Friday, May 4, 2012


28th April to 4th May 2012

With temperatures plummeting down to an icy zero degrees in Canberra and in my new Senior School Winter uniform I returned to School this week for Term 2.  It will be a busy Term as we only have nine weeks and have to also fit in NAPLAN and Semester Exams.  In Mathematics we are working on area, surface area and volume, in English we are watching and doing a critical analysis on 'The Truman Show' and in Sports Science we are continuing to do work on the body systems, moving on from the Skeletal and Muscular Systems to the Circulatory and Respiratory systems.  This Term I am also going to take on doing PDH, just to add a little extra variety to my days.

I got to use my electric wheelchair, it gives me independence, but I think it needs some speeding up because even Mum's power walking pace that I used to experience when she pushed me in the manual wheelchair is so much quicker!

Before returning to School though I had a very special weekend, not only did I get to watch Jarrett race in a 3.1km Cross Country Race, he ran with determination and watching him run, was almost like seeing a leopard running after its prey, his style is so sleek and smooth, and I was even more excited and proud because he won by over a minute.  Nalani was still recovering from a minor foot injury so she was unable to run which was disappointing for her.  I also got to spend some special time with my guardian angel physiotherapist, Rhiannon.  It was splendiferous to see her smiling face again, to hear all her news and see how happy she is.

On Tuesday I got to see Kaitlyn my other wonderful physiotherapist, she did a release on my spine as it was twisted to the right and left again, she also did some work on my neck which has been hurting me to turn and bend.  After the release I was lucky enough to have lovely warm heat packs placed on my back for ten minutes, they feel so good and give me relief. 

I had an appointment on Thursday with my Oncologist, it was an early morning appointment, so I had to wake up early.  My Oncologist has increased my pain medication to try to assist with some nerve pain that I have been experiencing.  It is a strange type of pain, I getting a dreadful stinging sensation followed by pain.  I also get shaking of my hands and legs, it just comes on randomly, it is rather frustrating when it happens as I never know when it will happen.  Holding a cup, using a pen or even typing becomes difficult, however I always find a new way of doing things, that is what you have to do when faced with a new challenge, you have to rise above it, climb that mountain, jump that hurdle and move ahead. 

I watched the Tigers play the Eels last weekend and I was on the edge of my seat and biting my fingernails towards the end of the match, those Eels came back, when it looked like that the Tigers had the game easily won.  That field goal that Benji Marshall kicked in the first half is what won it for them.  In footy tipping I am equal first with Pop now on 35 and Nana is now on 34.

On Monday it is Dad's Birthday, so I have been working on something special for him, I have made him a unique card especially from me and a coaster done with decoupage that he can put his mug at work on instead of leaving cup marks on his desk. 

Tomorrow both Nalani and Jarrett are racing in a 5km Cross Country Race, I know that they will both do their best and I am looking forward to being there cheering them on.  Then on Sunday it is the first High Noon Meet and I am determined to compete in shot put and discus.  It is also World Athletics Day that day, celebrating one hundred years of athletics. 

As the colder weather approaches may you all keep warm and healthy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Dear Dainere, yes you have had colder weather , wow yes a busy 9 weeks for you.

hahahah , i love the speeding up comment , NO speeding tickets now ok .

Congratulations to Jarrett, he is so fast . sorry to hear of Nalani's injury.

Oh so glad you caught up with Rhiannon , and that she is happy and doing well.

Sorry to hear about the new hurdles with the shaking issue you have . WE are sure you will climb that mountain. never say never .

Well done in the footy tipping , you are so good at it , i dont even know the team names hahaha.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DAD please say hello to him from us .we are sure he will love his present .

Hope Nalani and Jarret did well in the 5km cross country race today , and BEST WISHES to you for the HIGH NOON MEET.

Well thats about all from us ,

Have a good week , take your time , and most of take care .

Lots of love , hugs and kisses

stuart and meryl

Anonymous said...

Dearest Dainere,

We have been away for a couple of weeks so I have only just caught up on your blog.

I cried when I read your comments about the gold medal in your second-last blog entry. I am so happy that it means so much to you. That medal represents the feelings of all of us who have been privileged to travel your journey with you. Despite your feeling that you are no-one special, we can all see that you are indeed a special girl and that you have taught us all, young and old alike, the true meanings of courage and optimism.

I'm glad that you are now using your electric wheelchair for school. I do hope that your speed-limiter has been adjusted for a better speed - that way, you and Mum can have some proper races to school and back!

Hope you have a great week at school,

Lots of love and big hugs as always,

Anna xoxoxoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,
Well I'm back from England and finally able to catch up on all your news.
Your electric wheelchair sounds like it will really help with fatigue - hopefully you can get it the speed thing sorted out and then you might be as fast as a cheeteh like Jarrett!
Its great that get such relief from the physio treatment - it must be something you really look forward to each week. I know whenever I go to the physio for a dodgy shoulder the relief I get is almost unbelievable and I wish I could have them on tap every day!!
You mentioned that you were going to take PDH at school - whats that?
My poor Ollie has got himself in a bit of a fight and my youngest daughter and I had to clean up his wounds today. He was very brave and seemed to know that we were trying to help him even though I'm sure it hurt. No doubt with these cooler nights he'll be trying to get UNDER the doona, not just on top.
My hope is that the new pain medication helps - it would be nice wouldn't it, if you didn't have to climb mountains every day.
Good luck for the High Noon competion and I hope your Dad has a happy day on Monday.
Keep warm,
Catherine and Ollie the cat.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,
I was having a difficult week and wondering how I was going to get through it. Then I stumbled across this blog and read and read and read for several hours.
You wrote, “I always find a new way of doing things, that is what you have to do when faced with a new challenge, you have to rise above it, climb that mountain, jump that hurdle and move ahead.”
You are an inspiring person and by sharing your journey you are doing a generous, selfless thing. You have helped me and I know you will touch the lives of many, many people.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

My gorgeous Dainere!! It was amazing catching up with you and your parents last weekend! I miss your smiling face and glad I had the chance to see it again. Hugs, Rhi xx

Greg Jericho said...

I love reading your blog, Dainere. It is inspiring and truly splendiferous .

Dianne said...

Dear Dainere,
How are you going? It was great to see you standing in the discus cage last Sunday at High Noon and throw your discus. I missed seeing the shot put you did.
I hope Jarrett and Nalani ran well and are okay; Lachie ran the Dara cross country today and while he took it a bit easy he ended up with the rotten blisters again - like he had at the Sydney Nationals in March...have to get his feet to toughen up.
The last few days have been really quite lovely - warm and sunny, I hope you have been feeling well and warmed by the sun.
Take care
Lv Dianne