Saturday, July 28, 2012


23rd to 27th July 2012

As I sit typing this Blog entry, I am so very upset, you see my poor Dad was at work today, working hard as usual when he had a very frightening accident, a 350kg scissor lift fell on him, he was rushed to hospital in an ambulance because he could not move and was in terrible shock.  They had to do x-rays on him at hospital and the good news is that he is very fortunate that nothing is broken however he does have severe bruising on his left shoulder and leg.  I was so scared for him, he is still in hospital but hopefully he will be able to come home soon. 

I did not return to school this week because Mum’s knee is not strong enough to push my wheelchair up and down inclines, so Mum organised work from school for me and she taught me at home.  In Maths I worked on Trigonometry and got everything finished, once you understand it, it is really quite easy.  In Sports Science I finished off my Beginner Coaching Course, in my last module I again achieved 100% first go.  I was then able to print off my certificate which is now laminated and I am so proud.  I am now reading through and doing the exercises in my workbook on Coaching. 

Theodore enjoying rock climbing
This week has also been a week of getting to do some very exciting activities and meeting some of the most generous and caring people.  On Sunday, Theodore was so lucky to be invited to go rock climbing; you see I can’t because of my spine and general weakness.  Erin was the amazing person who organised it.  She even made a special harness for Theodore, I think he was just a little nervous before the climb but once he was up there, I am sure he smiled and didn’t want to come down.  He also got to hang from the roof and from a ladder.  Dad had a go but of course Mum and Nalani couldn’t and neither could Jarrett because after his race on Saturday he had pulled up with a really tight calf.  Just watching Theodore do the climbing put an enormous smile on my face and I was so grateful to Erin for letting him do it.

Which brings me to Jarrett’s race, it was near the lake and I had wanted to see him run, it was a 5km point score event and it always attracts many runners so the competition is fierce.  The wind was up and Jarrett’s coach told him it was not the right conditions for a personal best.  The starter got everyone ready and then the gun commenced the race, all we could see was the start and then had to wait for the finish.  The first four runners were extraordinarily close and Jarrett was one of them, I could see in his face that he was pushing through pain as he finished strongly.  He came fourth which was an incredible result; however he had a really tight calf.  It turns out that he has a nerve injury, but it is not too serious and after a sports massage and some special exercises he is much better. 

Meeting the Cheetah
I think the highlight of my week was going to the National Zoo and Aquarium with a slow and limping Mum and Dad who was my wheelchair pusher.  I got to spend the most incredible hour there.  First we met Bec who was our own personal guide, she knew so much about the animals and was such a nice person.  I was thrilled when I was told that the first thing I would get to do was to meet the Cheetah.  We went into her enclosure and she came over to us, purring, much louder than any of our cats.  She was so sleek and her fur was not rough but lovely and soft.  We were told that when they have wet fur it does not smell, because that would scare away their prey in the wild.  She was so gentle and friendly,  she came up to me while Ryan gave her some meat to eat.  I got to pat her for a while, she was very interested in Theodore, she licked his foot, and I think he may have been a little scared.  We had photographs taken and then it was time to go.  She began to follow us, because she wanted some more pats, then she licked Theodore again, I think she wanted him to stay in there with her. 

Then we stopped off at the Meerkat enclosure to give them a treat, they look really cute, but don’t let this fool you, they are actually really aggressive and a little silly too.  There treat was worms in plastic bottles and it was interesting watching them get them out. 

After the Meerkats, I got to feed the Bengal Tiger, I had beef pieces which I held with tongs and put through the wire fence.  It was almost like the Tiger was talking to us at times saying “give me more”.  He was huge and had the most beautiful markings on him and the largest teeth; you would not want to put your hand in there. 

Feeding the White Lioness
Then I was so lucky to get to feed the White Lion and Lioness, they are so incredibly gorgeous.  I fed them through a glass window with a hole and used tongs again.  The lioness came first to eat and she loved it then her brother came, he had a flowing mane and looked so strong, he also loved the food and her would not let her get anymore.  Apparently in the wild, the lionesses do the hunting and then the Lion comes and eats the food, the females have to wait. 

The last animal that I was fortunate enough to feed was the brown bear.  She was beautiful and I think she was Theodore’s favourite animal.  I was feeding her weetbix mixed with sustegen on spoon. Then Bec asked me if I would like to try giving her the food on my hand.  You smear some weetbix on your hand and hold it up flat to the wire, she licked it off with her very large, yet not sloppy tongue, and it kind of tickled but was the most amazing experience for me. 

I feel so privileged that I was given the opportunity to have such a special time, thanks to Trent and of course to Bec for showing us around.  It is a day I will remember for a long time.

