Friday, January 4, 2013


29th December 2012 to 4th January 2013

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year, may 2013 be a year that is filled with many precious memories, good health, happiness and achieving goals.

My 2012 ended by spending time with my Nana and Pop, they are now back home, but the time we were able to spend with them was precious and special. 

Just like many places in Australia, the temperature in Canberra has risen to be extremely hot, today was a sweltering 36.8 degrees and it is predicted to be even hotter tomorrow and the high temperatures look like continuing until the end of next week. 

I have found that hot weather can be just as harsh as the cold for me.  Particularly yesterday, I was exceptionally sore, unable to move without pain, it was just dreadful and a little frightening.  Because I was so sore and then felt terribly ill I was not able to throw at Interclub, so I was so very disappointed. 

Nalani was able to throw last night, she did Javelin and Shotput, in Javelin she threw 15.40m and in Shotput she got 6.01m which were both personal bests this season for her.  She throws a 600g javelin and a 4kg shotput, which are much heavier than what I throw. 

Jarrett is running this coming week, he is competing in the Mile Championships. I am hoping I will be well enough to throw also as well as cheering Jarrett on.

Today I am not quite as bad but the pain and nausea is still making me ill, so this Blog is not very long.

Apart from having time with my Nana and Pop and not feeling well, we have been looking after a gorgeous little puppy, her name is Lily and she is a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, she has been so cute and playful and brought so much joy into our days. She went back home to her owners today and we were all just a little sad to see her go. Even Tinkerbelle had become fond of her, they often played together and Tinkerbelle watched over her like a Mum would. 

It was a relief for me on Wednesday to have physiotherapy with Kaitlyn, she worked on my neck and spine doing gentle releasing, it felt wonderful and then those terrific heat packs at the end.

Have a splendiferous week, keep cool and keep smiling.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere
Happy New Year to you & your family. Thanks for keeping me updated with your blog whilst you are in pain & very tired. I cannot imagine what it must be like but your spirit & strength shine on us & you always makes me smile. I'm glad that Nan & Pop were there, Lily too. It makes for special times.

Busy clean out period in our household, the dog loves us being at home all the time as do we. Please rest, I PRAY your pain eases a little at times, you a truly inspiring Dainere!

LOIve to you & your family,
Fran xoxo

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere
Spending time with you and all the family is always so special to us. We had a wonderful time with all of you.

We are so sorry to hear you are in so much pain. We hope you have some relief very soon.

Hopefully the hot weather you are having doesn't affect you too much.

We picked Chifley up this morning and he was so excited to see us. The first thing he did when we got home was inspect all his bedding and toys, then looked for his favourite food - his pigs ear to chew.

It is very hot and humid here and cloudy, but still no rain.

Take care and rest up.

All our love
Nan and Pop xxx ooo

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere, Wishing you and the family a very happy new year for 2013.

So glad you spent some quality time with nana and pop.

You take care in this heat precious friend , its so easy to dehydrate .

Yes i can associate with harshness of this heat , i can remember my time in your condition , even now i just can not take the heat , i think once the brain has been tampered with its never the same.I was in Royal Prince Alfred in 1981 in the old Neuro block and the heat was unbearable on those plastic lined beds . oh how terrible

We are so very sorry you are experiencing this added pain .

Well done Nalani and best of luck to Jarrett.

Little dogs are so therapeutic i think , so glad you got enjoyment from having Lily with you.

You stay safe and look after yourself .

Lots of love, hugs an kisses .

stuart and meryl

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

Happy New Year to you and your family.

My Pa used to live with us so I can appreciate the specialness of a grandparent.

I hope you can compete at Interclub next time. Extreme weather is not good for anyone. Well done to Nalani and all the best to Jarrett.

It was good that Tinkerbelle and Lily got on well together.

Hoping you are beginning to feel better and keeping cool.



Gloria said...

Hi Dainere,

It has been hot hasn't it. I don't think that any of us cope very well in this extreme weather. Let's hope it doesn't carry on for too long.

I'm so pleased that you are enjoying the "dog-sitting". Rosy is also enjoying her "dog-sitting" with Layla, so we have had her visit us a few times and it has been lots of fun.

I hope the pain settles down soon and that you are able to be comfortable enough to get some rest.

Please pass on our love to all of the family. We will pop around soon to see you.


Gloria and Tass

Greg Jericho said...

Happy New Year Dainere.

Hope your pain gets better - even while the temperature stays as hot as it is here in Canberra.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere
Great to hear your news. Stay cool. Have you plans for any more books? Theodore was a great kids book and we use it in the ACT brain tumour network quite a bit. Thanks for your generosity. Good luck to Jarrett and Nalani and you for your coming sporting commitments. Rose is training for her winter umpiring commitments. Intervals and hills. I am swimming at Dickson - not too far - followed by coffee most mornings. Danny runs in the heat of the day from work.
Love to Steve and Yvonne.