Friday, January 18, 2013


12th to 18th January 2013

Today marks ten years since the horrendous bush fires that engulfed Canberra.  On January 18th 2003, the Canberra community was devastated by bush fires. Four people died, a total of 470 homes were destroyed, and 2000 businesses, homes and vehicles were damaged. As the fires roared through the suburbs many people described it like a flow of lava coming down their street.

The Canberra bush fires were the second most expensive bush fires in Australian history, second only to the Ash Wednesday bush fires.
Lightning strikes ignited 160 separate fires, which burned for ten days in the adjoining Kosciusko National Park, before advancing into Canberra suburbs. Severe drought conditions, low relative humidity and high temperatures that endured and winds of more than 200kpm led to the severe firestorms.

Now there are many bush fires burning all around Australia in high temperatures and winds, again fire has caused so much devastation to our beautiful Country. 

Today in Canberra it has been extremely hot and windy, we have sweltered with the temperature hitting 40.2 degrees just after 3pm.  When you go outside the air virtually takes away your breath, it is just so appalling.

My week has been quiet, mostly due to the dreadful weather conditions we have been experiencing, you just can not do anything, especially outdoors. 

I have been reading The Secret Seven Books by Enid Blyton, I am really enjoying them, they are not only interesting, they provide a little mystery and are hard to put down. 

I had my usual physiotherapy appointment with Kaitlyn who worked on my legs, scapula and neck. Thank goodness physiotherapy has airconditioning because then I could have those wonderful heat packs on.  It has been difficult to use them at home with the heat, so that is a form of pain relief that is not available to me at present.  I always look forward to my appointments with Kaitlyn, she does so much to try to help me, she is pretty extraordinary. 

This week I have been bothered by terrible headaches which come and go continually throughout the day.  My pain killers are not doing anything to assist them, however, physiotherapy on my neck, cool washes and massages are helping me get through them. 

My other problem this week has been with nausea, fortunately I have Ondansetron which seems to give me just enough relief to stop me from vomiting.

I also had a visit with my GP, who is very special to me, we have been going to him since before I was born.  I had to get some scripts for medication and he also checked my heart and lungs, which I am pleased to say are all okay. 

Tomorrow is a very special day, it is Nalani's 19th Birthday, I hope that the weather cools down for her special day.  I have made her something special but won't tell you as she may read this and then it would spoil the surprise.

It is now less than three weeks until school goes back, the school holidays have really flown by and with the weather been so disgustingly hot, we really have not been able to do much.  Maybe the weather will improve in the next two weeks and we can get outdoors to enjoy ourselves, I have been hoping to go to the zoo to visit the animals again.

I have been thinking about fundraising ideas for 2013, and I have not been able to think of any wonderful ideas yet.  I am really hoping that some of you may be able to come up with some unique and terrific ideas.  It is important for me to continue to raise awareness and funds for brain tumours.

Try to stay cool and keep safe.


Anonymous said...

HI Dear Dear Dainere,

Yes 10 years , hasnt time gone by so quickly , all bush fires are tragic , but was exceptional and will leave a mark in the history books for ever .

I feel so sorry for the people and communities that are devastated by these fires , and all the loss of animal life and tragically human life .

We had 45 degrees here in the shade Dainere , i'd hate to think of the direct sun temps !!!

Oh yes its much to hot to be doing anything outdoors , indoors is hard enough .

I also went to see Clair this week withy my knees and she gave me more excersises to do , and i am taking a leaf from your book and doing them diligantly.

We are so so sorry to hear about these headaches and nausea I KNOW how terrible it is .

When it happened to me , and it did on many occasions , i couldnt stop , we always had to call the doctor to come to the house to give me stematol injections it was terrible , my stomach used to continually ache . God Bless you , you are a real trooper .

That is so good seeing your GP , its strange actually , Meryl was making an appt to see her doctor this week and the receptionist , just happened to say that she bumped in to my old gp who is retired now and she asked how i was , it was my g p 31 years ago who discvered my tumour . CT scans had just been invented , no mris etc .

OH very many happy returns to Nalani , we hope she has a magical day .

Wow how quick has the holiday gone i can not believe it. Enjoy every minute of whats left .

WE will see you on Friday and may be put our heads together about your fundraisng wishes for 2013 .

lots of love and hugs and kisses stay cool as you can

stuart and meryl

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

Where does the time go?

The fires are devastating.

We had a record high temperature for Newcastle. It was 43 in the shade and the thermometer stopped recording at 50 when I placed it outside.

Today is like winter in comparison to yesterday.

The Secret Seven Books sound interesting. Not sure if I ever read them. It is good when you find a book you just want to keep reading.

Hoping your headaches abate.

Happy birthday to Nalani.

The hot weather can't last until school returns, can it? A visit to the zoo would be nice. How do the animals cope? I noticed that the spiders had all come out of their hiding places in the heat of yesterday. The lizards were active, possibly seeking moisture. They like the cool of the pot plants. I can't recall seeing any birds. Perhaps they were keeping cool in the trees.

No doubt you will come up with an amazing fundraising idea. You have a lot of people who will support you.

Praying for a cool change.



Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere,

Wow, only 10 years ago my Dad was standing on the roof of our house with the hose. Bushfires are terrible but at least we have the wonderful RFS doing their very best.

Happy Birthday Nalani, Dad's birthday was yesterday also.

For a fundrainsing idea, seeing as I know how much you like athletics, maybe you could organise an athletics day at AIS (possibly at a high noon meet) where people pay for entry with all funds to brain tumour fund?

If you are enjoying the secret seven, try famous five and also the mystery series, they are also by Enid Blyton and they both involve a mystery element.

I hope that your pain is releived and that this awful heat calms down, nobody enjoys it.

Only 2 weeks until school starts, wow, where have the holidays gone? I am starting high school this year, will be a massive change but as long as you continue to inspire me I know that I will be able to cope.

I hope that you can visit the zoo soon, that will be great.

Stay cool in this appaling heat and keep hydrated,


Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere,

It is still so hot but hope it will cool down for you soon so you can get outside and go to the Zoo again.

I am late in wishing Nalani a Happy Birthday but hope it was a good one and she enjoyed your special gift. I always think that a gift that someone has made is so special. It was my dad's 91 st birthday on Sunday so we drove over to Culburra Beach (near Nowra) to have lunch with him.

I am willing to help with any fundraising you come up with, not good with unique ideas though, sorry.

Looking forward to your next blog as always.