Saturday, March 20, 2010


15th to 20th March 2010

After our wonderful few days in Sydney it was time to come back to reality and to try and get back into the swing of things.

I woke on the Monday morning after a dreadful night sleep because I had a terrible nightmare, it is one that I have had on and off throughout my journey and it really frightens me because it is about me being behind a door watching my Mum and she is crying and walking away and I keep calling for her but she does not hear me and I can not get to her. Also my knee was really swollen that morning, so it was not the perfect start to the day.

Mum had to make an appointment for me to see Australian hearing as before we left for Sydney we received a report from Audiology stating that we needed to make an appointment so they can assist me at school with my hearing because my hearing in my right ear has had another significant deterioration. I could not believe it because I was told that after chemotherapy finished my hearing should stay the same but with my luck it didn't. Anyway, I am unable to see Australian Hearing until 2nd June which seems like an eternity when you have to try to cope at school and society with a hearing impairment.

School was terrific though because in mathematics we learnt all about multiplying fractions and I found it easy, once again Mum wrote out the information on the board about multiplying fractions and then she wrote the questions out and I did all the working out and answers. I did feel a little fatigued though after finishing. We then had science and we watched information on You Tube about the sense of taste and smell. I had trouble hearing the commentary because there was chatter in the classroom and all the speaking was just all mumble for me.

I was extremely excited because after school we were looking at a house that could be right for us but unfortunately it was not the right house for us with all my rehabilitation equipment there was not enough space (we are not looking for anything huge but just enough space for our needs) and one bedroom only had a very small cupboard with just shelving and no hanging space it was really more like a study.

On Tuesday I had a physiotherapy appointment and was really looking forward to that. Rhiannon loosened my muscles which always helps me to be able to do more for a little while. I rode the exercise bike and did a series of exercises for balance and strength. I have to set some little achievable goals for next time that Rhiannon and I can work on. One I have thought of is to be able to turn without off balancing when I do my little bit of walking around the house, another is to try to do one or two steps, also I would like to be able to walk the last 100m in the School Cross Country which is in early May. Mum mentioned how when my knee was taped it gave me more support, but of course it also caused problems because the tape irritated my skin and I could not keep it on very long, so she asked if a brace may be beneficial. So Rhiannon measured me for one and thought that could assist me, hopefully it will come soon and give me the support to be able to do a little more and achieve some of my goals.

On Wednesday Jarrett went off to school camp and I was really upset about him going and we had to be up early to see him off and when we came home to get ready for school I was sick. I think it was because I was upset and a bit tired because I went to bed and had a long sleep and then I felt a little better apart from having a bit of a headache.

I worked on a senses mind map on the five most common senses, I worked really hard on it and part way through I felt totally drained and got upset and then I fell asleep. When I woke up I finished it off because it had to be in on Friday. Some days it is so frustrating that I just can not cope with everyday life and tasks I am set. I also have two more assessments that are due in by the end of Term, one is on an Australian Scientist and the other I have chosen to do on how school can assist people with a disability to feel freedom, inclusion and respect. I have been doing a lot of work on it today but I have had breaks after each hour so I do not overdo it and become too fatigued.

On Friday I went to school and worked with my group on our Habits of the Mind project which I have already finished all my writing part and I worked on putting the book together and decorating it. I think it will look fantastic when it is finished. Then we watched some of the presentations that people had done for our drug assessment and they were really wonderful, we have lots of really talented people in our class. After finishing that we had some time to either finish off our senses mind map or start work on our other assessment pieces. We went to pick Jarrett up from camp and I was so happy to see him again and we gave each other a really long, tight hug. I really missed him while he was away because he is the one who cheers when up.

What an incredible Autumn morning we awoke to today, it was so gorgeous going for a walk while Nalani and Jarrett did their running training. After running training we came home and all worked on our homework, everyone seems to have lots of homework towards the end of Term.

This week I also played Upwords, it is an marvellous way to practise spelling and it is fun as well, I have worked tirelessly on my exercises even though my knee has swelled and has been a bit painful, I bathed Tinkerbelle and blow dried her, I went to running training and Mum and I practised for Cross Country and did my mathletics work. So as you can see I had a really busy week.

Some days this week I have felt really down and I have cried and felt frustrated but always in the back of my mind I remember that to get to my rainbow I have to go through some storms along the way.

Through the clouds of the week there were rays of sunshine with my book, it is all progressing really quickly, and I have a copy to look through and approve. To see all my thoughts, feelings and my journey written as a book gives me the most indescribable feeling you can imagine. This is my vision, my dream and my hope for helping others. I can hardly wait now until it is completely finished and ready to be sold. I hope that many people will decide to buy it, read it and be touched by it in a way that makes them realise how wonderful and precious life is.


Dianne said...

Dear Dainere,

Don't worry too much about your dream, the mind can be very busy when you are asleep, yours is sorting out all the information you have learned about your illness and journey, your experiences and fears and is now taking in more since going back to school. Go to sleep with happy thoughts.

Mum has been your 'rock' - strong and immovable when it comes to making sure you are cared for - then you have your Dad and family to back her up.

Remind yourself each day that you are the same person but with a different set of abilities, also that you are determined to do your best. We all hope to see you walking better when the knee is ready.

I can't wait to see your book, it will be great to proof read it next week.

I saw you getting out of the car into your chair this morning at the AIS - I had to go and pick up some forgotten equipment. I might see you next weekend at Jarrett's AIS session.

Have a great week :)

Lv Dianne xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere,
This is Aimee. One of your classmates that used to go to Holdy Spirit and Burgmann. I'm at Radford now, it's OK, I guess. Pretty good school.
I can't wait till your book gets published! It's gonna be a HUGE success! And I'll make sure I'll be the first one to get a copy!
I'm missing you heaps and I saw you on channel ABC an hour ago. You were excellent, and the more I see you, the more I miss you. My Mum saw you yesterday at Palmerston Medicare Centre!
Anyway, I wish you the best of luck for the future and I can't wait till your book comes out!!
Lots of love,
Aimee :)