Friday, June 10, 2011


4th to 10th June 2011

As many States in Australia are experiencing their coldest winter temperatures in years, Canberra has not been left out.  From Monday through to Wednesday we suffered arctic temperatures that truly brought tears to your eyes and made your bones ache.  At 3pm on Wednesday our temperature was a mere 3 degrees but with the dreadful icy winds it felt like 1.3 degrees, that was unbelievable and definitely a day to stay indoors rugged up in warm clothes and consuming hot drinks.  We are now expecting a couple of more pleasant days before showers and rain for the remainder of the coming week.

Saturday was Jarrett's 16th Birthday, we made his day extra special just like he is, we went to lunch and had a delicious meal that just melted in your mouth at a place called Joey's in Watson and after dinner we had a scrumptious tiramasu cake. 

On Monday it was ACT Schools Cross Country Championships, although the weather started off with the sun shinning as the day progressed it became cloudy and the temperature plummeted.  I rugged up warmly but the wind seemed to still sneak through all my layers.  It was time for Jarrett's race he is in the 16/17 Males ages group, this means that he is running against boys who are a year older than him.  I wished Jarrett good luck and watched him walk towards the start line, there was a huge field been two age groups combined, the starter said go and they took off.  Jarrett had to run 6km, which was three laps of the 2km Stromlo Course, after the first lap three of them had broken away from the rest of the field with two other boys a little distance away, Jarrett was in that group of three.  After the second lap it was the same, Jarrett looked to be running so well I was extremely excited for him.  As they came out of the last loop of the last lap I saw two boys running but Jarrett was not one of them, then I saw him not too far back I wondered if his legs had become tired.  In the end he came third, he was the second boy in his age group I was so proud of him. Unfortunately he had had another serious asthma attack, he said it happened with just 1km to go as he took off but his chest tightened and restricted his breathing and he found he could not breath properly and became worried.  The attack was not as severe as the one he had in Brisbane last August but it is always frightening to see that happen to him, Lachie who helped him in Brisbane was there checking on him again.  Jarrett was so disappointed and frustrated, he saw the doctor who said that unfortunately with asthma sometimes extremes in weather can affect it  like cold, heat and humidity and that is what had occurred, so he now has to run with his ventolin in poor weather conditions just in case.  The doctor checked his lungs and heart and everything is perfectly fine with them so that is great news. 

I could not go to school this week because I have been rather unwell, I have bronchitis which is an acute inflammation of the air passages within the lungs. It occurs when the trachea (windpipe) and the large and small bronchi (airways) within the lungs become inflamed because of infection.  I am on antibiotics and have to use inhalers called ventolin and seretide, when I cough especially early in the morning and late in the afternoon into the evening it hurts my chest and the cough is so bad it almost makes me vomit.  I guess it was a good week to be told by the doctors to stay indoors and away from school where I could also pick up another infection.  I am still not feeling very well and coughing up masses of mucous which I wonder where it is all coming from

I had physiotherapy today, I am not allowed to put weight onto my heel yet, but I am able to do some upper body exercises, it will be another couple of weeks before I am able to put weight onto my heel, I will then have to take things carefully.  I know that Rhiannon will help me rehabilitate and become strong again so that I will be able to reach the goals that I set myself.

Poor Dad he came home from work on Tuesday and when we saw him we were horrified because he had injured himself, he had a huge, deep cut from the corner of his right eye all the way down his cheek, he told us he had caught it on a piece of timber.  He did not need stitches but had to have a tetanus injection and steristrips put on the deepest part of the cut.  It looks really dreadful and painful although Dad says it is not and he now has a terrible black and purple bruise as well. 

Amidst all the drama of the week Jarrett had his Year 10 exams from Tuesday to Thursday on two of the days he had three exams in one day, he was very tired by the end of them and pleased they were over, Nalani begins her Year 12 exams for this Semester on Thursday next week, her exams are over two weeks, she is spending the long weekend studying.  

