Saturday, February 16, 2013


9th to 15th February 2013

‘Nothing is impossible, you should always seek to do your best, challenge yourself and reach for the stars’ 
My weekend of sport continued with Saturday at the Athletics ACT Track and Field Championships, I was throwing javelin.  Again I was lucky enough to be able to throw from my wheelchair, which is definitely no easy task but when you are determined and really want to do something there is no barrier that will stop you.  I had a couple of fouls but I also had some great throws, in the end I threw a distance of 3.05m which I was so pleased with.  Nalani was there throwing with me and she achieved a splendiferous result, a personal best and came second in her age group.
Poor Jarrett was not able to compete in the 1500m as his hamstring was still sore after pulling up with it seemingly tight after the 800m on Friday night.  He was disappointed but as an elite athlete, he knows better than to run on something that is sore and not feeling right rather than pushing yourself and making any possible injury worse. 
Throwing Shot Put from my wheelchair in the Athletics ACT Championships
On Sunday Nalani and I both threw in the shot put, there were some light showers of rain throughout the competition but nothing too drastic.  Again I was throwing from my wheelchair and was so thrilled when each of my throws went a little bit further than the previous one.  My longest throw being my last one, I threw 1.46m, another result that I was so proud of.  Nalani did well also, although she did not achieve a personal best in this event she did again come second in her age group.
To add to the excitement of the weekend I discovered that I had won two silver medals; one for discus and one for javelin and a gold medal in shot put, those medals mean so much to me-winning is not everything, you can come last but you are still a winner because you have actually tried.  The medals represent having a go and achieving a goal despite setbacks.   I was awarded the medals for the AWD category.  Nalani came second in all her events for her age group and she was presented with three silver medals and Jarrett despite his hamstring injury won a silver medal for his performance in the 800m. 
I felt so very fortunate to have not only my wonderful family there cheering me on throughout the events but also Louise, Monique, Annie and Sarah, who encouraged me so enthusiastically and gave me strength and determination.
Throwing had taken its toll a little on me though, by the end of the weekend I felt exceptionally sore and tight as well as that sickening nausea I have been experiencing lately. 
I cheered up a little though because on Sunday night after all the athletic events were over, we had a belated Birthday dinner and cake.  The cake was so scrumptious; it was a sponge cake with a delicious strawberry cream and jam in the centre, iced with gorgeous pink icing and some strawberries on top.  I want to thank you all for your lovely Birthday wishes; they really meant so much to me.
Jarrett found out on Tuesday after a visit to the physiotherapist that he has a minor tear of his hamstring and he will be out of running for anywhere between three and five weeks.  This is rather tragic for him as he was to compete in the 5000m Championships on 22nd February.  He is working extremely hard on his recovery and following his physiotherapist’s instructions because he wants to heal properly.  I feel disappointed for him, his running means so much to him, I know what it is like not to be able to do what you love.
School has been extra busy also this week, working in Maths on Algebra trinomials, in English continuing with Macbeth and in Sports Science working on fundamental movement skills and stages of learning.   School really does fatigue me and I often come home from a lesson and literally fall asleep as soon as we get in the door.  On some days my pain whilst I am sitting in the classroom is not pleasant but I keep trying to concentrate on the lesson to take my mind off it.  I love school though and it is important for me, to keep going and doing as much as I can.
My physiotherapy appointment this week was like a blessing, especially after the huge weekend of throwing.  Again my special angel Kaitlyn worked to help give me some relief, working gently on my tight and sore spine and then using those marvellous heat packs. 
No athletics this weekend, but both Jarrett and I do have some homework to do.  Next week will be our third week back at school, Nalani is just returning to her studies next week; she had a longer holiday break than we did. 
Wishing you all the most rainbowiffic week, remember that you can achieve anything when you really reach for those stars.



Anonymous said...

HI Dear Wonderful Dainere, oh your words are magic , exactly Dainere , "" nothing is impossible always reach for the stars , and never ever give in .

You have done so amazingly well , two silver and a Gold.Well done to Nalani and sorry about Jarrets injury .

WE can not even imagine how difficult it must be to throw from your wheel chair , it just looks so incredibly hard to do . you bring a tear to my eye MY Friend .

WE can imagine how sore you would have felt , Thank Goodness for Kaitlyn , what a lovely lady .

Oh your cake sounded so scrumptious and yummy i want to go and buy one hahaahah .

School is a good form of therapeutic diversion for you im sure BUT yes you will become very tired especially when you have to spend a full day , some times when i was sick with my tumour Dainere , i just dont know how i managed i was so so tired too , i can relate to how you are feeling . my tiredness used to make me cry , and im an adult male , ( as you know ) hahah. So Meryl and I admire your spirit and you so very much .

Good luck with your homework .

take care and have a nice week .

stuart and meryl

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

Another great quote!

Congratulations to you, Nalani and Jarrett. Best wishes to Jarrett with his injury.

Your birthday cake sounds lovely!

You certainly have had a full week, no wonder you are tired.

Pain can cause nausea. It is great that Kaitlyn and the heat packs give you so much comfort.

Have a splendiferous rainbowiffic week.