Saturday, May 14, 2011


7th to 13th May 2011

Dad's Birthday was on Saturday, we all spoilt him throughout the day including having a pizza dinner.  Jarrett ran in a 3.2km pointscore Cross Country event and as a special gift for Dad, he won the race easily, gaining maximum points.   I also had to have a blood test on Saturday because the one I had on Friday had clots in it.  They used my right arm vein which was still bruised from my MRI, the blood flowed smoothly and quickly.  Sunday of course was Mothers Day so that was Mum's day to be spoilt, she does so much for all of us so it is one day that we can do some little things to show her how much we appreciate her. For dinner I helped make vegetable slice and match sticks which you use puff pastry, cut it into rectangles, bake them, let them cool, put jam on them, pipe cream on top of the jam, put a lid on and sift icing sugar onto it, as a special touch we also drizzled melted chocolate on top also.  They are absolutely scrumptious and we all enjoyed eating them. 

Then the week began with me being in hospital, I had to have a glycogon stimulation test, we had to arrive at the hospital before 9am.  Once there I had to have a cannula put in, they decided to put it into the right arm vein as it is my best vein even though it was bruised from the test on Saturday.  They wrapped my arm in a heated blanket to try to make it a little more comfortable when they inserted the cannula and also to make the vein more prominent.  Once the cannula was in, I had to have blood taken, they seemed to be drawing the blood forever but eventually it was finished.  To help keep my arm straight they strapped my arm to a special board and then it was time for me to go to my hospital bed for the day.  Next they came to give me an injection in my thigh, because I am allergic to EMLA which is a special patch they often use for children to numb the spot where an injection is going to in, they gave me an ice pack to place on my thigh and said it would numb it and make the injection more pleasant.  No one has ever suggested this before and I found that it was terrific as my thigh was numb and I did not feel the injection go in.  So if you are allergic to EMLA there is something you can do to make an injection less painful.  An hour after the injection the nurses came to take blood and check my sugar levels, then every half hour after that they came and took more blood, this happened for three hours.  Each time they took two large vials of blood, altogether that day I had 18 huge vials of blood taken from me.  They also did two finger prick blood tests, I was feeling quite weak as I had had to fast from the night before and having so much blood taken.  Finally I was allowed to eat and drink something and was monitored, they decided that I was able to go home but I was told I could feel rather weak and nauseous over the next days.

They were right because when I arrived home I was so tired I slept, on waking I felt dreadfully nauseous, having some dry retching and terrible stomach pains.  Over the next few days the nausea continued and all I wanted to do was sleep most of the day.  I was unable to go to school or even attempt to do school work at home.  I also found that my walking went haywire, I could not balance properly and could only walk small distances before becoming overwhelmed with dizziness.  By the end of the week I was pleased that there had been improvement although I still remained weakened and tired. 

I had physiotherapy on Friday, from being in a hospital bed my neck and shoulders had become tight and stiff and my knee had also become tight and painful from walking and being off so dreadfully off balanced.  However Rhiannon my guardian angel of physiotherapy massaged my tight, sore areas and used heat to help me, after feeling so horrible all week having physiotherapy was definitely a highlight. 

The weather was also appalling this week, it was freezing cold, with arctic winds, sleet and heavy frosts, in a way I was glad to be indoors where the heating was lovely and warm, I could wrap myself in a cosy blanket and cuddle Theodore.

Next week I have more appointments, a lung function test and a visit to hospital to see the Endocrinologist who will hopefully be able to let me know my test results.  Last time we saw him he said that I would also have to have more tests that involved staying in hospital for a longer period of time, he was going to tell us about those when we see him.

I am still winning the footy tips, last week I got three out of the four games, so did Nana and Pop so our positions have remained the same.  This week could see some changes though and after the Friday night games I got one right and one wrong.

The trees that were covered in red and golden leaves last week are now almost virtually bare, Winter will be upon us very soon but those red and golden colours can remain with us throughout the cold days when we smile, care and help each other.  Wishing you all a splendiferous week ahead, rug up and be kind to everyone you meet.


Anonymous said...

Hello Dainere, it's been a while since I've had a chance to read your blog, so I've been catching up with all that's been happening. You continue to remain the brave and positive young lady that inspires us all. It was a massive white frost this morning. So pretty but so cold! It's a lovely sunny day now though. I've been making pumpkin soup this morning and there's a wonderful aroma floating through the house. Cold days are great soup days. I hope you have a good week ahead and go girl with the footy tipping! I think the week ahead will have more sunny days but cold mornings, so keep your scarf and gloves handy :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere

It's been a couple of weeks since I wrote but I have read your blog. So many medical tests, plenty of school work and very cold weather have consumed you in recent weeks. You're always in my thoughts, prayers and converstion with friends and family. All the best for your upcoming medical tests.

At work, our year 7 and 8's have exams this week so lots of nervous boys preparing last week kept me busy. My own son has his exams from May 25th so I'm encouraging him to prepare however he is a little slow for my liking!!! You always sound as though you enjoy your Maths work so keep up the interest.
Footy tips are going well for you too. I have reached 7 teams in a week, not 8 yet. This week was a shocker with only 3 so far, I've gone Eagles tomorrow night but there have been many upsets this round.
You spolied your mum and dad on their special days as did my beautiful boys spoiled me.I received candles, (I love burning candles) a heat/wheat bag for my dodgy back, flowers and a book, Laura Bush's autobiogrpahy "Spoken from the Heart", which I am enjoying so far.
My son and I are home tomorrow unwell with colds so we will probably watch a movie. My older son is not happy as he has to go to school.
Enjoy your week, I always note Canberra temps and think of how cold you must be. Rug up, hot Milo is always delicious to warm your bones on a cold morning or night.

Take care, Love always,
Fran xoxo

Anonymous said...

HI Dainere, Firstly , if its ok , well done Jarrett , please pas our best wishes on to him . Yummy, sounds like a good place to be , your place on mothers day . Glad to hear you all had a good day .

Those poor veins of yours , wow if only they could talk.

What a day in hospital for you , its almost like having day surgery . Umm , yes i think its alot for people to undergo, however you did and once again you inpress us all , well done .

Yes I can appreciate the physio , Dainere , I have been like that as well , cos you can relax with Rhiannon , and let her do whats needed , knowing that after it you will feel better .

Ah Bless you, we have been thinking o f you on these cold days , Meryl has said many times Poor Dainere in Canberra , sydney is bad enough at the moment , especailly in the mornings .

We will be thinking of you this week , when you see the Endocrinologist.

Yes the leaves have had enough Dainerer and have left the trees , however , look at it this way , on June 21st , the sun will start to spend a bit more time in the sky, as thats our shortest day , so as you always do my friend , Look forwrd .

We will be thinking of you this week.

Lots of Love and cuddles to a very specail girl , from Meryl and Stuart xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere,

I have not had a chance to read your blog lately but caught up today.

I see you have had more tests and approached them with your usual positive attitude, everyone should be like you :)

How wonderful to use your rollator so well, good on you it is a massive achievement.

I loved your poem about your mum, your mum is very special as she has been your support right through all your challenges, an amazing woman.

It has been so cold hasnt it, I think we will have a very cold winter as we escaped easily last year but it is nice to have the seasons and soon enough spring will come.

I will be thinking of you with all your further tests coming up and praying for you.

Keep smiling beautiful girl !!

xxxx Monica