Friday, February 3, 2012


28th January to 3rd February 2012

As rain inundates much of Eastern Australia and temperatures have plummeted here in Canberra along with the rain that has made everything so lush and green,  but soggy, I have had a busy week full of many appointments.

As school draws ever so close, I had a meeting about School and classes this year, I know that Year 9 is so much more demanding academically than what I was used to in Years 6-8 which is Middle School and I am hoping that I will be able to cope with the new demands of the more difficult work as well as a whole new timetable.  In Year 9 you have a Week A and a Week B so your classes are not the same every single week.  There has also been a change from a seven period day to a five period day so the lessons are all longer than what I am used to.  Next Tuesday is an orientation morning where I will find out more information about the timetable as well as who my teachers are.  It is a very exciting but also nervous time for me. 

I had physiotherapy this week again and Kaitlyn loosened my tight and sore muscles in my legs and foot as well as the left side of my pelvis.  My neck had been giving me some grief so she also used heat to give that just a little relief.  My foot is now healing so I am going to throw in the ACT Junior Championships with my foot heavily taped to provide support for it.  I have to go back next week again to have my neck worked on a little more intensely. 

My MRI of my spine was also done this week, there were no problems with the machine this time so I got in quickly.  Part way through the scans a doctor came in an inserted a cannula into my left hand, he tried my right arm at the elbow bend but with no success you see my vein is extremely scared as it has been used for so many tests that it just can not be used any more.  So the doctor told me to let anyone taking blood or inserting medication that that vein is not to be used. My veins are only tiny and I had to have a heat pack put on my hand to make the veins come up more and then it was much easier and less painful for the insertion of the cannula. More scans were taken after the contrast was injected and then it was all over.  It went for an hour, which is longer than usual for one of the spine because they took extra scans.  My Brain MRI disk and report as well as the one from my spine has been taken to Sydney for my team there to review. 

Today I have my dietitian appointment, it has been ages since I got to see her because my last appointment was cancelled by them.  She was going to have me do a special elimination diet over the Christmas break but I missed out on that, so maybe she will look at doing that now. 

I have still been experiencing some terrible headaches but they are certainly not as constant as they were when I was on the Growth Hormones.  I still remain off the Growth Hormones until the doctors in Sydney have reviewed my MRI's.  Then a decision will be made as to whether I will take them at a lower dose, slowly increasing them to the high dose I was on or for me to be taken off them completely. 

With the cooler, wet weather I have played board games this week, I really enjoy playing Pay Day and Upwords they are fun games which can last quite a while and help the time go by on miserable days. 

I will be doing footy tipping again this year with Nana and Pop, I am hoping that this year will be the year of the Tigers, they were so close last year but did not quite make it. 

At ACT Junior Championships, Jarrett is running in the 1500m, it is his first race back after injury, he is hoping he will be able to run a personal best and Nalani is throwing shot put with me.  The weather is definitely not very favourable for personal bests but we will have to wait and see how we go. 

Each and every day I am so grateful to open my eyes and greet the day, there are so many possibilities and opportunities to embrace.  I wish you all a splendiferous week and hope that it is filled with   many rainbow moments. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Dear Dainere, oh yes isnt it terrible for those poor residents of Mooree and Charlieville and other places . Meryl and i hope that nhext Tuesday will go ok for you .

Kaitlyn seems to be able to help you , which is good , i guess you are getting used to her now .

Well , youve done your bit with the MRI's , we hope and pray that the pictures are ok , and the doctors will be able to sort thing sout for you .

Hope your dietician appt went ok and that she will be able to sort out the special elimination diet for you .

Wow yes the cooler weather , Meryl and I have been wearing our track pants , its been quite cool at night time .

Good luck to Nalani, Jarrett, and of course yourself at the ACT junior championships.

You have a special week next week our friend so we hope its a nice one for you .

I am still fighting with the weather as i try to complete the car port painting hahahah . one day i will complete it , before we go to the UK i hope !!!

Today I bought , Paradiso, by Hayley Westenra , Dainere she sings like and Angel, i love her music and have all her cds.

I found out that she is in a concert near my mums home in north wales , so i have bought two tickets to see her in concert , its actually on the day we arrive , we arrive in Manchester at 8 40am , and her concert is on at Rhyl at 7 30 pm , we will be tired but it will still be good , Hayley was born in New Zealand , she has a superb voice .

Well my friend , thats about from here , the sun has come out so im going to the car port hahahahah.

lotsw of love , hugs and kisses

stuart and meryl

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere
We waited until today to make a comment on your blog because tomorrow is a very special day for you. It is your 14th Birthday, and we wanted to wish you the Happiest birthday ever.

You seem to achieve so many goals for such a young girl, puts some of us oldies to shame.

A little bird told us that you got a Bronze medal for shot put. Congratulations.

You have a wonderful birthday, tomorrow. We will be thinking of you.

All our love
Nan and Pop xxx ooo

Anonymous said...

Hello Lovely Dainere,

Happy Birthday beautiful girl!!! Have a wonderful day - I know that your family will spoil you because you totally deserve it!

See you soon.

Lots of love and big hugs,


Anonymous said...

Happy 14th Birthday Dainere!!
Hope your day was splendiferous. What type of cake did you have? You always have delicious cakes, I imagine being a school day, it was a busy day but special none the less. My youngest son turned 12 on Feb 9th, so we had Thai take out for dinner and a Cadbury Freddo ice cream cake. Simple and yummy!!

I pray each day your aches and pains ease to a certain degree. When my back aches at any time, I think of you. Pilates, physio, diet and walking help me. I hope Kaitlin brings you relief.

Another busy term has begun and before you know it, Easter holidays will be upon us. There are eggs out in the shops already!!

Chinese New year on Jan 23rd (my eldest sons 15th bday) suggests it's the year of the Dragon I think. With a husband and 1 son following Dragons and the other son following Tigers, it's always a little tense in my house. Go the Tigers, that's my team.

Take care, be kind to yourself,
Love always, Fran xo
P.S. Are you watching My Kitchen Rules? We try to watch most nights, it's very entertaining!