Saturday, February 11, 2012


4th to 10th February 2012

Some  extraordinary moments this week beginning with achieving a personal best in shot put at the ACT Junior Championships as well as a bronze medal, my first ever Championship medal.  It was on my final throw that I threw a 2.47m to beat my previous personal best by 7cm.  A special highlight of my throw was that Louise Ellery, the paralympic Gold Medalist was there to see me do it and she was cheering me on, how wonderful it was to hear her words of encouragement, because she is an inspiring athlete. 

The next moment was going back to school, entering Year 9, Senior School, a new uniform and different teachers and classes.  On Tuesday I had an orientation day, we were given our stationery, went to our PC (pastoral care) class where we learnt what the rules and expectations, then we went to our first day classes to meet our teachers as well as having a a tour of the Senior Campus.  Wednesday was my first day back and although it was extremely tiring I was so excited. In English we are reading the novel 'Tomorrow When the War Began' by John Marsden, our topic is Choices and Sacrifices and we do work based on this.  I have Sport Science which I have to say is my favourite class so far, the course material is so interesting and we are also going to do some work on the Olympics which is so fantastic with the Olympics being in London this year.  In Maths we are working on indices, which I have found enjoyable and easy so far.  We have had homework already for both English and Maths, imagine having homework on your first week back!  My FM transmitter is working well and despite some moments when the teachers voices break up a little I can hear virtually all of what the teachers are saying, oh except when they accidentally muted it, which is just a minor teething problem.

The most splendiferous moment this week was my 14th Birthday, on 8th February, although I had to spend the day at school, I received many beautiful good wishes and lovely gifts from family and special friends.  The most precious gift to me though is being with my family, I am so grateful to have them and to share yet another Birthday with them.  We had a dinner of my choice and I chose to have a barbeque dinner, with sausages, steak and salads, then to finish it off we had a scrumptious caramel mud cake that was so moist and had drizzles of chocolate on top and just to make it more delicious we had it with cream.  Of course Mum, Dad, Nalani and Jarrett all sang Happy Birthday while the candles burnt and dripped some purple wax on the cake and then I got to make a wish, I won't tell you what it was because then it won't come true. 

I had physiotherapy this week also, Kaitlyn worked on my foot which is almost healed now, as well as my legs and my back.  I got to have two heat packs on my back and it felt so wonderfully relieving.  I also was given a new exercise for my foot, as it becomes stronger I am able to do different exercises to help it.  I do my physiotherapy exercises every day, if you don't work on them then you are not going to help yourself heal, sometimes it may seem difficult but it is important.

Today I am competing in the ACT Junior Championships in the javelin and discus, I hope that I am able to achieve more personal bests, but with school returning I am a little fatigued but I will be determined to do my best. 

Next week will be a full week at school, I am hoping that it will not be too tiring and that I will be able to continue to cope with the workload.  I think if you have a positive attitude then you find the strength to deal with any difficult situation that crosses your path. 

Wishing you a splendiferous week, may the sun shine on your life and may you see many rainbows this week.


Anonymous said...

So glad you had a wonderful birthday dainere with your family , well done on your achievements and I'm sure you will have a wonderful year at school , as well . Rain hail or shine your always positive , thankyou for reminding us all to enjoy our days as well , so many of us forget and get caught ip in the drama of life , blessings to you x chris and ruby

Anonymous said...

Dear Dear Dainere,WOW , amazing Dainere, you have done so well Congratulations on winning your Bronze medal. How fantastic to have Louise with you .

Yes very exciting for you now in senior school, your subjects sound amazing , so glad to hear that your transmitter is working ok too.

We are so glad you had a great 14th Birthday ,, um that caramel cake sounds so good , hahah.

Oh yes , its most important to do your exercises every day.

WE hope you had a great time at the Javelin and discus throws.

You are aloways positive Dainere , your glass is always half full , thats is the best way to be in life , always positive .

WE wish you the very best for this weeks school .

lots of love and kisses

stuart and meryl

Anonymous said...

Dear Daniere,
Well happy happy belated birthday for last week. It's sounds like you had a splendiferous day - here's hoping your birthday wish comes true.
Well done on your bronze medal. Your family must have quite the medal collection now and it's great that you could add this one to it. I'm sure Louise Ellery saw you as inspiring athlete to her as well.
School sounds like its going to be a really interesting year. Try to make time for some quiet time for yourself - it will help in the long run.
The good thing about this crazy weather we have been having is that I've seen more rainbows in the last few weeks than ever before. Everyone I see makes me think of you and your journey and how you inspire so many people with your attitude. It's hard to believe sometimes that you have only just turned 14!!!

Catherine - oh and Ollie the cat too:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dainere!
I use an FM transmitter as well because I am fully deaf. I hope you keep doing well in athletics and stay positive!