Friday, April 8, 2011


2nd to 8th April 2011

My weekend was one that was extremely busy, on Saturday my Grade at School were taking part in Relay for Life, many of them spent the whole twenty four hours there, doing laps of the AIS, I was unable to do this, I wish I could but I am not well enough to do that at this stage, however I did walk a couple of laps to show my support for such a wonderful cause, the relay for life raises funds for the Cancer Council who support the many different types of Cancer in Australia. 

On Sunday Nalani, Mum and I took part in the Women's and Girls fun run/walk which has been held for the past twenty five years to raise awareness and funds for Ovarian Cancer, the race was over 5km, I knew that I would not be able to walk that long a distance so I competed in my wheelchair.  We started at the back of the field of almost a thousand and made our way gradually up and I came 628th, at one stage Mum had to jog to keep up with Nalani's lightning walking speed.  I am so glad that I could participate in the two such fantastic events that support such important causes.

School this week has been tiring but I think that everyone begins to feel that way towards the end of Term, there are so many assessment pieces due in as well as tests.  I finished off my anti-smoking advertising artwork, I came up with the slogan 'Don't be a fool, smoking is uncool', the audience that we were targeting was young people, so I think that slogan may be one that could work.  In Integrated Studies we have been working on an active citizenship assessment using a case study.  We are continuing to learn about poetry in English, in Science we are continuing with our salinity experiment, I think my hypothesis is correct that if the amount of salt in the water is increased then the growth of the plant decreases as the seeds that I have watered with no salt are the largest then the size gradually decreases with the different amounts of salt I have added to the water to water the other seeds, lastly in Maths we are working on geometry, I enjoy it but not as much as the Unit on Fractions and Decimals. 

I have found that there are many people who have been donating to the Brain Tumour Fund, some of the donations have been coming from people who have been following my Blog, I wish to thank you for your kind and generous donations, I know that together we can make a difference in the future in the lives of children who will be diagnosed with brain tumours and they will not then have to face such a devastating journey as I have. 

Today the skies were a crystal blue and the sun was so radiant, it provided some cheer on what was a day filled with tears and sorrow for we received the terrible news that my Great Gran had passed away early hours of the morning.  Her strength had been incredible, she had lived a life time experiencing events that we will never know and she loved her family dearly.  I hope that she will now travel her rainbow finding peace, happiness and everlasting life.  Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers during the time she was ill, the whole family greatly appreciate them.

'When I look up at the stars each night I will find one, the one that shines most brightly and know that is my Great Gran smiling down upon me from heaven and letting me know that she is happy'


Run for a cause said...

The Bhimavaram Municipal Commissioner also took part in the run. Addressing the gathering, Mr. Anjaneyulu called for an active partnership between students and the political executives in the crusade for protection of environment. College principal D. Ranga Raju said the run was intended to sensitise the student community to the hazards caused to the environment by various forms of pollution and spur them into action.

Anonymous said...

Dear Daniere,
I'm sorry to hear the sad news about your Great Gran. She sounds like she was a remarkable woman and I know that she will live on in your hearts and memories. Strong, determined women must run in your family,
You are spot on when you said that everyone is feeling tired towards the end of term. My two girls have also been flat out at school over the last weeks and we are really looking forward to have some down time over the holidays. I loved your slogan for your anti-smoking artwork piece - it's really catchy.
Well done taking part in the events of last weekend .I'm sure you inspired many people just because you participated. It was such beautiful weather to be out and about raising funds for such worthwhile causes.
Be kind and gentle to yourself this week. I'll look for the new bright shiny star and say a quiet prayer of thanks for your Great Gran wonderful life.


Catherine xo

Anonymous said...

Hi our Dear Dainere, you have had an incredible week , and you still find the strength , to send out your blog, yes so well done in the womens and girls fun run walk , you all should be proud of what you do ,

Dainere , at the end of the term you would be ready for a rest so enjoy this break and just think back to what you have fitted in to this time span , it has been huge for you .
So try and have a relaxing time .

Meryl and I will be thinking of your whole family this week , as you say good bye to Great Gran , she was amazing Dainere.

Now we know where you get your amazingness from , you are so thoughtful and try so hard to help others and let us say you DO acheive that .
You go out every day into your world and hold your head up high .

Our love , thoughts and sincerest wishes to you and your family.

Love and hugs stuart and meryl xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere

Conveying my sympathy for you and your family on the passing of Great Gran. May your family find peace in knowing that she had such a long life, creating love and wonderful family values.

Thank God it's holidays!! Time to rest and for you, some further tests, All the best, you know I'll be thinking of you this week.

I've been given some varied exercises to carry out for strengthening my back. I'm off all pain killers and anti inflamatories now so just have to be in tune with managing my back movement and cautious in what I do. I don't think I'm as dedicated as you are in performing these regular exercises however being on school holidays will allow me more time to focus on them. Wish me luck!!

You forgot to tell me about your footy tipping. How are you going against your Pop? I'm on 16 points and have scored 5 this round. My young son went to watch Dragons Vs Dogs (he follows Dragons) today and came home drenched.It teamed rain the whole game at the Sydney Cricket ground but he had lots of fun, especially as they won. Tigers had a good win over the Rabbits, they're on TV for next Friday nights game. Do you get a chance to watch Friday night footy?

Take care, best of luck with your tests, be brave, Great Gran will be watching over you.

Love always, Fran xxoo

Run a Marathon said...

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