Saturday, September 29, 2012


22nd to 28th September 2012

Waking this morning the temperature was a mild 18 degrees, then, the winds picked up speed, grey clouds swept angrily across the sky, thunder rumbled like a hungry stomach and flashes of lightening flashed.  Not long after heavy drops of rain began falling and it rained for the rest of the day as the temperature dramatically dropped.  What a way to finish Term Three off at School, hopefully we will see an improvement for the two weeks of School Holidays.
Following my efforts in the Athletics Carnival, I spent last weekend feeling just so totally exhausted and in terrible pain, pushing myself had taken its toll but to just be part of such a special day made up for it. 

My last week of School was enjoyable and also a relief as it has just been one of the most hectic terms ever.  In English we are working on ‘A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove’ talking about themes and their importance to the characters in the novel.  In Maths we finished off our unit on Statistical Data and in Sports Science we continued with peer coaching sessions. I think next Term will be extraordinarily busy also as it is a short term and we also have exams and many end of year celebrations.

I had physiotherapy again this week, it is always something that I look forward to, Kaitlyn worked on my spine, doing releasing, then I had ultrasound on it followed by heat packs.  Physiotherapy is so important to me because it assists with my pain relief and I am fortunate to have Kaitlyn looking after me.
This week I also had an appointment with my Paediatrician, he monitors my progress and decides on increases in my pain medication.  This time he also decided to do some blood tests, to check several things.  He did the reflex testing on me, I have no response in my ankles which have been that way for a while now, but my knees are still responding.  My Paediatrician is a very caring doctor and I know that I am in good hands.
The football Grand Finals are this weekend, my team, the Tigers are not in the main game but are playing the Raiders in the lower grade. Perhaps next year the Tigers will find their fighting spirit and make it to the Grand Final.
'Life does not always take us on the path that we would like it to, but we should never give up, we should hold our head high, dare to dream big and go down that path searching for our rainbow'.


Anonymous said...

Hi dear dear Dainere, yes funny weather , we are having very strong winds in Cooma and its bitterley cold today . And last night pourd with rain.

You did very well at the athletics , but yes you tired your self out , ah well you have a coiple of weeks to recharge the batteries.

School does seem to get busier as the months go on , still its the last term bfore christmas .

We hope you get good results from the blood tests.

YES thats so true , Never ever give in, and alwyas hold your head up high.

have Good week .God Bless You

lots of love and hugs and kisses
stuart and meryl

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere

You sound so tired, I'm glad it's the holidays & you can rest. School is exhausting with all the different subjects so I hope the holidays serve you well.

The Swans just won the Grand Final & we are hoping the Bulldogs win tomorrow rather than Melbourne. The school where I work is predominantly Doggies supporters so they will be mega excited. We have already been on holidays for one week & return 8th Oct so I can hear about the GF upon my return to work. (Or not if they lose!!)

I am coming to Canberra for Floriade as I have always wanted to visit there. My husband & sons said 'No thanks' so I am going with my sister & niece. We are only there for one night so I hope Canberra puts on some warm weather for us.

We visited Animal Welfare League where there was a gorgeous puppy that the boys wanted however my husband & I could not be convinced to have 2 dogs. We have Coco, he's very special & we just could not commit to 2 dogs, much to the boys disappointment. The puppy has since been adopted out so we trust she's in a loving family.

I pray you are not in dreadful pain all the time & have periods of relief. I hope my prayers make a difference to you.

Take care, REST, love always,
Fran xoxo