Saturday, February 25, 2012


18th to 24th February 2012

I have been kept exceptionally busy at school this week; in Maths we have been investigating indices further, we have looked at zero power, negative indices and multiplication and division of indices.  In English we have continued our study of the novel 'Tomorrow when the War Began', we did a character mind map about Ellie who is one of the main characters in the book.  For Sports Science we learnt about the FITT principle, the FITT principle is a guideline for physical fitness, it is Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type.  We also took our blood pressure and did some more work about our pulse, as well as a health quiz on the computers, if any of you want to try the quiz you google The Better Health Channel and go into it and you will find the quizzes there.

This week I also had physiotherapy with Kaitlyn, my right knee had been sore and clicking this week so she did some work on it and taped it.  She also did some work on my back, massaging it and then applying heat.  I have been given two new exercises to help strengthen my knee, I do my physio exercises everyday because I know they will help me.

On Friday it was Interclub, I competed in Javelin and Shot put, although I did not achieve a personal best in either event I was pleased with my performance, especially in Javelin because my style has improved enormously!

Our weather has been unusual this week, we had frightening storms with hail and blackouts and today the sun is shinning, the sky is a crystal clear blue and the temperature is in the high twenties - the perfect Summer day.
Next week the football season starts, my Tigers are playing the Sharks - Go the Tigers!!!!!  I am doing footy tipping with my Nana and Pop again this year, I wonder if I can win four years in a row?

Wishing everyone a splendiferous week, face each day with determination and wisdom and any mountains will seem like just a rock.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Dear Dainere,oh wow , you are using phrases that are foreign to me , hahaah eg , character mind map,FITT principle , how interesting school is these days , unlike my time in school.

Glad Kaitlyn was able to help with your knee .

Yes style and technical training is very important , and anyway , you cant expect pbs every week Dainere , just most weeks hahahah.

Well here in Sydney we seem to be getting an Indian Summer , nice sunny days and cooler in the mornings now , but DRY , yeahhhhhh .

We are sure you can win again Dainere , you show them , ( sorry nan and pop )

I love your last statement.

Well as you know . this will be my last reply from Sydney till we return in April , so next time i reply to your blog will be from England , i will take my lap top .

Have a splendiferous Week Dainere , we love you and look forward to reading your blog from the UK .

Lots of love and kisses and hugs , ( hope i dont squeeze to tight , over the internet . )

love stuart and meryl

Anonymous said...

Dainere I am so impressed with your dedication to your athletics. You are a real inspiration to lazy people like me who sit at a desk all day. And another wet day.