Friday, June 17, 2011


11th to 17th June 2011

We were extremely lucky to have a long weekend to celebrate the Queens Birthday, our weather improved and we were treated to some sunshine on Saturday which was fortunate because Jarrett was running in a Cross Country Point Score Event, it was a 3km one on a very hilly, gravel course.  It was his first race since his asthma attack and I knew that he was fairly anxious before the start.  He had a terrific start and led the field  through the croaked eucalyptus trees, up the first hill and out of sight.  A smile formed on my face when we spotted him coming back, running strongly to win by over one minute.  In fact it was hard to say who had the largest smile, me because I was so happy he had not had any problems and was running, well to me when he runs it is like he is flying, Mum because she is so close to us and feels all our pain and excitement or Jarrett whose smile was one of relief and joy.

Sunday we went to running training, the morning started off sunny and still but towards the end it had become dreadfully dark and gloomy with strong, gusty winds.  Nalani managed to actually do some running, six months after major knee surgery she has worked so courageously and determinedly to make it to this point.  I think that her smile on this day matched all of ours from the day before. 

This week was week seven at school, we only have two more weeks until School Holidays and then we get a three week break which I think many students will need because with our drastically cold weather there is so many illnesses going around.  In Integrated Studies the class are still working on problem based solving questions, in English we are looking at various aspects of Shakespeare works and in Science our Physics unit and we looked at levers, I also had to do a Science test which was extremely demanding as most of the questions required quite detailed answers and I am so slow at handwriting. 

When you are at school and have low immunity you can very easily pick up any germs that are present in the air, I have ended up with another cold, after I have barely recovered from my bout of bronchitis.  I am not the only one though, Jarrett has a viral infection and croup, he has been rather unwell and has had to miss running training, school and this weekend is unable to run in the Athletics ACT Cross Country Championships this weekend,  which of course he is devastated about.  Earlier in the Year I had a goal to compete in this event also but of course with my stress fracture which is still healing I am not able to achieve that goal however I have set that same goal for next year now. 

Nalani has begun her Year 12 exams, she is constantly studying as she hopes to do exceptionally well in her subjects, she has already done her PE exam and her Maths exam, next week she has her other exams then has an AST practise on Friday, once that is over she is finished school for this Term, so she actually gets a longer holiday than Jarrett and I.  This afternoon she sang with the choir and they were live on the radio, the song they sang was called They Rhythm of Life. 

Today the day started off with the sun streaming in the windows promising a delightful Winter day, however the sun was teasing us because as the day progressed the weather deteriorated quickly, low, heavy grey clouds appeared and suddenly the temperature dropped, then sleet began to fall ever so gently like little chips of ice that melted as soon as they touched the ground that the earlier sun had warmed.  The icy winds then whipped up even making ripples in the bird bath out the front, it was truly a cold Winters day.

There is a very special person that I would like to ask you to pray for, it is Chris and his family, he did the interview with me on Stateline, he is not well at the moment, he is another extraordinary person who has been given a difficult journey and I hope that with our prayers he will be able to go through his journey more easily.

I have heard tonight from my Endocrinologist and I am afraid to say it is not all good news, some of my some recent tests show that I have a growth hormone deficiency which I will need to have injections everyday for which Mum will have to administer however approval has to go through for them before I can begin them.  I also have extremely high cholesterol, problems with my liver function, some thyroid issues and an insulin resistance. There is one concern with giving me growth hormones and that is that they can cause tumours to become aggressive and there is concern about the remaining tumour however if I don't have them then there are several other serious issues that could arise so they will try the growth hormones and see what happens.  More challenges but they will only make me stronger, I have learnt that been positive and seeing a challenge as a positive on this journey has been important.  You have to try to have a positive outlook on your life and those little aches and pains are nothing compared to what some other people are going through.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere
What a busy week you all have had with exams. You will all be so happy to have the holidays to recover from all the illness. We are so sorry to hear about your results from the Endocrinologist, although we knew these results were a possibility, we of course like you, were hoping for a better outcome. You amaze us with your positive approach to all the challenges that are thrown at you. In fact we think you handle them better than we do sometimes. We wonder sometimes, just how much one person can take and why some have no challenges at all in their life.
We are so sorry to hear about Chris and we will include him in our prayers.

How about the footy. You are excelling at that. Poor Pop and Nan are getting left way behind.

