Saturday, February 23, 2013


16th to 22nd February 2013

"Do something great - never underestimate your potential, most great achievements are based on perseverance.  Believe in yourself and persist, when others give in, keep going and you will have done something great"

It was a quiet weekend spent watching a DVD, The Lion King 2, that I received as a Birthday present and reading a light novel, The Adventures of the Wishing Chair. School can around again, it almost feels as if we never had a holiday break.

In Sports Science we are looking at skills and the stages of development; cognitive which is the beginner stage, associative which is the progressive stage and autonomous which is the elite stage.  We practised some cricket bowling; a fast bowl, leg spin bowl and off spin bowl, those that could not bowl were able to replicate the style by throwing the ball.  Then we practised the skills involved in a tennis serve, I did both these skills from my wheelchair but could not complete all ten trials as it became too painful and tiring for me. 

Macbeth is our main focus in English, we have been learning more about the themes and most important soliloquy's throughout the play.  We have our first assignment to write a feature article for an underground newspaper called 'The Inverness Informer'.  So we have also been learning about newspapers and how they can influence opinion. 

In Maths we have been continuing working on Algebra, our main area of focus has been completing squares, we will then be looking at algebraic fractions.

Whilst I really love school, I am finding it tiring this year, especially as I am coping with increased pain and nausea, but it is so important for me to be there trying my best. 

My physiotherapy appointment brought a sigh of relief for me, Kaitlyn, my pain angel, helps me through the massages and heat that she uses as part of my treatment.  This week she also used the ultrasound on my right foot which is just not comfortable at all. 

I also had an appointment with my paediatrician, he checked me over, asked some questions and wrote a script for my Ondansetron for nausea.  He also mentioned speaking with the pain team about having a butterfly inserted in my arm and having a continuous infusion of pain relief.  My main concern with this is that it may restrict me with some of the activities I love doing, like my throwing, I don't want to have to give up something I love doing.

This week my CNC Nurse Wendy paid a visit to school to go over some of what she told them last year, then told them that some things had changed and I may look a bit different to them this year as well as have more pain, feel quite tired and nauseous.  It is great that she is able to do this sort of thing because it helps the students in my Grade to understand just a little more what I face each day. 

I was not able to compete at Interclub this week, I had been hoping to throw the javelin and shot put but school had taken its toll on me and I just did not have the strength or feel well enough to go.  In some ways I guess it was lucky as our weather turned rather nasty with gusty winds and erratic showers.

Jarrett's hamstring injury is recovering, probably not as quickly as he would like, he hates not been able to run but well according to his physiotherapist.  He is now able to ride the exercise bike or his bike but not up steep hills, but he is not able to do any explosive movements, so that is running and jumping.

Nalani is now back doing her Remedial Massage Therapy, she loves the course so much and is so knowledgeable.  I am lucky that when she is not busy studying, she has gives me massages to assist with my pain relief. 

Next week is the end of February, this year is really flying by, another season will also end and Autumn will begin.  It is one of my favourite seasons, not only is the weather delightful, we get to experience the kaleidoscopic changes of nature. 

Enjoy your week, always believe in yourself, face challenges with a smile and you will shine inside and out.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

Once again an inspiring quote!

Sports Science sounds like a great subject.

Shanae's primary school had a two page newspaper in the local daily paper. The Newcastle Herald runs a competition for primary and secondary schools.

I've never read Macbeth. Have read other plays though.

I was good at arithmetic. Not so good at higher mathematics.

Hoping the butterfly can be used without restricting you.

So good that Wendy was able to visit school. It must help others understand your situation.

Hoping you are able to compete at Interclub this week.

Best wishes to Jarrett for his recovery.

It is great that you get loving massages from Nalani.

Yes, Autumn is a nice time of year. The temperature is usually not too hot or too cold. The colour changes are a delight.

Sending you rainbows.



Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Dainere, oh yes how inspiring that quote is , YOU are a child of the universe , believe in yourself , YOU are as good as anyone else on the planet .

Sometimes its nice to have a quiet weekend isnt it .

Sports science , how interesting is that , wowow , and so interactive too.

Ive not done Macbeth , only Julius Caesar and Romeo and Juliet.

Maths , yes , my favourite subject , i love maths problems .

Of course Dainere , being there is most important for you , and as long as you do your best , you are fullfilling your passion .

WE hope Kaitlyn can fix your foot .

May be they can fix the butterfly so that it does NOT stop you doing the things that are important to you , ask mum to tell them that you really need to be able to do all the things you like and can they fix it up so it does not hinder you .

WE are so glad Wendy was able to give your fellow students an update as to what was happening .

yes the weather has been terrible hasnt it .

WE hope Jarrett continues to make a full recovery , he must be patients like you are . BUT it is so hard .

We send our best wishes to Nalani too.

Yes it has gone so quickly so far hasnt it . and now Autumn is so near , oh the colours of the trees and leaves are just so nice this time of year coming up .

We send you our love and hugs and kisses as always . Hold your head up high and know that your an exceptional young lady , always thinking of others.

lots of love
stuart and meryl