Friday, June 29, 2012


23rd to 29th June 2012

As I sit typing this entry the skies have turned a miserable grey and rain has begun to fall from the thick, heavy clouds hovering in the sky.  At least with rain about it means we will not have endure an overnight arctic freeze for a change.  I find that the rain though makes you feel just that little bit melancholy.  Hopefully the weather will improve as I am now on School Holidays, I am very fortunate to have a three week break, many private schools in Canberra do.

In Sports Science I have been working through the Beginner Coaching Course, it is a computer based course, you read through information, answer questions and then at the end of each module you have to do an assessment.  I finished the first module and did the assessment and was really proud to achieve 100%.  There are five modules in all to work through and then at the end, as long as you pass you are then awarded with a certificate.  During the holidays I am going to work through the other four modules so that I have it all completed prior to returning to school.

My pain has been up and down this week, some days is makes me feel quite ill and even though I am taking the oxycodone and panamax, it seems to just keep it the same all day.  Yet on other days I am fortunate and there will be a slight decrease in the pain with the medication, those are the days that I try to really make the most of. 

This week I was also fortunate because my amazing physiotherapist, Kaitlyn returned from her holiday, so I had physiotherapy.  It felt so fantastic to have her release my spine again, massage it and then put those incredibly soothing heat packs on afterwards.  I was so excited when she shared some very special news with me, she got engaged whilst away on her holiday. 

I was not the only one who had to go to physiotherapy this week, Mum was there also, you see on the weekend when she was remaking all the beds, she knocked her right kneecap on the end of Jarrett's bed, when she knocked it she actually knocked her kneecap out of its place, this is called a patellar dislocation.  She was lucky that she was able to knock it back into place and although it was painful, it did not swell and she has not torn anything.  However she has to rest it for a week and then gradually get back to normal, it will take about three to four weeks for that, so she will be spending school holidays getting her knee better.  I lent her my rollator to assist her walking and she has it taped and is going to have  a brace for it to help to her get around much more easily and be able to look after me.  The knee that Mum knocked she had a knee reconstruction on many, many years ago after she injured it playing netball.  I have been praying that it will get better quickly for her and that it will not give her any more trouble.

In footy tipping I am still winning by two but Nana has been picking well, so she could easily catch up especially this week with many teams having players out because of State of Origin. Pop is ten behind me, so he has a little catching up to do but he should not give up as there are plenty more games left.

Tomorrow Jarrett and Nalani are racing in another pointscore Cross Country Race, it is 4.5km and on an extremely difficult course, they are hoping to do their best. Nalani is leading the female pointscore at the moment so she wants to hold onto that lead. Jarrett is second so he is hoping to pick up extra points to take the lead.

Did you know that brain tumours are now the second most common cancer in childhood, after leukeamia and unlike other cancers the incidence of brain tumours are increasing. Brain tumours are the most difficult of all childhood cancers to cure.  Research into the causes of and treatments for brain tumours is seriously under-funded, yet research focusing specifically on paediatric brain tumours is crucial to saving lives.  Brain tumour patients who survive are often afflicted by some degree of motor, cognitive or endocrine dysfunction and require the help and support of many health professionals to optimise their outcomes.  A Paediatric Oncologist at the Sydney Children's Hospital says that there is a 70% cure rate of childhood cancers and this demonstrateds the real life success of medical research, however there is a personal cost and for some tumours, such as many childhood brain cancers the cure rate is much lower.  He has said that new treatments are desperately needed.  There is an urgent need for new drugs for treatment of childhood cancer to be developed and available in Australia, because the benefits of conventional therapies have plateaued. 

The front cover of my new children's book
I have always been passionate and determined to do what I can to assist to raise awareness and funds to help those specialists find a cure or at least less devastating treatments for brain tumours and so I would now like to announce my latest fund raising effort.  I have written another special book, it is a children's book entitled 'Theodore and Friends - Theodore is Left Out'. When I wrote it, I was hoping to help children understand that just because someone is different, it does not mean that they should be excluded.  The star of the story is my extraordinary bear, Theodore who has travelled my journey with me and given me strength. One hundred copies have been published thanks to a huge and determined effort by Anna, Kimberley and Blue Star ACT to whom I am eternally grateful.  I am going to donate the entire proceeds from the books to The Sydney Children's Hospital Brain Tumour Research Fund, hoping that even the little that I can contribute will make a difference.  The cost of book is $15.00 and as there have only been limited copies made, it is extremely special.  Unfortunately,  they are not available online or at bookstores, you can only get them directly from me.
The back cover of my new book

May you all have a splendiferous and blessed week, remember to smile at others, open your heart in kindness and generosity and never, ever give up on a dream.


Anonymous said...

Wow Daniere,
You are now a twice published author - how exciting. Where can we get your new book?? What a great idea to include your great friend Theodore in a book.
I hope you get to rest up over the holidays. It's pretty miserable outside so it's best to stay indoors, keep warm and snuggle up with your pussy cat. I'm really looking forward to catching up with reading,trying out some new recipes and spending time with my lovely girls and fluffy boy. Ollie loves the school holidays and can never decide whose lap he wants to sit on first...
Hope you have more good days in the coming week,

Greg Jericho said...

What a great idea Daniere. Let us know where we can buy a book. My daughters would love one.

Enjoy your school holiday

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere, oh yes the weather is set in now , at least the shortest day has gone hahah.

Wow CONGRATULATIONS , in sports science that is fantastic WELL DONE :)

We hope and pray that your pain will diminish.

How wonderful for Kaitluyn you must be proud to have been told the information.

Poor mum , hope its geting better Yvonne , we feel for you very much.

Well done in the footy comp and Good luck to Jarrett and Nalani.

Yes its tragic isnt it that funding is so low , Dainere wehave sent to Sydney Childrens Hospital; a cheque to help funding and also we ve sent you a request for a copy of the book" THEODORE AND FRIENDS -- THEODORE IS LEFT OUT .

That is an amazing idea , you showed me the book when i last saw you , i hope you have enough for all the many requests you will get.

lots of special love to you and get well soon mum.

stay safe and keep warm

stuart and meryl

The Redgrove's said...

Hi Dainere
Congrats on the book - wow now you have 2 published books !!!!!

Can you please let me know the best way to get a copy from you - our family follow your blog all the time & think you are amazing!!!

Cheers. Sandie. Xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, if you email us at we can organise how you can get a copy of her beautiful new book.

We are so excited for Dainere, this helps her greatest dream of making a difference and perhaps helping to find a cure for this devastating disease. We are so proud and inspired by her.

Stephen and Yvonne

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your latest news Dainere. Congratulations on gaining 100% !! Obviously a subject you love and understand.
I have emailed you re obtaining a copy of your book.
I bought your first book and enjoyed reading it.
Enjoy the holidays and stay warm. I hope the rest will help you.
Very Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere,

emailing your parents now, I'd love two copies of your book, one for me and one for a friend.

Love Fran xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere,

Two books!! You are very gifted.

I hope your pain eases a little during the holidays. How fantastic to do your coaching course - well done

You are, as always inspirational, I often think of you, especially when I feel something in my life is hard. I realise that if you can achieve so much after such a challenging journey then I can draw strength from afar.

xxxx Monica