Friday, May 27, 2011


21st to 27th May 2011

'When thick clouds cross my path, there is a light that shines on me that guides me through to brighter days'

My weekend was a hectic one completing the many assignments that we have been given for school.  I had a break though to watch Jarrett run in the Half Marathon Eve 5km Fun Run and Junior Point Score, it was a huge field of runners of all ages and abilities.  The weather conditions were favourable however as the race progressed the winds began to increase.  Jarrett ran perfectly, being one of the lead runners in the event, as the race went on one runner had taken the lead with Jarrett a clear second place.  We waited at the finish line to see Jarrett run a magnificent race, coming second overall but he was the first Junior across the line.  He ran an excellent time of 16:26:00 which was terrific on that particular course.  He received a trophy which he let me hold, he still always says he runs every race for me.  He also received maximum points for the point score, he has now received the maximum points in all three races he has run in so far this season. 

Sunday, inspired by Jarrett's race I was determined to do my 3km walk again with my rollator around the perimeter of the AIS without stopping.  I made it over the toughest hill, red faced and slightly puffing and went on, I had not stopped but suddenly that all changed, the path was slightly uneven and I kicked into my rollator wheel with my left foot and then went for a tremendous stumble onto my right side.  Immediately I had pain in my ankle, knee and heel. I continued to the end but was in excruciating pain, I felt that I had done something serious.  At home, I rested it, tried to ice it but it stung like crazy and was unbearable and I elevated it.  The pain continued for the rest of the day and into the week, often the pain becoming more severe.  

So I spent this week having it investigated, I am afraid to say that I have a stress fracture again in exactly the same location that it occurred last time.  There is nothing much I can do for it other than stay off it and do the little exercises Rhiannon my physiotherapist has given me to do and wait for it to heal.  I am so disappointed as I had felt I was making progress and would perhaps be able to do the Athletics ACT Cross Country but now there is no hope of that. 

At school I have had to endure the pain from my heal and try to concentrate on the work, that is not an easy task but you have to just grin and bear it.  Pain also makes me feel nauseous and totally exhausted so I felt rather miserable sitting in class.  

In Maths we are still completing tasks related to Pythagoras theorem, in English we listened to Barack Obama's speech when he was named President Elect of the United States, in Science we have moved on from Forces and Newton's Laws to Energy and in Christian Living we are working on our Moral Tale.

On Thursday I had to present my speech in English, my speech was on bullying, I think I presented it well, from the class speeches the teacher's decide who will go on to do their speeches at a special Middle School Public Speaking Night.  

In Footy Tipping I am still winning with 49 points, Nana and Pop are now both on 44, I am hoping to increase my lead this weekend.  There could be some interesting results because so many players had a tough game in the State of Origin, which by the way I was going for Queensland. 

Nalani did PE for the first time in ages this week, she was so excited to be able to participate, she is hoping to do further study in the area of sports massage, sport management or sport science when she finishes Year 12 this year. 

Next week I have to go into hospital on Wednesday for more tests, I will let you know all about them in next week's Blog. 

I have started a new fund raising project for the Brain Tumour Fund, I am collecting five cent pieces in a container from change we get when we go to the shops and sometimes ones that one of us finds on the ground, many people seem to drop them as if they are worth nothing but each five cent piece could add up to a large amount to help funds like the Brain Tumour one  I hope to fill  my container fully before the end of the year.

I love all the wonderful comments you leave me and treasure the encouraging and helpful suggestions you make, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere
Well what a week you have had. We are sorry to hear of your fracture again. Perhaps once on your feet again you will have to take things a bit easier for a bit. It would be frustrating we know, but remember slow and steady wins the race.

Pain always seems to take its toll on everyone but would be much worse when you are not well.

Nan and Pop have been saving 5 cent pieces in a bottle for ages. When it gets full we take it to the bank and are usually very surprised at how much we have saved. As you are now saving for such a special cause, our next lot when changed at the bank will be sent to you. We can't send the coins at they would be too heavy.

We hope all goes well with your tests on Wednesday. You are always in our thoughts.

All our love
Nan and Pop xxx ooo

PS - only even walking paths for you in future.

Anonymous said...

HI Dear Dainere, what a great brother you have , well done Jarrett, firstly for coming secnd , and most of all for being so kind to your beautiful sister , thats what life is all about, looking after each other , so nice for brother and sister.

I know we have spoken about your stress fracture, before but may be nan and pop are right , we know you want to return to normal on your feet as soon as possible, you just have to do it slowly , just like the hare did.

Keep up the good work with the footy , tips , i must confess it is double dutch to me as i dont know the first thing about footy !!.

Well done Nalani , its agreat area to want to get into and wil take you all over the world if you wanted.

Keep up the good work at school ,even though you are not able to spend the usual time at school , all you learn will be sinking in Dainere , try not to expect to much of your self , you do amazingly well .AS your friends we are so proud of what you are achieving .

Our love and best wishes for you visit to hospital on Wednesday , we will be thinking of you .

Thats a great Idea of keeping the 5 cents bits .

Well thats about from us ,
love and best wishes always

stuart and meryl xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere

Can't believe your luck!! A stress fracture to deal with too. There have been quite a few rainbows out this week where I live in Sydney, naturally I think of you and obviously they are out for a reason - to remind us that life is a journey, not always a smooth road (especially for you) and we must make the most of it. To go through a storm to get to a rainbow -so very true Dainere.

I love your 5 cent coin idea. I will start immediately, raiding my wallet, husband's & kid's wallets too, place them in a jar to tally at the end of the year and I will forward the chq to Tara for your foundation. I will also grab 10 cent coins, as the boys at school where I work are always dropping "small change" on the playgorund, so this will help a worthy foundation. Good thinking 99!

My husband went to Canberra this week, just for one night and he commented on how much colder it was there. Take Stuart's beanie, you'll not only look great but feel warm too. You'll have to post a picture on your blog once you have it.

School work is very difficult for you I imagine. Between missing class, trying to keep up when your in pain and feeling tired must be exhausting.I wish I could sit with you to assist,I often think of you when I'm with my boys in class. They are mostly relieved to see me enter the room, although once they reach year 9/10, they become a little hesitant for assistance. I just keep reassuring them that it's okay to feel crappy some days but to soldier on and keep a sense of humour.

Footy tipping is becomming very competitve, My nearly 7 year old nephew is on top of the ladder (57 points) so we have to cross fingers that we can catch up to him. Don't like my chances though! Tigers vs Dragons on Sunday, one son barracks for Tigers and the other son for the Dragons - it will be war in my house tomorrow.

Keep warm, snuggle into your cozy bed and keep up your beautiful smile and courage.
Lots of love
Fran xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Daniere,
So sorry to hear about your latest fracture - what a bummer! I know it will slow you down for a bit but with time and patience I'm sure you'll get back to your goal.
I am always amazed at how fast those five cent pieces build up in my purse. What a great idea you've had. I'm going to put them aside each week and i'm sure before long I 'll have a sizable donation.
Good luck for Wednesday. Be extra gentle with yourself this week.

Anonymous said...

you are such an amazing, stunning beautiful, friendly girl, never forget that <3

Ali Davies said...

Set backs can really challenge our positivity but you are so inspirational in the way you deal with your setbacks.

Thought you might like this quote while you are dealing with your current setback:

"Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use." - Earl Nightingale

Keep on, Keeping on Special Girl

Ali x