Thursday, June 24, 2010


23rd and 24th June 2010

I realised today that I forgot to mention the Wests Tigers fantastic win over the Raiders on the weekend, that is twice they have beaten them this year. I so vividly remember the wonderful day that I had watching them win in their first clash, what an exciting day that was and of course the highlight was meeting the wonderful Benji Marshall, I have my picture frame with the photographs of that day that Mark the camera man gave me hanging ever so proudly over my bed.

Although I have still experienced dreadful pain I have taken on a new totally positive attitude and have set myself a new goal for the next few months and that is to strengthen my upper body so that I can compete in the shotput, javelin and discus at my sports carnival at school on 10th September, I am going to talk to Rhiannon, my terrific physiotherapist and see if she can help me achieve this new goal.

When Nana and Pop left on Tuesday night after dinner, which by the way they absolutely loved my Mars Bar Slice and have since said they wished they could have taken some back with them, well when they left I started to cry, if I could have run, I think I would have run after their car so I could give them another hug. It was a special time having them here with us and I gain strength from having them near me.

Jarrett had physiotherapy to find out exactly what damage he had done when he was racing and he was quite relieved to discover that he has a Grade One Quadriceps strain, he did the right thing by slowing down in the race and it meant that he did not make the injury worse, the injury will take approximately two weeks to recover, he has already started on exercises to help it. He hates not being able to run, it is so frustrating for him because he is so dedicated to it and enjoys it so much. He said he knows how I feel and he is only off for two weeks!

After Jarrett had physiotherapy we went home and I wrote letters and answered emails which I had fallen behind with because of the pain and difficulties I had with my hand, not being able to use it. I spoke to Briana on the telephone, she was so courageous about her surgery and is doing well. Then Nalani had physiotherapy, wow, I think we virtually live at physiotherapy, she has been given the all clear to begin running again which she is pleased about, she is able to compete in the ACT Club Cross Country Championship in two weeks however she will not be at full fitness.

The rest of the day I spent resting, playing Upwords and helping Mum with change of address notifications. Nalani went to school to see what her rankings were for her exams and she was so surprised to find she was top girl of the class in PE and fourth top in Human Movement, she was also in the top fifteen in Maths and did extremely well in English and Psychology. I am so proud of her because it is difficult for siblings of people who have cancer to cope with things too, she is inspirational to me.

Our new oven arrived and was installed today, how exciting, I will now be able to continue with my cooking, I have missed doing it, I think the first thing I will make is some shortbread, I know Jarrett loves it and it will hopefully cheer him up following his injury.

Last night I had a sore throat and the sniffles when I went to bed and it took me ages to fall to sleep between that and the pain that was shooting through my body. However this morning I woke and I felt much better than I had in days, the pain was still there but it was no where near as horrific as it had been. I was amazed and began to think that maybe today was a turning point, a step forward and hopefully I will have some more good days to follow.

When you are in less pain it feels like you are light and full of life so I rode the exercise bike with a new enthusiasm today. I rode for eighteen minutes and twenty seconds and did four kilometres, I felt really proud of my effort today. Next I played Upwords, then Disney Think Fast, watched The Frog Princess again and typed up the footy tips for this week. It was like a new door had been opened today and I was walking through it with my head held high, smiling like a Cheshire Cat.

The School called to say that the sibling of a person in my Grade has chicken pox, so it was decided that I will not go to school tomorrow, just in case there is a chance I come in contact with it. We also had our meeting with the Head of Middle School Curriculum today and we discussed next Term. Not having my hearing aid tomorrow so I can get used to it is a drawback as now not getting it until 30th July means I will have to get used to it whilst at school. I am going to do a Monday afternoon to do double English every second week and a Thursday afternoon to do PE and Integrated Studies every second week. I am hoping that I will be able to cope with this and if I can then we can extend some other days perhaps later on in the Term. At school they sold fifty four of my books so that is more money we have raised for Brain Tumour Research.

My peripheral neuropathy is still causing problems but I guess as each day goes by it is just something that I have to adjust to and learn to live with and I know that as part of it I will have good days and bad days and it is important for me to really make the most of the good ones.

'I believe that everyone is a special star that shines, but how brightly we shine depends on how beautiful we are on the inside'


briana said...

Dear Dainere

I am out of hospital now but still in Sydney. The nurses on C1North were lovely but I was looking forward to a quiet rest as it was very hard to sleep at night as you would know.

It was nice to talk to you yesterday. I keep thinking about how strong you are to put up with your pain everyday and that helps me deal with my pain. You are an amazing person who has helped me a lot to be brave about my operation. Just knowing you inspires me.

I was so happy to hear you had a better day today and I hope from now on, everyday gets better for you. You deserve it.

Take care and keep smiling.

Love Briana

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere

I was delighted to read that you have finally seen some decrease in pain level today! Let's hope it continues and that each day brings even greater improvement. That's the best news. I'm very impressed with your marathon exercise bike routine. I don't know that I could last 18 minutes.Well done Dainere!

I'm sure Nana and Pop were sad to say goodbye to you too. It's hard when the ones we love are far away. I hope that you can spend some more time together soon. Perhaps a visit to sunny Qld would be good medicine!

Well the physio must love the Anthoney family. I hope everyone gets back on track very soon and you all remain injury free from now on. I am also impressed with your new goal and knowing you, I'm sure you will achieve it.

By the way, I still think the Dragons will win, but I cheer for the Tigers and the Raiders as well.

Stay well gorgeous and I will talk to you soon.

Tons of love always
Tess xxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooo

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere

The time we spent with you and all the family meant the world to us. We have always believed in the closeness of family and the love and understanding we share though near or far.

It was very sad leaving you too, but we must admit we did not mind returning home to a slightly warmer climate despite it being cooler than when we left.

We have so many beautiful and treasured memories of our too short visit with you and hope we can see you a little more often in the future. Hopefully, you will get to our place one day soon.

Your delicious Mars Bar slices were so appreciated. Next time we come you may be able to bake the cake you had wanted to (if you have finally got a working oven). Can't wait in fact.

So pleased to hear that you had such a good day. Hopefully it is the start of many more good days. You used to be good at shot, discus and javelin at little As, so we are looking forward to you taking that up again.

Nalani did really well at school, and we are proud of her too. Good to hear Jarrett's injuries weren't very serious.

You all made my birthday so very special and I will remember it with much warmth always. Thank you.

Lots of love
Nan and Pop xxx ooo

Anonymous said...

A new goal :) .... it sounds like time for a new upper body exercise program. I will put one together this weekend for a new challenge :) xx Rhi

estavropoulos said...

hi Daniere!!
my name is elpitha and Tess was my starlight volunteer as fact, i was her first "client". when she recently came for a visit, she told me all about you and i was so excited to hear about such a fantastic wish. i am just finishing off your wonderful book and loving it! it is an honest and vivid account of how such a brave person survives each and everyday. i pray and hope that your pain alleviates and that you may have the strength to keep fighting and smiling. my thoughts and best wishes with you...

Dianne said...

Dear Dainere,

It has been so cold hasn't it. I was glad to catch up with you and Mum, Jarrett and Nalani last week at the Cross Country. It is good to hear that Jarrett's quad muscle will soon be healed..tell him take it easy and be patient :)

Mum said you will be painting another rainbow picture but this will be even bigger than the others! A special thing you are doing for a new special place for kids recovering from serious illness.

Enjoy your holiday break and stay wrapped up the new oven making the family your yummy treats.

See you soon,

Lv Dianne xxxx