Friday, February 11, 2011


5th to 11th February 2011

What a huge week it has been for me, I have some wonderful memories to treasure like my own living photo album, I will be able to look back enjoy them, learn from them and continuously add to them throughout the year.  Thank you to all my followers who left such lovely Birthday wishes for me, I appreciate them, you are all so very special.

On Saturday at running training I surprised myself and walked six hundred metres around the AIS track using my rollator, the smile on my face matched the brilliantly shinning sun.  Not this weekend but next weekend I am going to attempt eight hundred metres which is two laps of the track. 

Tuesday was a very special day for me, It was my 13th Birthday, I can't believe that I am a teenager now.  I am hoping that I can be a role model to other teenagers and inspire them to do wonderful work helping others in the community, teenagers don't have to be selfish and not get along with parents, that is something I was told when I was in hospital at the end of last year and I thought it was terrible and I would never be like that.  My Birthday was splendiferous, I received some truly beautiful and thoughtful gifts and cards,  I got lots of wonderful warm hugs and a special visit from Sarah.  At night we celebrated with dinner out and then had a scrumptious profiterole Birthday cake that melted in your mouth. 

The next day was my first day back at school, I have to admit I had very mixed emotions, on one hand I was excited yet one the other I was extremely nervous, I had a stomach full of fluttering butterflies and a headache but once I was there I felt so much more settled.  Middle School have moved to a new Campus, so it is a new beginning for everyone, we all have to get used to the new surroundings and new faces. 

My first week at school has been enjoyable, challenging and a little tiring I actually fell asleep on the lounge I was so exhausted after my second day.   I am going to strive to do my very best though each and every day.  We do not do our normal school timetable for the first week back but take part in what is called The Genesis Program.  We participated in some interesting challenges, like as a group designing a package to try to stop an egg from breaking when you dropped it from a height and then threw it as far as possible.  The only materials we could use were newspaper, masking tape and straws, there were many different ideas, some worked and others did not.  In the dropping challenge our egg just slightly cracked on one side but in the throwing challenge our egg got totally demolished.  As you can imagine it was lots of fun and because it was a sunny day, it did become a little smelly! 

We also did a poster for a Celebrity Loser, my group chose Lindsay Lohan and we had to work out a rehabilitation plan for her over twelve months and consequences if she did not follow our plan.  That activity was also enjoyable.  Part of the program involved making a time capsule that we will open at the end of the year, we had to put important things to us in it, photographs, a piece of string that measured our height and a letter to ourselves, it will be interesting to see what has and hasn't changed in that time.  We finished off the week by writing class rules and consequences which of course really important. 

Each day I have been working on my stretches and riding the exercise bike, I can feel that my muscles are not as tight as they once were which is a really positive thing because I was so tight before it caused me pain.

My FM transmitter is fantastic to use in class, I find that my hearing aid only picks up conversation that is close to me, I think I will need to hear clearly this year because lots of the work in Year 8 is much more complicated than Year 6 or 7. 

I am pleased that the first week back at school is over and that the weekend has just begun, Jarrett is racing in the Athletics ACT Junior Championships in the 1500m on Saturday night, it is supposed to rain tomorrow but he loves running in the rain so that could be an advantage to him. 

I don't have any homework for this weekend, hooray!  Oh, I do have to cover a few books but that is easy.  I will rest up so that I will ready for a full five day week at school next week.  I am wondering how I will cope with it as last year I only went every second day for short hours.

On a disappointing note, I found out this week that I have to have my MRI's in Sydney still because they want to monitor my tumour using the same machine, they said it is more consistent and if anything shows to become aggressive they can act more quickly.  So every three months I have to visit Sydney for my MRI, this will mean time away from school and family.

Please say a special prayer for Tess my Starlight Wish Granter because she has to have major back surgery on 16th February, she is an extraordinary person and I hope the surgery goes well and she will be back on her feet as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

So good to read your news and to hear that you had a great birthday... a teenager now! I'm sure Mum and Dad, Nan and Pop have all said how quickly the time has flown and it only seems like yesterday that you were born!! You look beautiful in the photo... is it a new outfit? And your dinner out and birthday cake sounded wonderful.

