Saturday, June 12, 2010


11th and 12th June 2010

To end my week in Sydney, it was like Friday was a day that was designed to brighten my spirits and warm my heart. Looking out at the clear blue ocean with the frothy white waves making their way onto the sand I thought of what the week had brought. I had found out that I had Peripheral Neuropathy, my MRI showed enlargement of my tumour but it remains stable which I have now found out means that it is not spreading rapidly again at this stage, I also have some new enhancements on the brain, my spine remains enhanced but their are no cancer cells there at present. I still have not heard about my blood results so I assume I will receive them next week. I have continued to inspire, raise awareness, help others and raise funds.

In the morning after enjoying a stroll along the beach front we met with Leanne the Manager of the Crowne Plaza and spoke to her, she was so lovely and is another person who has a honest, caring and generous heart. Having somewhere so splendid to stay out during these stressful times really lifted my spirits and I was able to reflect in a more positive way what had happened during the week. I gave her a signed copy of my book which she was thrilled to receive and she took ten more to share among staff. I sold all eighteen books that I took to Sydney with me.

I was going to meet up with a friend but they were sick so we did some shopping at Westfield East Gardens, I had thought of having my ears pierced while I was there but I changed my mind and decided to wait until I came back home to familiar surroundings and people. How funny is that, when you can finally do something that you really wanted it becomes less important than you thought it was at first.

One more stroll along the beach front in the late afternoon when the weather was still warm ended the day in a perfect way. I wished that everyday I could feel as calm and peaceful as I did yesterday, even though I was still suffering from constant pain, the atmosphere seemed to help my body relax and help the pain.

My night was disturbed by pain and a headache that made me feel so dreadfully ill as well as like my head was perhaps the size of a watermelon. With pain relief it gradually disappeared but the next thing I knew the alarm was beeping to signal it was time to wake up and ready myself to leave to fly home. Leaving Sydney I still feel that there are so many more challenges that I am going to have to face until the next visit but I know that I will still remain strong and continue to believe that each day is so glorious and like opening the most beautiful gift imaginable. The traffic was extremely light to the airport but the airport terminal was a flurry of activity. Finally we were able to check our bags in and go for a stroll around the airport before going to the departure gate to await our call to board the plane. Once again we were the first passengers on and before too long it was time to taxi to take off, there were delays on the runway so we sat there for quite a while and finally had clearance to take off. The flight was terrific it was a clear sky and I had a window seat and was able to look out at the soft, fluffy white clouds. Sydney to Canberra is such a short flight and before I knew it they were announcing we were descending into Canberra. We had the perfect landing, Mum did not have to put on her pretend brakes this time. Jarrett was a little spoilt and got to sit in premium economy so had heaps of leg room. On landing they announced that it was seven degrees at the present time and this was at lunch time! I shivered as I thought how cold that was compared to our last week in Sydney. We were last off the plane and walked into the airport to see Nalani and Dad who welcomed us home with hugs.

When I walked in the door at home I could hardly wait to hug Tinkerbelle and she cuddled me back. After unpacking we talked about the fun things that we had done in Sydney like the WS FM interview, dinner with Gavin and lunch with the Focus Creative Team and Tess. I was so fortunate to have some really special and fun memories from this visit, it helps take away the stress of the medical news that came my way.

Canberra is so freezing to me even with the winter sun shinning the air is just like standing in a freezer. I will have to get used to this type of temperatures again. My bones are aching and even though I have wrapped myself up I am still feeling it dreadfully.

I had some letters waiting for me and a special gift from Neah and her family, a cousin with a butterfly and my name on it and a little box also with a butterfly, they know I love butterflies. Jarrett also had a surprise he received a birthday card from Steve Ovett who is one of the World's greatest middle distance runner, he is an Olympic Gold Medalist and six times world record holder, Jarrett was thrilled and it will inspire him in his running.

'In the garden of life, smiles can grow and dreams can blossom when there is kindness and happiness to shine upon us'


Anonymous said...

Hey Dainere,
Just wanted to say that it is great having you back at home.
Tinkerbelle will be getting a lot of cuddles from you today, she really missed you and all the hugs you give her.
I hope the weather warms up so your bones don't ache.
<3 Nalani

Michael said...

Hello Dainere,

Thank you so much for being so inspirational!

Shanae will send you an email soon if that is okay.



briana said...

Hello Dainere

I am so glad that you got time to have some special, fun times in Sydney. I hope you do not have too much pain in this cold, Canberra weather.

Hope to talk to you again soon. I am praying for you and your cousin's husband.
My whole class at Holy Spirit prays for you and your family every day.

Take care and stay warm.
Love Briana

Anonymous said...

Dearest Dainere
I recently went into a book shop to browse around and the title of your book caught my eye, I went over and read the back of the book and purchased it straight away. I haven't put it down, what an amazing young girl you are, what a lifes journey you and your beautiful family are going through. I think god sends special little earth angels down to us, to show us how to appreciate life and learn to love one another. Your story is touching the hearts of so many people, Keep smiling you are so brave. May god bless you and your family.
Love Nana Susan Victoria. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere

It must be nice to be back home (although it is a bit too cold here in Canberra). Hopefully it warms up a bit so you don't experience too much pain from the cold.

Thinking of you and your family.

Lots of love,
Stephanie and Louisa (and family) xxxx

Dianne said...

Dear Dainere,

I imagined myself looking at the ocean as you described it, Sun shining and watching the waves move in an out; such calming a place to be. I hope you can keep those warming images in your mind when in pain.

Yes, Canberra has been cold this last week while you have been in Sydney and the frost has been quite thick in the mornings. Do you have a hot water bottle to hug when you are out in your chair?

Lachie ran his Saturday cross country down at Lake Ginninderra yesterday in the fog...we thought a head-torch might be a good idea next time!

Today was High Noon at the AIS for athletes wanting competition over the Winter. It was quite busy as we had a range Little Athletes, Juniors and Vets together. I was on the LJ pit with the youngest athlete being 11 and the oldest was Rad who is over 80. He is amazing to do the events he does, ran 100m, did HJ, LJ and the shot put. Quite a bit of fun squashed into a 2 hour session.

I hope to hear more news about your application for classification as an AWD, it would be lovely to see you at the track doing shot put for example.

We are watching the soccer and will get up at 4am to see the Socceroos give Germany a run. We are soccer tragics as well athletics nuts.

Take care and stay very wrapped up.

Lv Dianne xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere,

My name is Franchesca. I bought your book 2 days ago and finished it last night. I spent all day today reading your blogs and currently, I am up to date.

You are a really inspirational and special person Dainere - don't let any storm tell you otherwise. I faint at the sight of blood and cry every time I go for a blood test - what you have been through and still manage to smile at is unbelievable. I honestly commend you.

I will keep reading your blogs, support you, and pray for you everyday.

Keep smiling,
Your friend Franchesca <3