Friday, March 4, 2011


26th February to 4th March 2011

My dreadful cold continued over the weekend, I felt so ill and energy depleted, I thought going to running training on Sunday in the fresh air would be beneficial. The weather was so pleasant and it certainly did feel as though I was more energised so I decided to do some walking with my rollator, I felt rather comfortable as a finished the first lap and decided I would go for a second, that was probably not the best idea because as I neared the final two hundred metres of the second lap, my chest felt tight, asthma like, I pushed on to finish but them rested, perhaps I had over done it. That is twice now that I have completed eight hundred metres, I am now hoping to push forward and eventually achieve those 3km in my School Cross Country.

I tried to do homework but found myself just wanting to sleep, so that is exactly what I did and when I woke I felt much better but when I started on my homework again I began to feel ill again.  I get frustrated now by illness, I feel like I don't have time to be ill.

My cold seemed to get worse on Sunday night, I did not sleep well as I was kept awake coughing, it was a dry, annoying cough that also made my throat and chest hurt.  First thing Monday morning Mum made a doctors appointment for me.  He found that I had an upper respiratory infection as well as a middle ear infection, I was put on antibiotics and told to stay away from school for the week. My immunity is low so whilst I am ill I am more prone to picking up any other illness that may be going around.  He also wants me to have a number of blood tests to check out a few other things like whopping cough and pneumonia. 

So this week I have spent sleeping, taking my medication, taking panadol for pain, headaches and fever and coughing.  My cough has now become loser and seems to hurt my chest more, it is at its worst early in the morning and at night, so I have had many restless nights sleep unfortunately.  I was given a repeat on my antibiotic which I will need to take. 

I found with my middle ear infection that my already affected balance became so much worse, just standing on the spot I thought I was going to tip over just like a bowling pin.  I have attempted to do some school work but really just can't concentrate.  Oh dear, I sound like I am feeling sorry for myself, but I just want to feel better and it seems to be taking a long time.

On Monday I will go for my blood tests, back to school and hopefully each day I will see some improvement.  Next weekend Jarrett is running in the Australian Youth Championships in the 3000m, I love watching him run and cheering him on, I am so proud of him and he really inspires me with his dedication and marvellous sportsmanship so I had better be felling well.

Nalani goes back to her surgeon on Monday also, she now has her brace off all the time and is almost walking normally.  She is riding the exercise bike forwards instead of backwards and the physiotherapist is extremely pleased with her progress.  She is hoping that the surgeon will now allow her to gradually return to sport.  It looks like she will be walking or jogging the Cross Country rather than running also this year.

I received some upsetting news this week that a friend of mine who was kind and caring when I was bullied at my old school was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  It has made me question again why all the most extraordinary people seem to have been dealt difficult journey's in life while those who are cruel and hurtful go through life getting everything they want.

In some exciting news, money that was raised from a Golf Day has been sent to the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation Brain Tumour Fund, it means so much to me to have been part of many substantial donations in the hope of further research to one day find a cure for children who have been diagnosed with brain tumours.

Autumn is here now, I love how all the trees leaves change colour, fall to the ground, swirling and twirling as if to a sympony of music, it is truly a magical time. I need to rest now but thank you to everyone who continues to follow my Blog and those new to following, I hope that I can inspire you all in some small way. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Daniere,
I'm sorry to hear that you have had such a crappy week. It is frustrating when you just want to get on with things,but your body doesn't want to co-operate. Hang in there... Things will slowly improve I'm sure :)
Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I love our crisp Canberra mornings,and beautiful clear days. I have some stunning trees in my garden and when they start to drop their leaves, Ollie the cat loves to hide in the piles I rake up. The funny thing is that he is a Ginger cat and blends into the leaves and pretends to be invisible. He has jumped onto my lap as I type this and sends you get well wishes as well.
Hope you get back to all the fun of school soon.

Dianne said...

Dear Dainere,

I hope you are starting to feel better after being so ill, there have been some nasty illnesses sweeping through the city.