You have a busy year of school ahead of you. So glad the FM transmitter is making a difference. Is your new campus far from the old one? Far from home? Hopefully it will be nice and flat and easy to navigate round. Do you know who your teachers are and what your subjects will be? I can understand you being nervous and excited at the same time.. glad it worked out well (and that you have no homework this weekend).

You are certainly doing well with your rollator! Twice round the track will be a great achievement. You really are amazing! And determined! Well done!

Hopefully your visits to Sydney for MRIs won't have to be long certainly is a busy place. And it's always good to get home again, isn't it?

Best wishes to Jarrett for his race tomorrow. (If it rains cricket will be washed out AGAIN!)Hope that Nalani is continuing to improve.

I'll certainly remember Tess your S W G.... hope everything goes well for her on Wednesday.

Sending love and prayers,


Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere
What a lovely dress you are wearing, a birthday present we assume. You are actually standing on your own without support, that is a real achievement in itself.

So pleased school went so well. After all the time and the shorter hours last year, you may well get tired this year. Don't overdo it though.

Dainere, that is correct about the different machines (MRI). I experienced the same thing with Bone density tests. They always want that on the same machine. Seems different machines read a little differently, or the Radiologists have more expertise with one or the other.

Have a great week next week and good luck with walking the 800m.

Lots of love
Nan and Pop xxx ooo

PS We will remember Tess too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Dainere, oh you look beautiful in your birthday outfit , you really do. Thanks for sharing that with us all.

Glad to see you started off with the 600mtrs , well done , remember the chinese saying , "Ă«very long journey starts with a short step"

Dainere you have already commenced being that role model, so well done .Glad you met up with Sarah and had a fantastic time.

Yes continue with your stretches , it is a building process to get that body back to what you want.

Well as you and i have discussed before it is essential that you can hear what is being said my friend, it is so frustrating when you cant hear properly and have to say pardon , so good luck with it , you will learn to adapt to it , i know i have .

Good Luck Jarret in the 1500mtrs on Saturday night we will be thinking of YOU too.

You take each day as it comes Dainere , that is how they come to us all , one at a time so try not to worry about what Tuesday is going to bring till Monday is over , , Do some relaxation and just take deep breathes . You will be tired BUT YOU will also learn in time to cope with the strain , Im not saying it wont be easy , but hey , if anyone knows about things not being easy you do , so Meryl and I will be thinking of you this full week.

We will think Of Tess.

My mum and dad are in Sydney from Monday , i have a medical check up on Monday , and have taken two weeks off so i can spend time with my mum and dad.

so i will keep you informed of how we get on .

lots and lots of love to you , and say hello to to mum and dad , Jarret and Nalani for us . stuart and meryl xxxxx

Dianne said...

Dear Dainere,

A lovely picture you are in that pretty dress and headpiece, congratulations on becoming a 'teen':)

The cooler weather has been a treat, over the weekend it will be down to low twenties so you will need to rug up at AIS for the Championship tomorrow night.
I'm hoping for a rain free event - selfishly I don't want to get wet while working at the long-jump pit. I'm also looking forward to catching up with you and watching Jarrett run.

You have improved so well with your walking 600m, I am impressed that you are not afraid of a challenge - let me know when you conquer the 800m, one of Lachie's favourite runs.

Rest well, the body grows and repairs itself when you sleep.

Lv Dianne xxxxx

Tracey H said...

Hi Dainere, nice dress. You look absolutely gorgeous :) Keep up the terrific work with the exercises and walking. Hope you have another good week at school.
Tracey H

Anonymous said...

Hi Daniere,
I'm glad to hear you had such a lovely time on your birthday. You look so lovely in your outfit and your smile says it all. Yesteday morning we had the most amazing rainbow in Belconnen - and it hadn't even rained. I spent the whole day with a smile on my dial rembering all of your positive thoughts and actions. Good luck with 800m - I was amazed at 600 last week!
Its not just you feeling tired after the first week back at school. Both of my girls enjoyed a bit of a sleep in today and Ollie the cat was more than happy to be a snuggle partner.
Have a great Week 2 of school.

Ali Davies said...

Hi Dainere

Happy 13th Birthday for Tuesday. What a milestone - a teenager!

Delighted to read your achievement with your walking. I have no doubt you will achieve the goals you are setting yourself.

Lovely, as always, to drop by here for a dose of inspiration by your incredible mindset.

Keep on keeping on my Australian Rainbow.

Ali x