Friday, March 5, 2010


5th March 2010

Today I woke up early to get to the Neurophyschology test at 8.30am. When we got there they asked some questions about my medical history and how I am going now and at school, Mum then had to leave and fill in some forms for them and so I could start the testing but trusty old Theodore was there with me. My first test was a drawing one where I had to draw a picture from one that I was shown, then I did another test and they went back to the drawing one and made me draw what I could remember of it. Next I had to listen to a row of words and I had to remember them and say as many as I could remember, this task was pretty difficult for me. I also had to do some mathematics which I think I did okay with. Another test was with blocks where there was a plain white and plain red and then half and half and they showed me a picture and I had to make it just like that. I then read words out loud to them and then I had a spelling test which was quite tricky. I then was given a break to have a drink and rest for half an hour. Then it was back to the serious testing. In this next lot of testing I had to follow steps to complete a task. I also did a test where I was read a story and then I had to retell it the best I could. Up next was I had to look at four boxes and they were all different and there was a question mark on the last one and there were four options underneath and I had to choose which one fitted. The next one was an activity where I had to read a passage and choose a word that fitted best in the gaps. I had to try to retell the story I was told again, this was a test of my memory. To finish off my testing we played a game and it was where the tester came up with a topic and I had to think of as many 's' words as I could but it could not be a name or State. I was so exhausted after the testing and just wanted to go back to Ronald McDonald House and have a rest, but I had a physiotherapy appointment straight afterwards.

At physiotherapy I got to lie down which was great after all my testing and they used the ultrasound machine around my knee and focused on the area I have pain in most often. Then it was taped at the sides and across the kneecap to pull it over. I then had to do some squats making sure that my knees were not heading inwards and that my feet were facing forwards. This was very tiring today because I was already fatigued from my earlier testing. So the physiotherapist decided to end the session, telling us that she would be in contact with my physiotherapist Rhiannon back home to let her know how they treated me while I was here.

We then returned back to Ronald McDonald House where I flopped down, exhausted on the bed and it felt so fantastic. I had a little rest and then Tess arrived, this was exciting because she told me all about my book. I choose what to have on the cover and came up with ideas for the back of the book. I am able to have colour photographs in it also. My book is only about the beginning of my journey, I still have so much more to share and I will hopefully be able to do this in the future. Tess and I are so excited that my book is actually going to be a reality and I think that so many people will want to read my story and will be touched by it and maybe I can make a difference. So many kind and generous people are involved and it shows that in our world some people do really care.

I am now counting the hours until we return home, I have heard that Tinkerbelle has been a little mischievous while I have been away so it sounds like I need to sort her out with lots of cuddles. I am hoping that we have a safe trip home as they are predicting thunderstorms and I don't think flying in a storm would be a smooth ride!

My time here has been so busy, there have been some positives as well as some worries but that is part of what I expect these days. Tomorrow is again a new day and I will embrace it the best way I know how and that is with a smile and a positive attitude.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait untill your book is published, I will defidently buy it !

Anonymous said...

Hello Dainere,
I work for a large company that spent yesterday holding a huge fundraising day to raise money for the Starlight foundation. This is how I have come to learn of your story via your blog. I have just spent my Saturday morning reading all of it from start to finish.
What a truly remarkable young girl you are! Thankyou for sharing this with us. Your courage and your honesty is really beautiful and I've cried and smiled as I read through your blog. Your family must be so proud of you.

Your story is inspirational.
Lots of Love to you from a stranger who has been touched by your journey.