Nalani is singing with the School Choir next Friday and they are going to be broadcast on ABC 666 in the afternoon live, they are signing from 4.00 to 4.30pm.  I love listening to the choir they sound so beautiful and it is always exciting to see Nalani sing at special events.

In the footy tips I am still winning, Nana is now coming second and poor Pop is coming last, he keeps asking for some extra points because he is behind and when he had a tooth taken out this week he asked if he could get some extra points for that, both Nana and I told him - No!

I hope that you all have a wonderful long weekend, stay warm and keep well.

Remember even when the skies are grey if we look into our hearts we can find warmth and happiness to turn those grey skies to blue.


Rhiannon said...

You're a real trooper Dainere! Keep up the superb work, you never cease to amaze me with your determination and inner strength. Rhi xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Dear dainere, yes the weather here is also cold BUT not as cold as in Canberra , night times have been down to 2 in Padstow, yes if you can stay in doors its the best option .

Joeys sure sounds great ,, we will have to try it one day .

So sorry to hear of Jarretts asthma attack , , you and the family would be so proud of him , and also know that if he came 5th in the race with an asthma attack , what could he have done with no asthma. Well done Jarrett.

So sorry to hear of the bronchitis Dainere , at least it sounds as if its breaking up if you are able to cough it up off your chest , well done .Dont forget NOt to put weight on that foot!!

So sorry to hear of the accident to dad , please tell him from us that we are sorry . he was lucky .

Sounds like your house is the house of studies at the moment .

WE wish you a nice relaxing long weekend too Dainere.

love ,, hugs and best wishe s
stuart and meryl xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Wow Dainere,you are truly amaze me. I hope you keep inspiring people and ope all your dream come true. Just don't give up until you can see the rainbow,OK ?! Hope the best for you and your family :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere, I was in borders books the other day looking for a book for my daughter, I couldn't find Charlie and the choc factory but then saw a lovely book with a title that made me smile, so I picked it up and thought hey Dainere, I remember that name , my daughter Ruby who is 8 was in the bed next to yours last November in sydney, same room as Sophie, Emily .I think your amazing .!!Ruby and I have been reading your book and we especially talk about your positive attitude and your lovely quotes . I love quotes too . I remember thinking what a special close and loving bond you have with your mum , she is amazing too! We will follow your blog and wish you all the best , keep up the great writing and positive attitude , your very blessed to have such a loving family . Keep warm . I have a quote for you by William Blake I hope you like it ! " He who binds himself to a joy does the winged life destroy, but he who kisses the joy as it flies, lives in eternitys sunrise ..god bless Chris and Ruby xx

Anonymous said...


I hope your stress fracture is healing well.

Well done to Jarrett with his running so well despite another asthma attack. Asthma can be very scarey and he is very brave to run on despite it.

I wish your sister good luck in her year 12 exams, stressful!!! What does she want to do next year, will she hope to go to Uni?

I cant believe this weather its so cold but there was some sun today which felt delicious on my skin, I hope you got some too, its good for Vitamin D :)

Well done with the footy tips, you are doing great.

I was happy last night as the Brumbies finally won at home, it took to the second last round but thats ok, you have to support your team through the good and the bad. It was the last game in Canberra for local boy Matt Giteau, so was a great send off.

Hope you stay warm this week, enjoy the long weekend.

Keep smiling

xxxxxxxxxx Monica

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

So sorry to read of your bronchitis but hoping by now that the antibiotics and inhalers have worked their "magic" and that you are recovering well. At least the weather does not seem to have been as cold this week.... but it certainly has been wet and wild. Have you been able to go to school this week?

Hope Dad is recovering from his cut and that the bruising is fading.

Glad you all had a special time for Jarrett's birthday. He did well in his race, despite his breathing problems. Good that he got the "all clear" for his lungs, heart, etc.

Hope all is going well with Nalani's exams. Singing in the choir on the radio sounds wonderful! What songs are they performing?

Well, the State of Origin series is level!! What an exciting match. Hope you aren't too disappointed at the result! Three weeks till the next match....

Sending love and rainbows,