Keep up with your positive attitude and don't loose that beautiful smile.

Rug up well.

Lots and lots of love
Nan and Pop xxxxxx oooooo

Ali Davies said...

Dear Dainere

Sorry to hear about your latest challenges. But the last few lines of your post demonstrate, as always, your incredible courage and inspirational mindset.

Also, having had some really bad news this morning about a close family member those last few lines have reminded me that we can't always choose what happens to us but we can always choose the way we respond.

Keep on keeping on my little Australian rainbow.

Your rainbow brings colour to this side of the world.

Ali x

Anonymous said...

Good luck with everything Dainere, you inspire all of us with your positive attitude. May God watch over you and your amazing family.
Luv Susan xx

Anna said...

Dear Dainere,

More tough roads for you and your family to travel..... The thoughts of so many others are with you on this ever-challenging journey.

It was great to hear of the recent running successes - congratulations to both Jarret and Nalani.

Your teachers must be so happy with your positive attitude to school; keep up the great effort! It's not long until you have the holidays to build up your strength again.

I was very saddened to hear about Chris. I hope he can find the same strength as you to cope with all the challenges which lie ahead.

Stay warm lovely Dainere,

Lots of love,

Anna xoxoxoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Dear Dear Dainere, What a great result for Jarrett, well done Jarrett, also well Done Nalani , what a great result after 6 months to be able to get in some runnming . well done .

Oh yes im sure you are looking forward to the school holidays Dainere , you so deserve them as school life is that more difficult for you . Dont worry about your speed in hadwriting , it will all come for you my friend . any way its quality that matters not quantity , and im sure your quality is second to none .

So sorry to hear that you have another cold after just getting over the bronchitis , may i make a suggestion , and this is one from work , Dainere you can buy little bottles of soap free hands wash that you could carry with you , , we use them and it is alcohol based which reduces significantly the threat of germs whicha re so easily picked up , especially at school or hospitals , from other people or just holding the same door knob as someone else . they do work .

So sorry that Jarrett could not take part in the ACT cross country championships , oh what a blow for him . Well may be next year you can both be in it .

Good luck with year 12 Nalani , keep focussed and dont stress. and well done with the choir .

We will remember Chris in our prayers .

More hurdles for you , oh so sorry my friend , WE will be with you on the journey , in spirit , be strong like you always are . The challenges will make you stronger , and im sure all your army of friends anfd family will support you .

LOve and best wishes , lots of hugs

stuart and meryl xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere
Winter does that - brings aut coughs and colds!! What a shame that you have to catch those nasty germs when you already have so much to cope with. I agree witn Stuart, use the Dettol hand sanitiser. I do, it may help to stop germs been transfered.

Such a busy time your family is having, exams, sport, your health results and the cold Canberra weather. Keep praying, smiling and know that your family has so many people/friends thinking about them and supporting them.

We had to bath our dog this afternoon, he looks beautiful and smells very clean. Coco has stayed inside with us tonight curled up on his new rug thinking he is the ants pants!! I bet your cats love to cuddle up too. I feel cruel making him sleep outside but he is undercover and we have tried to make his kennel as inviting as possible.

I now have to hurry my boys off to bed. They are watching Hawaii 5 0. Wish me luck! Thank God it's almost holidays, you will need the rest Dainere. I hope you can spend some time cooking, that's what I'm hoping to do. The following idea is a fun activity that you may like to try. Select a word, then see how many words you can make from the letters within that word without using the same letter twice. Ex: Whiteboard. My son had this for homework last week and with the assistance of a dictionary and our clever brains put together we came up with 123 words from that one word. It's a bit of fun (we were addicted) and as you have so many words in your vocabulary such as medical terminology, you may like to try it. You could ask Nalani or Jarrett to write them for you so you don't get tired.

All my love and prayers for a healthier week, Fran xoxoxox

Greg Jericho said...

Hi Daniere,

Your posts are truly inspiring. Praying for you and hope the hormone injections works well.

Ellen said...

Hi Dainere,

My name is Ellen and I am Chris's sister. I live all the way over in Perth WA, and it's hard not being close to my family at this time. Thankyou so very much for thinking of Chris, I know how important your story is to him and I'm sure he draws a lot of strength from that.

You are an inspiring young woman!

Ellen xox