Saturday, October 20, 2012


13th to 19th October 2012

Term four has commenced and as predicted it is immensely busy! 

On my first day back to School I was given an assignment, over the following days, three more assignments were handed out.  As we have exams at the end of November we have to have all our term work completed prior to that.  We also need to have time to study as these exams cover the work from both Term 3 and Term 4. 

In PDH/PE we are learning about drugs and the effects they have on people and society, we watched a Sixty Minutes interview about alcohol and energy drinks, alcohol is a depressant and energy drinks are a stimulant and when they are mixed they can be a deadly cocktail.  A sixteen year old girl died from having only three of them, another girl had to be resuscitated and a young boy was bashed by a person who had drunk them, the boy who was bashed died and he had not been drinking.  The scary thing in the interview was that even though the people were aware of what the drinks could do to them, they still wanted to keep drinking them because it helped them to stay awake and keep partying. They all had the motto of YOLO (You only live once), yes we only live once but we should make the most of our lives not destroying them with these dangerous drinks. 

In Maths we are doing Consumer Maths, I am absolutely loving this unit, we are doing work on cost price and selling price, mark ups and discounts, it is so easy to understand and is something that is related to everyday life. 

Peer Coaching sessions are continuing in Sports Science and then we have to write a lesson plan for the younger children on how to strike a ball.  We will have to write this differently to how we did the one to coach the students in our own grade. 

For English we have had to write an essay on A Bridge to Wiseman's Cove, as part of this we have also learnt how to write a successful essay.  It is important to have a thesis statement, strong introduction, clear and concise body and a conclusion.  We also have to work on a speech which is part of our assessment, it is also based on A Bridge to Wiseman's Cove. 

This week I have also had my usual and relieving physiotherapy appointment with Kaitlyn, this week she worked on releasing my spine as it had been so dreadfully painful and I felt crooked.  She also did some work on my neck which I had been having problems with bending and turning.  Finally I had those absolutely delightful heat packs on, I had three of them, one on my upper spine, one on my lower spine and one on my calves, I was in heaven, I think I have said before, I just wish I could have heat packs on me all day.

On Friday afternoon, on a perfect Spring day, I threw at Interclub at the AIS, although I was exhausted from my arduous week at school, I wanted to throw, discus was first, it has always been my strongest event. Although a bit weak and wobbly, I managed to throw 4.95m, not a personal best but I  was immensely pleased with my effort.  Then it was time for shot put, my busy week was beginning to take its toll on me and when I had one of my throws, I almost went with the shot put.  In the end I threw 1.92m, definitely not my best and worse than last Interclub, I was a little disappointed but never mind, there is always next time. 

Nalani also threw, with her knee still healing, she can not do her usual spinning technique, so this disadvantages her.  However she managed to throw a 2cm personal best in shot put from the last Interclub and her third discus throw was terrific, it is great to have her throwing with me and to be able to see how well she does.

Jarrett ran in the 1500m, he ran an amazing race in a time of 4:20:51, which was exactly what he was aiming for at this stage of the season, it was a three second personal best from his last run earlier in the year.  I was at shot put when he was running but still cheered him on as he ran so speedily, I truly admire him.

I think that by the end of this term I am going to be totally and utterly exhausted but I will feel so proud of what I have achieved, finishing Year 9 despite my diagnosis of incurable tumours on my spine,  pain and other obstacles that I have had to face this year. 

No matter how difficult things may seem at times, I truly believe that if you have a positive attitude, courage and determination then you can achieve the most amazing things in your life and in turn you may inspire others whose path you cross.

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