Friday, June 1, 2012


26th May to 1st June 2012

Today we welcomed the first day of Winter,  it is a time of year when the trees sit bare and the boughs shake against the bitter cold, thick white frost cover the lawns, the birds stop singing so sweetly and the sun fades away quickly and turns to night, thank goodness for the warmth of the house, a mug of hot chocolate and the warmest hugs to brighten the spirits when Winter comes around. 

I have been ill this week with a chest and ear infection, it has left me feeling very tired, weak, having trouble swallowing and in more pain.  I am on antibiotics, an asthma puffer called Seretide, was taking Benadryl which is a cough medicine to try to stop my cough so I could rest and of course my regular pain medication.  I have not really felt like doing very much at all and have been sleeping throughout the day. 

This week I had to see my Paediatrician who found that I have no reflex in my ankles and when he examined me I had a tremor in my right hand.  He is going to see me again on 4th July to see how I am going. 

My one bright day was receiving a visit from my Starlight Wish Granter, Tess, she came down from Sydney to see me, because I was ill and tire easily she could not visit for long but just seeing her cheered me up.  She seems to have a magical aura about her that when you are around her you can not help but feeling special and smile. 

Poor Jarrett is unwell also and he is not going to be able to run the ACT Schools Cross Country Championships which are on Monday, which is also his 17th Birthday.  He is bitterly disappointed but because he is in the top three runners in his age group, he should have no problems being selected to represent the ACT at Nationals which will be in Adelaide in August this year. 

In Footy Tipping Nana is still ahead but only by three, I am gaining on her, she will have to keep on her toes if she wants to stay in front.  Poor Pop though, he has fallen behind and may need a miracle to help him catch up.  My Tigers are playing the Raiders here in Canberra this weekend, I had been hoping to go to the game to cheer them on but with being ill, I will not be able to be there.

Nalani is racing in a 4km point score event this weekend, she is leading the point score for junior females at the moment and hopes to do well to keep in front.  She has worked tirelessly to get her fitness back following her knee surgery back at the end of 2010, it has taken a while but with her determination, she has got there. 

Next week at school is exams, so that will be an extremely busy and stressful time for all the students in Year 9.  Our Year 9 exams and assessments go towards our Year 10 Certificate here, it is probably better than just having to sit a one off exam.

Wishing you all a very splendiferous week, stay warm and remember even though it is cold outside you can spread warmth with a kind smile.


Anonymous said...

HI Dear Dear Dainere, yes we did in deed welcome the first day of winter hahaha , cold and drab here Dainere , and it rained last night .

OH whenever i see you mention mugs of hot chocolate i think of the chocolate factory we went to in Tasmania.

WE are just so sorry that you are still unwell, all i can say is just rest and take it easy , it does not sound like you will be well enough for school on Monday and the exams .

Sorry to also hear that you have no reflexes in your ankles .

Oh yes it would have been magical for you to see Tess again .

Poor jarrett , so sorry to hear that he also is unwell, he must be so disappointed , it must be so hard for him , because he puts so much effort in to his running .

Best wishes Jarrett.

God Luck to your Tigers Dainere , we hope they continue to win for you .

We are sure Benji is doing his best for you .

Our Best wishes to Nalani also for her run this week , i mentioned her to Angela our friend who has done the courses that Nalani is doing .

OUR VERYBEST WISHES to you IF you do go to school and sit the exams.

My mum in England was asking about you this last week and she is going to have some prayers said in church for you .

Hugs are the pull of love that drives Humanity Dainere.

Much love , kisses and many hugs to you our dear friend.

Take care and keep warm.

lots of love
stuart and meryl

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere

We are so sorry that you have not been well this week. Hopefully your team wll win the footy this week to cheer you up.

Your are slowly creeping up on Nan. Pop has a bit of a way to go but he says he is still not admitting defeat.

We hope you do really well in your exams.

That is not good that Jarrett is sick.

Both of you will have to rug up and have lots of those hot chocolates so you will be well enough to celebrate his 17th.

Lots of love
Nan and Pop xxxx oooo

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere

It's been a while, have just caught up on your news and I truly hope you are feeling a little better with your chest/ear infection. It's only just gone winter but the sickness around is terrible. Keep warm, get well!

School sounds very busy Dainere and I hope you're not too hard on yourself. Where I work, they have had exams plus my son in year 9 has just completed his exams. We are all relieved they're over!!

Thank Goodness for Tom and Kaitlyn, I pray they bring you relief. I like your Buddha quote, I once read a book called "Buddhism for Mothers" which was excellent. My very special friend who is a Buddhist told me to read it thinking it was titled a "book for mothers". It was very realistic and I learnt a lot. I hope you're enjoying Anne of Green Gables. It's also a movie, I loved it as a child.

Keep your tips up, I'm yet to check my score this week but I tipped Canberra against Tigers as they were playing at home, Raiders usually win at home.

Take care,
Love always, Fran xo

Anonymous said...

Hello Dainere,

I hope you are feeling better now.

The Tigers should have given your spirits a lift!

All the best with your exams.

Kind regards,