Wednesday, March 3, 2010


3rd March 2010

Today was a glorious Autumn day in Sydney and my day started with my hearing test. First my middle ear was checked with a special machine and that was fine in both ears. Then in the next test my left ear passed but my right ear failed, then it was time to put on the headphones and have the hearing test. My left ear has stayed the same with mild hearing loss in my high frequency range, my right ear however has become worse. Audiology want me to have an appointment with hearing Australia to organise an amplifier system for me to use at school. Also to get ear plugs to use when I go somewhere really noisy to block out outside noise. I am glad something can be done for my hearing.

After the hearing test I then had physiotherapy, I had a student and she did a full assessment on my knee. She found out that my hamstrings, calves and ITB's are extremely tight but I already knew that. Then I rode the exercise bike for three minutes and did squats. She then taped my knee but did not use the white sensitive tape, because yesterday it peeled off. Within an hour the tape irritated my skin, it was red and itchy so I had to take it off. Also my knee was very sore and swollen after it.

My Nana and Pop called today and my Pop came up with a great idea about raising money and that was to sell bears, because I love bears and Pop thought that a Rainbow Bear would be a great idea to represent Brain Tumours because of my saying 'you have to go through a storm to get to a rainbow'. That might just be my next art project because you can get calico bears and I could paint them or I might be able to knit a rainbow bear because Mum is teaching me to knit or perhaps I could paint pictures of rainbow bears.

We received a first draft copy of what my book could look like today, I have to think about the title, photographs and how I would like it to look. It is all very exciting and I think my book will be awesome because when I was looking at it, it seems like a book you would pick up and want to read.

Tomorrow I have an Occupational Therapy Review, a visit to our Social Worker Catherine and then see the Neurosurgeon.

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Dianne said...

Dear Dainere,

You are probably back in Canberra tucked up in bed. You have had a mad hectic week from what I read on your Blog entries.

I am so glad that your knee is sorted out, it will be a slow rehabilitation for you so look forward to a day soon when you can walk on it well.

You have been able to bring home some good news for all - your book is emerging into reality, and we all look forward to a launch. I wonder what would be a good venue for a book launch?

Did you have time to miss your little Tinkerbell? I was looking on the RSPCA adopt a cat site and there is a lovely marmalade long hair girl about 1yr old - my boys are cross at me thinking of just getting a moggy but it is a little cat looking for a home and I have a cat looking for a friend - We'll see!

I will see you at the AIS tomorrow - Lachie will run the 800m as he did not train much this week - he got a cold last weekend. Jarrett is resting but Nalani will be running so I'll see her from the triple jump pit. Make sure to rug up as it will be cool.

Lv Dianne xxxx