Saturday, February 26, 2011


19th to 25th February 2011

I have had a colossal week this week which began with walking a whole 800m around the AIS track using my rollator, in the last 100m I was quite fatigued and was not sure I was going to achieve my goal but I drew on my inner strength and I did it, nothing is going to stop me now, my new goal is to do 1km, I am hoping by School Cross Country day on 13th April, I will be able to walk 3km and compete in the Cross Country walking this year.

In the afternoon I had a lovely visit with Gloria who is my Starlight Wish Granter, Tess' sister, she updated me on Tess' progress, who is doing well after her back surgery, she is another determined person.
We then played  a game of Upwords, as you know that is my favourite game and I have not played it for a while.

Sunday was an extremely exceptional day, we went to the National Zoo and Aquarium, it was a special event that was organised by Camp Quality, we have never been able to attend one of there events before because I have either been too ill, in hospital or in Sydney for appointments, so I was ultra excited about the prospect of actually been able to go.  The weather could only be described as perfect, the sun was shinning radiantly in the crystal clear blue sky and there was a delightful gentle breeze to take some of the heat out of the day.  I saw so many adorable, entertaining and unusual animals on the day, I loved the Meerkats, Red Pandas, Lemurs and the Sun Bears. 

I even got to pat two dingoes and hold two snakes, one was a large one which went around my neck, it weighed six kilograms and the other one was a colourful tiny one which I was able to hold in my hands.  I found it interesting that they did not feel slimy, they actually felt quite silky and soft and amazingly they were warm because they had been held. 

I was amazed at the size of the giraffes, they were enormous, not to mention rather smelly.  I was saddened by the story of the sun bear Otay who had been rescued from certain cruelty and death.  She had been placed in a small cage called a crush cage and treated poorly and now she displays neurotic behaviour by swaying back and forward almost constantly but because she has been rescued it is hoped in the future this will stop. The day was incredible and I am so grateful that our family was able to go.

In fact I was so inspired by her story that I have decided that animal cruelty is going to be the topic of my art work this Term we have to explore an issue that effects society so I think I will be able to express the need for more people to take action against this type of cruelty to animals because as I see it,  all animals are at the mercy of humans and we need to treat them kindly and with love.

School this week has again been quite challenging as well as intensely fatiguing, it is Week 3 in the Term so the work load has increased.  In English we are continuing to look at poetry learning about metaphors, similes and personification in poetry and continued reading 'Holes'.  In Maths we have worked on addition and subtraction of fractions which I really enjoy doing.  For Science this week we looked at snails and each were given a snail to watch how they move, what they look like under a microscope and general observation.  I learnt that they love to eat chalk dust, can climb over a knife blade without being injured, take a breath every six seconds through their breathing hole which also happens to be their anus as well and I had one on my arm which felt very slimy but once you took it off your skin felt really firm where it had been.  In Christian Living we are learning about the story of Joseph and how he went from being the favoured son, to been thrown in a well by his jealous brothers, sold as a slave, being a trusted slave, then thrown in prison for something he did not do. Our Integrated Studies unit is still about Fair Go for everyone and we now have a project to work on looking at organisations who assist in our Community.

I had two appointments this week, one with my paediatrician who is impressed with the amount of walking I am doing using my rollator.  He told me that school will be tiring, my eyesight will give me problems and my balance will always remain affected on my right side.  He is organising for me to see the Endocrinologist here in Canberra and wants me to have another bone age scan done. 

My second appointment was with the dietitian who is pleased with my weight which has remained steady and she said if it is still the same next time then she will not need to see me anymore unless I have any problems, which was terrific news.

Last night Jarrett ran in the 3000m ACT Championships and he was truly on fire, he ran a determined and focused race, I cheered him on and was so excited to see him come first easily by two hundred metres in an excellent time of 9:20:73.  He was really pleased with his result as he is competing in that event in the Australian Youth Championships in Sydney in a couple of weeks so to have a fantastic run like that is a real confidence booster.  He even let me wear his gold medal around my neck!

