Saturday, July 21, 2012


14th to 20th July 2012

Last week was so splendiferous, yet very draining for me and I was extremely surprised when a story appeared in our local newspaper on Saturday.  I was so excited that they talked about my book and my hopes but can you imagine my surprise when they also mentioned my 'special list'.  People have then come forward and asked me if I would like to do some of the activities.  I have felt so humbled by their offers of generosity, also a little embarrassed as I do not really think I deserve it, I am sure there are people who are far worse off than I am. However I do truly appreciate the kindness of these amazing people.  My greatest wish in this whole wide world is to help raise enough funds and awareness to one day find that elusive cure for brain tumours. 

This is the link to The Canberra Times story if those of you how live interstate or overseas would like to read it

Through the story on WIN Television, City News and The Canberra Times book sales have been incredible.  Mum has been a wonderful secretary answering the many inquiries about how to purchase it.  From the initial one hundred books, I have just eleven left and yesterday the amazing Anna delivered the last one hundred copies.  My goal is still to have them all sold out by the end of August.  Thank you to those many Blog followers who have purchased copies of my book, I hope that you really love it and hope that I am getting a message across with it. 

Apart from book sales I have had a fairly quiet week apart from my regular physiotherapy appointment.  Kaitlyn this week worked on my foot as well as my spine.  My right foot is so painful, I am not able to put weight on it without it hurting terribly and if I put just a little, my legs become so very wobbly and my lower back becomes really painful also.  Kaitlyn tried putting a piece of foam and taping it under my foot near my big toe, it seemed to help at first but then the pain and wobbles came back. 

I worked on my beginner coaching course again, this time it was about injury management, I aced it, 100% first go.  I guess I had an advantage with both Mum and Nalani injured I was really familiar with how to treat and injury and of course from my own experiences.  Now I just have one more module to finish and then I will obtain my certificate, I am so excited.

Nalani has been completing an intensive Certificate III in Fitness Course during these holidays and she has passed with flying colours.  She is now able to do fitness assessments on people and write them up programs, she can also run group classes.  I am so proud of her, she really loves what she is doing and now next term she is continuing her remedial massage course and also doing an intensive Certificate IV in Fitness. 

Jarrett has been fantastic also these holidays spending time not only looking after me but also Mum and Nalani, he is a very caring brother.  He has a race this Saturday, it is a 5km Cross Country Point Score event, he is hoping to do well, although during training on Sunday, he pulled up with a tight calf which has bothered him all week.  It is only five weeks until National Cross Country in Adelaide so hopefully he can get it sorted out quickly.  I think he is missing Nalani's massages, she is not able to do them with her knee, I miss them they really assist me with pain relief.

Term 3 commences next week, I am looking forward to an exciting term, I think in Sports Science I will be doing something about the Olympics, which I can hardly wait to start watching and cheering on our Australian athletes.  Hopefully Maths will be something with not too much writing or working out and I know that in English we are continuing work on Romeo and Juliet. 

In Footy tipping I am still ahead but Nana is holding on and Pop is still in the running.  I was so pleased to see the Tigers have a win, hopefully now they will win every game and make their way back up the ladder so that they can play in the final series. 

The other night I was listening to music which I do at bedtime to try to help with my tinnitus and I heard a Good Charlotte song called 'Standing Ovation'  I really loved the words I heard and to end this Blog entry I would like to share these with you - We're alive, now let's just take our time, now let's just make the most of every day we have, the most of every moment, we're alive.  Now let's not waste our time, now let's just make the most of every breath we take, the most of every second we're alive, oh, 'cause we're alive.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dear Dainere, wow what a fantastic week you have had . OH believe me Dainere you deserve every one of those items on your wish list .

I think you will have the rest of the books sold well before the end of August the way things are going .

We are sorry that your foot is still giving you pain .

Amazing, you have done so well with your beginners course , and now only one module to go , fantastic effort. WELL DONE.

Congratulations to Nalani, she has done so well , you will be so proud of her achievments.

Well done to Jarrett also and we hope he did well in his race today , hope his calf did not give him any trouble .

Yes the olympics will start very soon , lets just hope the very soggy English weather does not hinder things for those amazing athletes .

Keep up the good work at being top of the footy tipping comp.

Thanks for the words from Good Charlotte.

WE hope mum is getting better as quick as she can and also that your start of the next school term goes ok and that MUM can help you . please give her a big hug from us.

So with our best wishes for the start of school , take care , have a good week .

lots of love hugs and kisses .

stuart and meryl.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dainere,

Congratulations on the success of your second book.

The story and the photos are wonderful.

You do deserve to fulfil the activities, and many more, on your special list. I have no doubt that you will.

Kind regards,


Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere,
What a wonderful response to your lovely book, Theodore and Friends. Thank you to MUM for helping with the distribution, so many of us can enjoy reading the story. I was pleased to read the follow up in the Canberra Times and great news you more copies of Theodore and Friends on offer.
Congratulations on the 100% result for your study module! Fantastic effort.
Bst Wishes to you and all your family.
Hugs Pam

Dianne said...

Dear Dainere

My you have been so busy and the publicity for your second book has gone so well.

Don't be embarrassed by the attention you are getting as you are very deserving of it. There are not many young women out there who are thinking of others the way you do.

A new term tomorrow; I hope it goes well for you and Jarrett. May the sun shine for you and on you to keep you well :)

Lv Dianne xxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,
I read the article in the Canberra Times on the 14th, about your list. I was completely inspired and so proud to see someone so young, with so much drive and compassion.
I myself have my own bucket list, and I believe that helping other people achieve items on their list, is just as, if not more, important as ticking my own items off. Especially in extraordinary cases, such as yours.
I would be absolutely honoured to help you achieve some of the things on your list, in any way that I can.
I can be contacted at;

I wish you all the best & every happiness.
Much love,

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere

You are so deserving of the "attention" you get Dainere. Who else at age 14 has published two books? I know the books will be a seller for you. I love my copy, you are a star!!

I hope your Mum & siblings all recover from their injuries.The cold weather doesn't help so positive attitudes and hot chocolates are the way to go. I'm happy at least Kaitlyn can bring you minor relief but I wish I could twitch my nose like Samantha on Bewitched & you'd be painfree.

I'm back at work this week & the boys have been given their assignments. Our year 9 English are doing Poetry which is rather humourous for a lot of the boys! Year 8 have Science Research projects & HSC trials are coming up. It's straight back to a heavy workload.

My Younger son is off to Canberra on Monday for an overnight camp. They are staying at Nicholls, touring many places over the two days including Parliament House, The Mint, War Memorial, Cockington Green, drive by the Embassies & Questacon. I've been checking the temps & see that it's 'zero' of a night. I really don't believe he understands how much colder it will be there compared with Sydney. He'll soon find out!! Main thing is he is excited about the trip so I pray they travel safely & enjoy themselves. ( I hate the thought of it, I much prefer him to be at home with me.)

I only scored 3 last week in the footy, very suprising results. I'm about 10th in our comp so doubt I will catch the leader. Well done to you, Go the Tigers!

Keep warm, enjoy your week Dainere
Love always, Fran xoxo