passed again with 100% first attempt.  I now only have two more modules to work through and then I will have completed the course, I am hoping to do this before the end of the School Holidays.

Speaking of injuries, poor Nalani when she was doing running training on Sunday, had a fall and injured her left knee, it is the one that she had surgery on at the end of 2010.  It was a bit painful but had no swelling at first but then later in the day it began to swell.  She used the RICER principle, which is Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation and Referral.  She went to physiotherapy on Tuesday afternoon and it was found that she had a knee subluxation, she had to be put in a brace to keep her leg straight and continue with ice, elevation and compression.  She has to wear the brace for a week and then it will be heavily taped.  She is very fortunate that there has been no ligament damage and she is fit and strong so hopefully it will heal well.

Mum's knee is improving, she has a brace that restricts her movement a little but she is up and about again doing all the housework and taking care of all of us.  Hopefully her knee will be repaired enough for her to go to school with me when we go back on 23rd July and also for her to be able to drive the car again.

In Footy Tipping I am still leading by three, Pop got all of them correct last week and he is now catching up on us, I am six ahead of him.  He just needs to have another couple of good weeks and he could be in the lead.  This week my Tigers are playing the Panthers, I am hoping that they will draw on their inner strength and have a win this week, they are currently sitting just outside the top eight in ninth position. 

No matter what hurdle you come across in your life, find the courage to jump it and look beyond and follow a new path that may lead you to your rainbow. 


Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,
What a busy week you have had with all the excitement of your new book. I LOVE my copy and will cherish it always . I have told lots of people about it so hopefully you will have all 200 copies sold by the end of August.
Imagine my surprise when I opened my Saturday Canberra Times to see your smiley face beaming back at me. It was a lovely article and I'm sure your inspirational story will help many people and raise more funds to find a cure for those wretched brain tumours .
Mum and Nalani are tagging each other in the knee stakes. Hope it is a good healing week for both of them.
Well done in all your sports coaching modules. You will be able to offer expert advise to your siblings - free of charge :-)
Let's hope this last week of school holidays has the sun shinning a bit more. I know I don't feel like being outdoors when it is grey, overcast and cold.
Ollie has to have his yearly check up and vaccination at the vet this week. I won't tell him until we are just about to go because he HATES the car and would just hide..he hopes you liked his photo- gorgeous isn't he.
Stay warm,

Anonymous said...

Hello Dainere,

What a terrific article Megan Doherty wrote about you in yesterday's Canberra Times! The photo of you and Theodore in the stretch Hummer looked so good - your smile lit up that whole page! Megan really captured your insightful nature and your passion for raising awareness and funds for the Brain Tumour Research Fund.

You really have been right in the limelight this week. Your appearance on WIN TV news on Wednesday night was truly beautiful, and the City News report also spread your message.So many people will have heard your message this week - what a big week for you! Congratulations!!

I saw a beautiful rainbow yesterday afternoon and, of course, I thought of you. Wishing you many rainbows in the coming week,

Lots of love and warm hugs,


Anonymous said...

Dear Dear Dainere, what a truly remarkable effort, wow all the area covered by WIN will have seen your excellent work, alas it does not cover us in Padstow, you can rightly be so proud of what you have done and still doing . so well done .

Wow strong words and thoughts BUT so very true Dainere GOD has chosen you because he knows that he can rely on you to help make a difference , you are inspirational .

We are so sorry to hear of your sore foot and sincerely hope it gets better .

Best Wishes to Nalani as well , and of course also to mum , your household at the moment is getting a bad run , dad seems to be the only one who is ok.

Good luck with the footy comp , i think i just heard that your Tigers have won , so i hope i am right .

Hope the constipation is getting better too .

Wishing you lots of love , hugs and blessings , keep warm special girl.

Lots of love stuart and meryl

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere
I was so excited to get my copy of your book today / it is absolutely gorgeous - CONGRATULATIONS.
Big thanks to your Mum for her friendly reply & for posting it out so quickly - I think you will sell them well before the end of August !!!
Take Care & our very best wishes

Sandie. Xx

Anonymous said...

I saw you on the News it was fantastic :-)

How amazing to have written two books!! I think your new one has such a great message

I hope you are enjoying the sunshine today and don't have too much pain.

Take care
xxx Monica