I also had physiotherapy this week, I had been quite sore; my pain levels have been increasing, so to have Kaitlyn massage my back provided me with some much needed relief.  I have been experiencing headaches and feeling rather nauseous and she found that my neck and top of my spine were most likely causing the problem. 

In the mail this week I received a very special surprise from Tess, her friends in the UK were visiting Australia and they brought with them the mascot from the Olympic Games and the Paralympics Games.  They are called Wenlock and Mandeville.  They only have one pair of eyes between them and look like Sonic the Hedgehog crossed with a character from Monsters Inc.   While I watch the Olympics they will be able to help me support the Australian athletes which I hope do extremely well.

As you can see I have had a really busy week, I have enjoyed the many special activities and will remain always grateful to the people who helped create precious memories for me and my family to treasure. 

My book sales are going splendiferously well, with orders coming in fast and furiously, in fact I would not be surprised if they are all sold out within the next couple of weeks.  The best part is that awareness is being raised and those much needed funds to help researchers try to find a cure and that is my greatest dream. 

Nana is catching up again in footy tips and Pop is having a surge towards the end of the tipping season.  Nana is now only two behind me and I am a little worried.  I was not happy with her Cowboys last week because they beat my Tigers. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported my book and sent beautiful messages to me and my family.  Together we can make a difference!


Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

So sorry to read about your Dad. I hope he recovers soon.

Your animal feeding trip sounded great! We can learn a lot from animals.

Brave Theodore! I'd be too scared to do that.

Kind regards,


Anonymous said...

Dreadful news about your Dad Dainere! I can't believe how unfortunate your family is. Your trip to the zoo and rock climbing looked incredible. How very exciting to see so many animals so close up. Not long until your visit now. Can't wait to catch up. I'll try and turn the sunshine on for you. xxx Rhiannon

Anonymous said...

HI Dainere

Your poor Dad, what a horrible shock for your family. I pray he recovers well and thank God it was not more serious. Your Mum's knee & your Dad's bruised body - what a pair!!

You had a busy week.Your pictures of the Zoo are very brave. I don't think I'd be able to be that close to a cheetar. A wonderful experience though & I'm happy you enjoyed it so much.
Your school work keeps you busy too. Well done on your results so far in Science (I think it's Science.)

Up early tomorrow (4.30am) as my son is off to Canberra on the overnight trip. He's all packed however has a cold, sore throat & generally not feeling very well, it's bad timing.I hope he sleeps well tonight, ready for his first school camp.
Tigers sadly got smashed today but there is always next week. I've hit 81 points now, leader on 89 points. It's fun to guess who might win & if I do, the money goes straight to Tara.
Hope your parents get better, that you be kind to yourself & rest when you can.
Oh, Theodore looks to be enjoying himself in the photo. He is now a superstar in a book so appears to be enjoying the fun rewards like rock climbing. Wonder where his next adventure will take him?

Take care, Love always Fran xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere,
I'm so sorry to hear about poor Dad - hope he is starting to heal and is not in too much pain. Your family is being knocked around but I know your rainbows are just out there.
What an amazing week you have had. Did the cheetah have a rough tongue like regular cats? You are very brave to be so close to such large animals but I'm sure they could tell that you were an extra special guest.
Fingers crossed you are able to go to school for a bit of the week although it sounds like you and mum have a pretty good system at home.
Let's hope this week at the Anthoney home is a better one.
Keep warm,

Anonymous said...

Dear Dear Dainere, oh hope dad is slowly recovering now , it has been a terrible time for you all .

Hope school at home is going well for you too and that mum is slowly getting better .

Wow you blog this week would be the longest ever , well done .

Sports science modules all finished , Theodore going rock climbing and Dainere off to the zoo , what a week .

Poor Jarrett is having a rough time too .

Wow , the zoo visit sounds spectacular Dainere , all those animals to see and feed and pat , it must have been an amazing day for you . The beautiful coats of the cheetah , they are just perfect and so so fast .

Well done Kaitlyn for finding the cause of your feeling sick , wow she is excellent for you Dainere.

I wonder what excitement is round the corner for you next week.

Have a magical week Dainere , and we hope and pray that dad will get back to 100% and that mums knee will be ok for school next week. and we also hope Jarrett gets his nerve problem sorted out , as well as Nalani getting some improvemnet in her knee.

Hope you are enjoying the olympics .

lots of love , kisses and hugs

stuart and meryl

Anonymous said...

Hey dainere u sounded like u and Ur family had a heat day I hope that Theodore was not too scared climbing up that rock wall I would be to it sounds like u have had wonderful times together I really hope that Ur dad feels better. Hope u are well at the moment and all my best wishes go to both and Ur family <3<3<3 xxxxx
Love your fellow Burgmann student Ashleigh hinds year 7