Friday, June 22, 2012


16th to 22nd June 2012

With overnight temperatures well below zero and a record cold overnight temperature of minus six point eight degrees this week, we have woken to sparkling, white lawns, frozen bird baths and slippery driveways.  The dreadful arctic temperatures make you want to stay in a nice warm bed and cause pain to become a little worse.  The day time temperatures have not been too pleasant either and we have had overcast skies, chilly winds that feel like you might just be in a snow drift and we have even had rain this week. 

On Saturday, it was the Athletics ACT Cross Country Championships, it had rained prior to the event and the temperatures were extremely cold.  Nalani and Jarrett were both running in the 6km Championship event, Nalani in the U20 women and Jarrett in the U18 men.  I had wanted to cheer them on, and was fortunate enough to watch from a sheltered area.  There were even athletes from Interstate in the race so the competition was fierce, from the moment the gun went off it was obvious that the men's event would be a tightly fought one.  Jarrett ran a strong race despite having some asthma difficulties, which always happen when the outside air is unusually cold and he ran ever so strongly to finish 3rd, getting his second best time ever in a 6km race.  Nalani was incredible also, she had just recovered from a sinus infection and got a blood nose part way through the race, she kept running and finished the race in 4th place which was a fantastic achievement, she ran a personal best for the distance.  There was a presentation ceremony and Jarrett got a bronze medal, he was really pleased with his effort and so were all of us.  I thought both Nalani and Jarrett were both splendiferous and it was so special for me to be able to cheer them on. 

I was so lucky also to have another visit from my best friend, Emily, she was visiting Canberra again and came to see me for a little while.  It was fun to catch up on her latest news and share some of what I have been doing. 

At School this week in English we have been watching the Baz Luhman version of Romeo and Juliet, it is quite different from the original one,  it has been recontextualised, the language remains the original Shakespearean but there are many modern aspects thrown in.  In Maths we are working on Trigonometry, I am really enjoying it, it is a change from the complexities of probability and measurement.  In Sports Science, we are doing an online beginners Coaching Course, I am definitely enjoying doing this and when we complete it, we get a certificate. 

There is only one week left at school now until the end of Term and then we get a welcomed three week break, I am really looking forward to it.  The cold weather, pressure of exams and illness has all taken its toll on me and been able to sleep in and rest when I need to will be so beneficial.

On Sunday there is a High Noon meeting, the events are shot put and javelin, however the forecast is for showers and it it only going to be ten degrees, so I am not sure whether I will be able to compete, even though I would love to, I know that the cold and wet really affect my pain and make it worse and then I would not be able to throw properly.  Hopefully the forecast is wrong and the day will actually be a clear blue beautiful Winter day. 

In Footy Tipping, I still remain two ahead of Nana and Pop is just behind her.  I was so saddened when I was watching the Tigers match to hear that Robbie Farah's mother had passed away from Cancer, then at the beginning of the match to see Benji Marshall reduced to tears, it was so emotional, it must have been so difficult for them to play that game.

In my next Blog I will have some splendiferous news to share with you about my latest fund raising effort for the Brain Tumour Fund.  As there is little to no Government Funding for paediatric brain tumours,  to fund research to try to find a cure to this devastating disease relies on the generosity of the general public.  So I am hoping that my new, wonderful fundraising project will be able to assist in some way.


Anonymous said...

Hello Dainere,

Can't wait to hear about the fund-raising project!!

The Tigers have helped you into the lead. Sad news for Robbie and the team.

Keep on inspiring.

Kind regards,


Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere , wow yes well meryl and i suffered the same arctic weather as you this week , whilst in Cooma . Minus 8 my friend , Meryl and i did not want to get out of bed either , Meryl made me get up first for a shower , hahahaha .
The drive back from Cooma was, spectacular , the white fields and low cloud was awesome , and guess what Dainere , Stuart , me , did not have his Camera , oh i was so annoyed with my self , because i could have had some amzing pictures .

Many Congratulations to Jarrett and Nalani , for running superb races .

How nice to see Emily again , it is so good for you to see your friends.

Thats exciting for you to be doing the beginners coaching course , , you will exceed in that we are sure.

Yes the holiday from school will be so good for you , and a chance to recharge your batteries again .

Have a great holiday from school. and stay in bed till it warms up , keep snuggled up and warm , most important .

Well the weather here in Sydney is so lovely right now Dainere , the sun is shining so hard , not a cloud in the sky, so we hope that it has been like that for you in Canberra so that you COULD go to the High Noon meet today .

Meryl and i can NOT wait to hear what your latest fund raising task for The Brain Tumour Fund will be Dainere and of course you know we will support you in your effort. It is so sad that the gvt chooses NOT to fund this work properly , so sad in deed .

Lots and Lots of love to you , Take care , and lots of hugs

stuart and meryl

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

As always,it is good to read your blog and see how things are with you. Hope the weather this week hasn't been too awful for you - it certainly was bad last week. It will be good to be able to snuggle up in bed for longer while you are on holidays!

So good that you were able to support Jarrett and Nalani by cheering them on last Saturday at the Cross Country Championships. I'm sure it made a difference - congratulations to them both! Were you able to compete on Sunday?

How good to be able to see Emily! It's wonderful to have great friends that we can share things with.

Although your subjects sound interesting and it will be exciting to get a certificate in the beginning coaching course, I think it will be even nicer to have a holiday! Hope you have a refreshing, special time.

I'm so looking forward to reading your splendiferous news about your latest fundraising effort for the Brain Tumour Fund - it's sure to be a winner!

Sending love and prayers,

Mariannemr xox

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere
I always pray that your pain eases but I fear it doesn't. I truly hope you are comfortable.

Always goood to catch up on your news.I look forward to hearing about your fund raiser this year. I still collect 5 cent pieces (&10 cents) in a cup so will send it off to Tara when it's a significant amount.

My son did Romeo & Juliet too recently & saw the stage play at The Opera House in May. His exams were on the play itself and quotes/passages. He's pleased it's over.

My younger son is in the shot put Endeavour school trials. He didn't make it for discus but was successful in shotput. He also is off to Canberra on an overnight excursion at the end July. Year 6 study Government so I guess they'll visit Parliament House. I've been looking at the temps & it's soooo cold there. I hope you are keeping very warm Dainere.

Enjoy your holidays, we finish on Friday, can't wait.

Take care, Love always, Fran xoxo