I have had some headaches this week which are quite debilitating because they make me feel nauseous as well and today I have woken with what seems like a cold as I am all choked up and have a sore throat and cough. 

Nalani is recovering slowly, she walks without the knee brace at home but still needs the brace for school and shops, she sees the surgeon again on 7th of March and is hoping he will let her begin sport again.

Thank you for suggestions about school and all your support please know that I read all your comments and are inspired to continue with my determination because of you.

'Eliminate every barrier that you can, give yourself every chance to achieve your goals and you will find that anything is possible'


Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere
You are definitely an inspiration for all of us young and old. What an achievement 800m so quickly. You are achieving your goals and we are so very proud to be the grand parents of such a beautiful natured and determined young lady. We hope you achieve your future goals but please remember not to overdo it.

How interesting your blog is, and what a brave person you are. When we saw that snake around your neck it sent shivers up and down our spines.

That was such a sad story about the Sun bear but also lovely to hear they are trying to help it get better. Some people are so very cruel to animals and you are right about them relying on us to take care of them.

We wish we were back at school as some of the things you are learning about are so interesting. Did you find out if snails prefer white chalk or coloured chalk dust?

So pleased to hear Tess is on the mend and Jarrett did so well in the 3000m. How lovely was that, letting you wear his gold medal but that is what true brother and sister relationships are about.

We also hear that Dad deserves congratulations on an award he got too. Of course Mum should have a permanent medal don't you think?

It's not good hearing you are not well, but with rest and plenty of TLC which we know you will get, you will be well again in no time.

Guess Nalani will be back in action on the track very soon.

We love you very much.
Nan and Pop xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Friend Dainere, oh wow Dainere what a huge week , BUT , I agree with nan and pop , watch that you dont overdo it and try and do to much all at once . you will get to your goal , we have 100% confidence , I know you just want ot be able to walk that track without me holding that beautiful hand of yours , we know what your up to haha.

So glad to hear that Tess is doing well.

What a great group that is , camp quality, so glad that you could attend this function , you definately deserved to , its such a shame that some animals get treated cruely , after all they are a living thing thats breathes the same air as we do .

Oh so True , these aniamls , if only they could talk , im sure thed have heaps to say about us so called humans that treat them badly.

Wow you have been a busy girl with all that going on at school, School is so interesting now Dainere compared to when Meryl and I went . Enjoy it , . Just suggestion , may be I should not , but the salvation army , are a great organisation in our community , always present in times of need , my mum always mentions about the salvation army always being on the front line when we have floods and earthquakes etc . any way im sure you have a million ideas .

We wish you well with your bone age scan and your visit to the endocrinologist, yes the balance thing is a nuisance , BUT as i have said you will get better at it , even all this walking with the rollator is going to help you .
Oh Excellent news about the dietician Dainere , I have to see mine at RPA on March 9th

fantastic news about Jarrett , well done Jarrett.

Hope the headaches are not as bad now Dainere arent they terrible , oh how i hated those headaches , Hang in my friend , your focussed now and things are good for you , apart from this cold .

Well have a great week , take care and always think positive , the glass is always half FULL NOT half empty .
lots of love
stuart and meryl xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Daniere,
Wow... you go girl. When you set your mind to something it really does happen. I'm reminded of the song "from little thing big things grow" and how if you set yourself small achievable goals you will make it in the end. But YOU already know that!
Pleased to hear all your medical visits went so well.
What a great photo of you and the snake. Were you scared? I laughed at all the snail facts - aren't they amazing.
Hope your cold is better soon. Rest up ready for another busy week, but like others have said try not to overdo it.

Rhiannon said...

Dainere I'm so proud of you!! 800m!! And to watch you walk without your rollator out of the clinic the other day was incredible! You are a true star! xx Rhi

Anonymous said...