Next week we are in Sydney as well and hope to catch up with you there and watch Jarrett running.

Take care and rest up

Lv Dianne xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere, Dont worry , my friend YOU will get to the 3 km level , its just a matter of time , remember the saying ""Rome was not built in a day "", everything comes to he he waits ,

When your sick like you have been this last week, then your brain gets tired very easily , so it says ""ill close Daineres eyes to rest them "" I know how frustrating it is , but you will work through this , hang in precious.

You alrady have a balance issue , and the middle ear infection has just made it worse.

WE hope the blood tests all prove that its just a severe cold and middle ear infection , with NONE of the other nasties .

Good luck to Nalani and that shee can re commence her sport after seeing surgeon on Monday .

Oh so sorry to hear about your friend Dainere , thats terrible , I believe that people like you and your friend , kind and caring , have been given this extra weight to carry to prove that we are just humans and to remind us that things go wrong someone has to do it and God picks the strongest like you and your frined , at such tender ages you are a credit to your fellow humans .

I think we will use that foundation Dainere , in relation to what I asked you about brain tumour charities before , if that makes sense?

You Blog must inspire many many people Dainere .

Your Autumn comes earlier that ours in sydney , our leaves have not started to chandge yet , I agree its a super time of the year ,we always come down to Cooma at Easter as you know , and I always bring my camera as the trees look so nice .

Well have great week my dear friend and take care , good luck at the race.

Lots of love and hugs

Stuart and meryl xxxxxxxx

Ali Davies said...

Hi Dainere

Sounds like you have been really under the weather. Sorry to hear that. Hope you are able to shake off these bugs soon.

As you head into autumn, we are heading into spring. It is very welcome after the dark winter nights and mornings and the endless cold weather.

Daffodils and early crocus are starting to peep the heads above the soil. We have birds starting to nest in the boxs my son made for them (which he is very excited about!) and the hint of milder weather to come and lighter mornings and nights is food for the soul.

Keep on keeping on my Australian rainbow.

Ali x

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere,

Was not happy to read that you've not been feeling well. Nasty colds and coughs are the last thing u need.I sincerely hope that all the resting has helped you to feel a little better and that the antibiotics have cleared the infection. Remember, it's your thought process that always helps you to cope in difficult circumstances.
I return to work tomorrow, after 4 weeks off because of my back. I have rested, attended physio, had the epidural lumbar cortisone injection and still experience pain.I just have to learn to manage the pain, alter lifestyle and keep fit. I try to imagine what it must be like for you but truly can't, as my problem is debilitating enough, I cannot fathom what you must go through. I read your little inspirations that have a big impact and look forward to redaing how your weeks go by.
I even think of you when I'm on my walks (which I need to do more of!) and doing my exercises. Keep well, stay strong,
Love Fran xo

Anonymous said...

Hello Dainere and Family,
It has been a long time since I last saw you at school last year. I have been continuing to read your blog to keep up with what you have been doing and how you have been going. I am so proud of you and your persistence in pushing around that 800m. I am sure that by the time it comes around you will manage the cross country at school.
You seem to be having a good year and it is great to hear that you are going to school a lot more regularly. You enjoyed school and you are so good at it. I love hearing about you overcoming obstacles.
I was talking about you to my students today and about your courage and persistance. Where I am at the moment many of the students take their health and opportunities for granted and most of them never stop to think of those that struggle to achieve small goals every day. We read some of your blog in class and I began to read some of your book to them.
These are year 7 students and they are a really nice bunch of kids. I am hoping that your journey will assist them with finding the motivation to take responsibility for their own lives and choices.
I lost your personal email address when I moved. I would love to be able to send youe mum a hello.
I still miss Canberra and get very homesick at times. The people at your school are a very special group of people. Quite unique in their sense of community and care for each other.
I am so glad that you are mostly well and hope that you get over this cold quickly so that you can get back to what you love to do. Are you still painting?
God Bless
Mrs Chatty