Saturday, December 17, 2011


Excited and honoured after winning the Pathfinder Award
  10th to 16th December 2011

Only nine days until Christmas, what a special and busy time of the year it is.  We should not forget that Christmas is not just about presents, it is a day to rejoice and celebrate the birth of Jesus.  It is a time to reflect and to think of those we have loved and lost this year and a time to share happy memories with our families. 

Last Friday night was our Middle School Celebration, it was a night to thank our teachers for all the wonderful work they have done in nurturing and educating us this year.  It was also a night where students are rewarded for their efforts.  So you can imagine how surprised and honoured I was when my name was called out for an award.  I had never thought that I would ever receive an award and the reward that I received was such an extraordinary one.  For I was awarded the 'Pathfinder Award', it is an award for a student who has contributed to school life by 'blazing a trail', showing courage and exemplifying both the Middle School core values and the school motto of Grace, Commitment and Wisdom.  Receiving such an award is something that I will treasure always.

On Monday Nalani had her exam for her massage course, I had helped her practise on the weekend and she remembered everything so I knew she would do exceptionally well.  In both her practical and theory she achieved a high distinction, which is the highest mark you can get.  I think that she is going to make an excellent sports/remedial massage therapist in the future. 

This was my last week at school, it was a little emotional to be finishing Middle School, next year is Senior School and there will be many new challenges.  We still were doing work this week however there were no pressures of exams.  In Maths we worked on probability and on our last day of maths we played Black Jack just for fun.  In English we were still looking at Mass Media and learning that many Current Affairs and news programs are quite 'fake'.  We ended English by watching some of a television series called 'Frontline'.  In textiles I made a candy cane fortune cookie using felt and in Integrated Studies we were looking at careers and how to write resumes. 

On Wednesday night it was Jarrett's Year 10 Formal, he looked really splendiferous all dressed up in his black suit, black with white pin striped shirt, Jack Skelington tie and black pointy shoes.  He was only allowed to have two members of the family attend pre-dinner canapes and the Year 10 Certificate presentation and he chose Mum and I.  The evening was rather cold with a chilly southerly breeze, I think the boys were much better attired than the girls who all seemed to have goose bumps because they had really pretty summer dresses on.  When Jarrett received his Year 10 Certificate I was so excited for him, he did stupendously well and looked proud of himself.  We had to leave after the presentation and the Year 10 students and teachers then had dinner and dancing.  He now only has two more years left at school, I know that he will continue to do well in all his studies.

On Thursday I had a special day with my friend Ally, we went out to lunch together, we had American Style pancakes with cream and ice cream, they are really scrumptious but very filling.  We then looked around the shops for a little while.  The shops are so busy and noisy at the moment, but we still managed to have lots of fun. 

We had a house inspection on Friday and we passed with flying colours, I think I have mentioned before that Mum is a cleaning fanatic, our house is always so immaculate.  We also had a special visit from Tess my starlight wish granter and her sister Anna.  They are both such caring and wonderful people, it was lovely to be able to catch up with them before Christmas. 

Our weather is certainly not like Summer at the present time, although the sun is shinning today, the temperatures are well below average, in fact we have had the coldest start to Summer in Canberra in forty seven years! 

Tonight is Interclub, it is the last meet for 2011, I am competing in discus and shot put, I have not competed for a few weeks so I am hoping that I am able to throw somewhere near my personal best.  Next year I will be trying to get a season best, with no school until February I will not be as fatigued so that may help.  Nalani is also throwing tonight, she has been getting some terrific personal bests so she hopes she can get another one tonight.  Poor Jarrett, he is not able to compete until next year, he is running again but has to stay off the hard surface of the track just to make sure he has healed properly.  He is so frustrated when he can not run as it is something he loves so much.  I know exactly how he feels I am often faced with the challenge of not being able to do things that I really love or were able to do prior to having my brain tumour.  You have to set yourself different goals and remain positive and determined.

I wish you safe travel if you are going away for Christmas, take time out to reflect on the year and the many rainbow moments you have experienced  as well as the times that you were challenged.  It is those times that help us become stronger and more determined people.  Remember in life we don't know what may be just around the corner, so make the most of each and every day and be the best person you can be always.

Jarrett and I before his Year 10 Formal


Anonymous said...

Hello Dainere,

Congratulations again on your fantastic achievement in winning the Pathfinder Award. What a wonderful endorsement of all your hard work in overcoming the challenges that life has set you. There are so many of us who are so proud of you!

Jarrett looked so smart for his formal, as did Nalani the week before. I'm sure that after all these special occasions, it will be wonderful to relax with family over Christmas.

It was so lovely to see you yesterday - seeing that beautiful smile of yours always makes the world seem a better place!

Wishing you and all of your family a wonderful Christmas and a new year full of good health and much happiness.

Lots of love and big hugs,

Anna xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

COngratulations and well deserved. I hope you and your family have a wonderful, love filled xmas and a bright happy new year


Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Dainere , Oh WOW , what beautiful pictures , one at the top of the blog and one at the bottom , a lovely way to start .

Oh how true , Christmas is about giving to others as much as you can , not geting from others as much as possible. And of course as you say the Birth of Our Lord .

Meryl and I were so happy to hear that you had been granted the award , so well deserved too .

Well done Nalani , its the start of a great career for you . A big week for you at school Dainere , but a good one to remember . You will soon start the next chapter of your school life , and you will handle it just the same as before , with all the skill you have done so far.

Well done Jarrett on your year 10 formal , wow did you lok the part and so nice to see you with your beautiful sister Dainere .

Sounds like an awesome day Dainere with your friend on Thursday , and pancakes , jum my favourite ,dont you just love it when the ice cream melts over them , ah you are making my mouth water .

Hope you enjoyed your self at Interclub on Friday .Yes you will have the strength with school being closed for hols . Hope Jarrett can keep away from the track for while to let his injury completely heal .

We look forward to hearing all about your Christmas, enjoy your week my friend and take care .

Lots of love
stuart and meryl

Anonymous said...

Well done to all your family Daniere. A tremendous end to the year.
From one who admires your courage. I hope your rainbow will always be bright.

Sarah M said...

Dainere, CONGRATULATIONS DARLING GIRL!! From the description of what the award was for, i cant think of a more deserving winner and I know your many friends and supporters feel the same. I hope you and your family has a warm (lucky you!) and joyful Christmas and that the year ahead is filled with blessings and giggles :-) Lots of love, Sarah xxx