Hello Dainere, What a wonderful and busy week you have had. Congratulations on achieving the 800m mark. You are such an inspiration for us all. You would have had so much fun at the zoo and you are so brave to be sitting there with the snake draped around your shoulders! It's a beautiful looking snake. How fascinating to learn so much about snails. I had no idea they liked chalk dust! There have been a lot of snails around the garden with the rain lately. My dad found a whole bunch of them all together in his garden yesterday and last week one climbed all the way up my front wall and was sitting on the doorbell....I think he was trying to deliver 'snail mail' :)
This morning is very dull and overcast, so even though it's after 8am it feels much earlier. I think I want to go back to bed!
I'm so glad you are enjoying school so much, even though it is very exhausting. I know you will listen to your body (and your Mum) and rest when you need to. Hope the headaches and the cold go away this week and you have a lovely time with your friends at school. Keep up your excellent writing as we all love to read it.
Lynda xx

Dory said...


It's been a while since I've been able to check in, and I am simply overjoyed to read your latest post - it is just simply awesome that you completed the walk... doesn't matter that the last little bit was with the rollater.... even a super hero needs help sometime.. and you my dear are simply super and defy all the odds. Keep strong and live large my blossom.


Dianne said...

Dear Dainere,

Thank you for your email - Knock Knock, it was a lovely sentiment, the kitten was just beautiful.

Jarrett ran well the other night, he is doing well in his preparation for the Australia Youth Champs in Sydney. Keep up your good work walking, do you have a foot spa? Cool water and a massage is good for overworked feet.

Lachie has just done 2 days of Little Aths regional champs this weekend, he did well in all his events progressing to ACT Champs and has come home a tired young man.

The Zoo and Aquarium is a great place, we are so lucky in Canberra to have so many attractions. The Sun Bears are such lovely creatures it is maddening that they are still abused in some parts of the world. We have a lady at the Library who makes bags and beads to raise money for their rescue and conservation. I think you will do a good job in your art to raise awareness.

Stay well and hope the week ahead is a great one.

Lv Dianne xxxx

Anonymous said...


You have had a big week!

Year 8 is exhausting but I think it sounds like you are learning heaps.

How amazing to be walking with your rollator, I heard from Charli that you had done that and I think you have inspired all the kids at school. look how far you have come since last years cross country.

I wonder if you could post some of your artwork on your blog I would love to see it as I bet lots of others would too.

I agree with you thoughts on animal cruelty, humans can be very unkind. We try to buy animal friendly products in our house, such as those not tested on animals eg, cleaning stuff, makeup, soaps, hiar car products etc

Sounds like your brother is running well and of course loves you so much.

Hope you have a great week

xxxxxx Monica

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,
I haven't talked to you in so long. I miss you alot and i wish i could see you right now. Your blog is going so well and it is amazing just like you are. Please let me know next time you'll be in sydney so we can catch up because i really miss you
Love you forever..
Emily xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere,
Glad to read that things are okay with school and your training. Look afer yourself with that cold.
Was happy to see the photo up on your blog, thankyou.

Take care, Love Fran x0

Anonymous said...

Do you know what "serendipity" is? It's when you make a wonderful discovery, when you are looking for something else...

I was looking for a book to read while my young son recovers in Sydney Children's Hospital from brain surgery. I had a big heavy novel picked out when the title of another, much smaller book caught my eye.

It was called "You have to go through a storm to get to a rainbow" and that title made me smile, so I picked it up and read the back cover. Suddenly, I saw that the author was also from Canberra, and had to go to Sydney Children's Hospital. Naturally I bought that one instead.

It was indeed a wonderful discovery, and I am touched by your wish to create such a special book.

The only problem is we are in hospital for weeks, and I read your book cover to cover on the first day!

Take care on your journey Dainere, I hope it brings you some serendipity as well.

Kindest Regards

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