Saturday, May 19, 2012


12th to 18th May 2012

Crispy, white frosts are covering our yards first thing in the morning but once the sun has risen high in the crystal blue Autumn sky, a smile engulfs my face and my heart is filled with joy, I greet each and every day with a positive attitude and wanting to make the most of every minute of it.

Last weekend was Mothers Day, we celebrated quietly with Mum by spoiling her and making her feel special.  I made her a unique vase which I bought but then decorated with gems that were flowers and butterflies, then I put some of our fragrant roses from our own garden in it. 

This week at school was NAPLAN which most students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 participate in on the same days using national tests in Reading, Writing, Language Conventions which is spelling, grammar and punctuation and Numeracy.  I had an exemption from doing it due to my illness, so I was able to rest during the testing ready for other classes.

In Sports Science this week we watched a DVD called All About Muscles because that is what we are learning about.  We then had to use plasticine to make a model of the circulatory system, the respiratory system and muscular system.  In Maths we have moved on from Area, Volume and Capacity to learning about Congruent Triangles and in English we are finishing off work on The Truman Show ready to write a persuasive essay on it about Choice and Sacrifice. 

I again had my regular physiotherapy appointment with Kaitlyn who released my spine and worked on my ankles which had been painful.  Then I had heat on my spine which always feels so wonderful and gives me some relief from my pain.  

Tom, my Occupational Therapist also paid me a visit this week, the machine that can speed up my wheelchair is in Sydney been fixed but he promised me as soon as it is back, he will speed my wheelchair up for me so it will go Mum speed rather than Granny speed.  He talked to me about conserving energy, things to help when I have problems with my hands and legs shaking like bulking up my pencils and eating utensils.  He has so much knowledge and no question I ask him is too difficult to answer.  I am extremely lucky to have people assisting me like Tom and Kaitlyn without them I would not be able to manage each day.

In the footy tipping Nana has flown ahead, then Pop and I am last but only by one point, the teams have been so unpredictable this year and picking technically does not seem to be working this year. With State of Origin on Wednesday there could be some upset results with many quality players out of several teams.

Nalani and Jarrett are running on the Weekend in The Half Marathon Eve 5km Fun Run, they are both hoping to do well and I will be there cheering them on.  I am hoping that the glorious weather we have had will continue as an afternoon in the sunshine absorbing vitamin D will be good medicine for me. 

On Sunday I am hoping to compete in another High Noon Competition, there is only shot put this week as they are doing repairs to the infield so Javelin can not be held.  I don't mind though because one event is probably just right for me at present. 

My thoughts go out this week to Lachie, he is a friend of ours and last weekend when practising for pole vault, he had a nasty accident landing on his head, it must have been so dreadfully frightening for him.  He did some damage to the front lobe of his brain but fortunately it will heal, but it does mean that he is not able to compete for a little while which is very disappointing for him.  I think though that he will have the determination and courage to make a triumphant comeback when he is able to return to his sport.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Dainere, well its not quite crispy frosty mornings in Padstow yet , but getting closer now .

Oh wow we are sure mum loves her vase with your exceptional handy work on it .

Meryl and I wondered if you would have to sit the NAPLAN test , you have answered or thoughts.

Wow , sports science and science in general is so interesting in schol now , when i was in school , if we had a film to watch , it was awesome , and very very rare.

We hope that Nalani and Jarrett both do very well indeed in the half marathon , im sure they will eat it for lunch . hahahah

WE will be thinking of your friend Lachie, and hope that he makes a full and spedy rcovery .

Well my friend , take care in these cold days , keep warm .

lots of love , hugs and kisses. see you soon .

love stuart and meryl

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere,
This little quote was just sent to me and it made me think of you so I wanted to share it with you.
Candles in the Wind
Children with cancer are like candles in the wind who accept the possibility that they are in danger of being extinguished by a gust of wind from nowhere, and yet, as they flicker and dance to remain alive, their brilliance challenges the darkness and dazzles those of us who watch their light.
Author Unknown

I hope you like it. Good luck with the footy tippping!
With love from Carole, Heather's mum.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere,
I love this kind of weather - especially the glorious, sunshiny days. I don't even mind the chilly starts as I love walking when I'm all wrapped up in a coat, scarf and gloves. It's also a really good excuse to drink lots of tea!
I'm glad you got to,have a bit of a breather during NAPLAN this week.
Hope you had fun at High Noon - I know that you'll have given it your best.
Tom is right when he talks about preserving energy - there are so many clever things out there that can help you get through the day and be ready to enjoy the next one. I hope your pain is also a bit more under control.
Keep warm - I love my hot water bottle -mmmm -and so does Ollie!

Peter Mc said...

Hi Dainere,
I was introduced to your blog by Carol Duncan from ABC radio & I must tell you I really like your weekly format of keeping us up to date with your activities.

Of particular interest to me is what you have been up to at school & I have to sit back and think "can I remember how to do that?" (my 50th birthday was many moons ago!).

Thank you for your blogging - AND for keeping my grey matter moving!

Kind Regards
Peter Mc - Sydney.