Friday, September 7, 2012


1st to 7th September 2012

Spring has arrived  it is a time full of blossoming flowers and the brilliance of life, people seem to come out of hibernation with smiles on their faces as they enjoy the beautiful crystal clear blue skies and warmer weather. 

The second day of Spring marked a very special day Father's Day,  this special day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society.  I made a very unique gift for my Dad, I got two handkerchiefs, a white one and a blue one and I carefully and lovingly embroidered the word 'DAD' on each of them and then I made a card to go with them.  Dad really loved my gift and card.  We spoilt him with breakfast in bed and then a very delicious chocolate mud cake with the word 'DAD' in white icing on it for morning tea. 

On Sunday, because it was a magnificent Spring day, I went to the High Noon Athletics Meeting at the AIS.  I decided to only throw in one event because I had been experiencing some increased pain in my spine.  The event I chose to throw in was shot put, the other event I could have done was javelin but I did not feel up to doing that.  I had my three throws, my best was 2.00m and although I did not get a Personal Best, I was just so pleased that I was able to compete and enjoy myself.  I have been so inspired by our paralympians who just have the most incredibly positive attitude about their sport despite their disabilities and they strive to do their best. 

My week at school this week has been hectic, we have many assessment tasks due in and are learning new work also.  In Maths we are now working on Statistical Data, this area of study is extremely interesting and I find it quite easy.  In English we have begun work on our novel 'A Bridge to Wiseman's Cove", it is set in a realistic setting with realistic characters, for a school novel it is not too bad to have to read. We have looked at the area of transformations in people's lives because this is a main theme of the novel.  My Romeo and Juliet assessment task is due in on Monday and I have been working tirelessly on it as I really want it to be the very best I can make it.  In Sports Science we are now working on peer coaching, I am looking forward to presenting mine.  I am also still working on my Officiating online course which I will have completed by the end of the Term.

I had physiotherapy on Tuesday, I had so been looking forward to it because with been in Adelaide I had missed a week of it and I was sore and tight.  Kaitlyn did releasing of my spine, used the ultrasound and heat to help me.  Sometimes I think I need a whole day at physiotherapy to be able to help all the areas of my body that are tight or sore.  I always do my physiotherapy home care exercises because they are important to do.

This week I also had a visit from Wendy, my CNC nurse from Sydney, when she visits Canberra she comes to see how I am doing and to see if there is anything she can do to help. 

Our gorgeous Spring weather has disappeared and it feels like Winter again here in Canberra, we have had fierce, gusty winds, rain and thick clouds covering our skies for the past few days.  All the blossoms that had begun to delightfully cover the trees are now being torn and blown recklessly on the ground.

With all my 'Theodore and Friends - Theodore is left out' books sold, I will have to think of another fund raising idea to help raise those desperately needed funds for The Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation Brain Tumour Fund for their research program.  The only way they can work towards finding a cure in the future or at least some better outcomes for children with brain tumours is through the support of the community.  So many people have been so generous towards this fund but so much more support is needed, I am only one little voice and I try to do as much as I can, I only hope that what I am doing can make a difference. 

Well, my West Tigers did not make the finals in the football, I was very disappointed, now they will have to look towards next year.  However I did end up winning the footy tipping competition against my Nana and Pop, I won by three points to Pop and Nana came in last.  Both their teams are in the finals, Pop supports the Raiders and Nana the Cowboys. 

When I think of Spring I believe that it can be likened to hope because God created both.  May you enjoy your Spring and may it be filled with hope and new beginnings.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere

Go the Cowboys!!! Pop says Go the Raiders. Sorry your team did not make it this time but we are sure they will get there next time.

You have been a real busy bee this week. Sounds like Canberra welcomed the spring with some really beautiful weather, only to turn cold again.

We had a couple of beautiful days here in the mid to high twenties. Tomorrow is to be cooler. Finally tonight we got a small shower of rain, the first for over a month.

Anyway, you take care, and congratultions once again for winning the footy tips. Your parcel will be on the way shortly.

Love as always
Nan and pop xxxx oooo

Anonymous said...

Dear Dear Dainere Oh yes isnt it a magnificent time of the year. i wish it was spring all year hahaah.

Wow lucky dad good on you Stephen, well deserved. We are sure the breaky in bed was superb.

We are so so glad that you went to High noon and managed to throw in the shot put, we think 2 meters is fantastic Dainere , it is a huge distance when you think of the realy big and muscular athletes at the paralympics , WELL DONE.

So much going on at school , but we know you love it and you excell at everything you do .

AH yes i know exactly what you mean , after meryl and i had our car accident in the uk and we left hospital in the uk , the hospital said you must go home business clas and we still ended up stiff and tight , and we went to physio for over a year and to start with I just wanted to be permanently on the physio table .

How nice of Wendy to call in and see you and offer help, a true nurse .

We too have had lovely spring weather Dainere , but then wowo the winds blew and oh it was terrible , now is nice and sunny again.

Dainere , you brought tears to my eye reading the paragraph about the books being sold , and ""I am only one little voice and i try to do as much as i can, i only hope that what i am doing can make a difference "" and do you know what Dainere I am glad you made me cry , because it made me again realise how lucky i was with my 3 brain tumours ,oh you are making an enormous difference Dainere and you can rest assured that your money raised will definateky help rid the world of this insidious disease, you are to be commended . Remember you may be a little voice , but Big oaks from little acorns grow .

Many congratulations on winning the tipping comp.

Lots of love and hugs and kisses
stay safe take care .

lots of love
stuart and meryl

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

You are much more than 'one little voice'! You have done so much to inform the public about childhood brain tumour.

The Paralympians have been so inspiring. Smiles all around. I was moved by the sight of the Australian Gliders Basketball team being hugged by the coach of the German team. There is competition but also appreciation of the effort of others.

Shame about the Tigers!

They did better than the Knights.

Good to see you were able to compete in the shot put.

Sunny here but a cool breeze.

Kind regards,


Anonymous said...

Dare I say "go raiders" :-)

The spring weather is beautiful, well done on selling all your books.

Your voice will live forever in your books, a huge achievement and so inspirational.

I hope your dad is getting better

Take care xxx Monica