Friday, December 9, 2011


3rd to 9th December 2011

Nalani at her Formal

In our lives we often underestimate the true power of a smile, a touch, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment and the act of just caring.  These all have the potential to turn a life around so in the rush of life as we head towards Christmas take the time to reach out and change a life.

Today I sent off a cheque to the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation Brain Tumour Fund, from the middle of the year I had been saving five cent coins and was amazed to discover that those coins added up to $72.50.  I know that every little amount of money that I can raise through different ways will go towards one day finding a better treatment for children's brain tumours and hopefully a cure. 

Last Friday night was an extremely special event for Nalani and our family, it was her Year 12 Formal.  During the day she had her hair beautifully done as well as makeup which she hardly ever wears, when she put on her dress and tiara she transformed into a beautiful princess.  Her friends met here and they waited for the arrival of their transport.  As the majestic white stretch Hummer pulled up out I was in awe at how colossal and brilliantly shiny it was.  Photographs were taken and then the group headed off for a tour around town prior to heading to the formal venue.  We headed to the venue so we could see them arrive, then we finally saw the glistening white Hummer pulling in, it was so exciting to see Nalani embarking from it in what would have been like a fairytale for her.  It was a most splendiferous occasion that she will remember for a long time. 

Even though this is my second last week of Year 8 we have still been working at school.  In Maths we are doing probability, in English we are doing Mass Media which is very interesting, we have looked at the beginnings of newspapers through to news on the internet, in Science we are now doing Botany and have been looking at the structure of flowers and in Textiles I completed my felting project and did the evaluation sheet.  I think next week will be a little quieter as we only have four days and there are a few events throughout that week.

I had my first physiotherapy appointment with my new physiotherapist Kaitlyn.  I was a little apprehensive as I had felt so confident with Rhiannon.  We went over some of my history, if we had to do it all, I would have been there all day!  Then Kaitlyn worked on my foot, knee and legs which had all been giving me some trouble.  She is really nice and I think we will build a good relationship, but I do still miss Rhiannon, my physiotherapy guardian angel.

We are so lucky to live here in Australia, in many Countries children are suffering and disadvantaged, one of the people, Gavin who was really involved in making my book a reality is actually doing an 800km bike ride in January, it is called Thailand - Hands Across the Water, it is a Charity Ride to raise money for disadvantaged children in Thailand.  He asked if I could let you all know and put up the web address if any one is interested in supporting it, the address is  Because Gavin worked so tirelessly on my book I wanted to assist him in his fund raising endeavour. 

Tonight is our Middle School Celebration, it is a night to celebrate the successes of students and teachers, I rested today so that I would be able to attend, if I have a big event on then I have to rest during the day otherwise I become too fatigued to enjoy it. 

Nalani has been doing an Introduction to Massage Course and I have been fortunate enough to have her give me some relaxation massages, she is so talented at it, she is hoping to go further and do remedial sports massage as well as fitness in the future. 

Jarrett went back to running and he was doing exceptionally well you could not even tell he had had an injury but last Saturday at the track he felt a twinge in his foot so he pulled up.  So for the rest of the year he is not going to run on any hard surfaces, only grass that will ensure that he experiences no more twinges.  I am looking forward to watching him run again next year in races, I think he is going to run many personal bests. 

Wishing you all a week filled with many rainbow moments and I hope that you are not too stressed and busy as this time of year can be very tiring.  Remember to smile, care, reach out, compliment and listen then you could make a difference to a persons life.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere

Nalani is gorgeous. Formals are so much fun, I'm glad you could watch her arrive at the venue. My nieces have had similar experiences, dressing up etc and my nephew rode in a red double decker old fashioned bus to his formal a few years ago!! What a sight.

Pleased to hear that you've started physio with Kaitlyn. I know it must be really hard for you, telling someone else your story and trusting her with your body but, it's for a reason and she may be a new angel that you are meant to meet. I know with my physio and pilates coach (for my back), I trust them explicitly - they give me courage and show me how to release tight muscles etc. In time, you'll be good together.

Take care in your final days of year 8, be kind to yourself, I'm sending off the chq to
Tara this week - I'll let you know the grand total, including my $40 win for 2nd place in footy tipping. Love Fran xoxo

Anonymous said...

HI Dainere , wow , we are finally getting to answer all the blog entries since weve been away .

Congratulations in your PB;s at shot and javelin, you made some huge increase in throws , that is fantastic , Well done .

Sorry to hear about the ferretin levels , your attitude to all of everything you had put in your way , will , we are sure continue to help you along this journey .

It must have been so hard for you at your last appt with Rhiannon , however we are sure that you will form the same relationship with Kaitlyn.

Sorry to read that you had so much trouble with the writing in the exam . WOW Vwell done at the school track championships , a pb with the discuss and the shot and second best throw for you with the javelin . You must have been so proud that day , all your hard work , paying off.

Alos well done to Nalani and Jarrett

Sorry to hear of the blacking out episode during the maths exam.

Nalani's farewell to year 12 assembly sounds awesome Dainere, she had some lovely things said about her , thats lovely , BUT you see Dainere , you have all been brought up so well by your parents and family , that it stands out amongst others , WE are sure that you are so proud of mum and dad for how they bring you all up.

Yes its so hard when people like Rhianon have to leave. In a similar way , we experiencd the same when we had to say goodbye to Blanca in Cusco , our little girl we sponsor. we had waited 12 months to see her , and we had 4 fantastic hours with her and her family , and then it was all over , oh so many tears , even now it makes me teary my friend .

You keep up your spirit Dainere , yes it is very hard BUT BELIEVE ME , YOU will come out of this so much richer . You are the most amazing young lady we know Dainere . WE heard from Tara at the chldrens hospital after we made our donation , as i promised , she wrote and thanked us.

It is GREAT news that the growth hormone has at last been approved ,and we think you have made the right choice in leaving it till afdter Christmas , as you deserve the best Christmas ever .

We loved your blog about all that knowledge of Growth Hormone . Wow Mum , Yvonne , how great your are . sorry to hear of all the possible side effects though . you are so well balanced to accept all this , far more so than i would ever be Dainere. God Bless you .
Nalani looks so beautiful in the pic you placed on your blog ,, she really does look lovely .

WE saw some amazing sites of poverty on our trip Dainere , BUT the choildren look healthy and happy , and are satisfied with simple things in life .

BY your smiles and respect for each human you see Dainere you are making a difference to so many lives .

Lots of love and hugs .

Meryl and stuart xxxxx