Friday, April 29, 2011


23rd to 29th April 2011

I hope that everyone had a splendiferous Easter break with the long, long weekend this week has been a quiet one which has gone so very quickly.  I was fortunate enough to receive some of my favourite chocolates which are Lindt, they just melt in your mouth, filling it with the most scrumptious taste.  It was a week to relax and enjoy time with the family which was a welcome break after our busy week last week.  Our weather during the break was a mixed bag, with sunshine one day and clouds that threatened to pour raining however only released tiny drops of rain, to icy cold winds and what appeared to be sleet.

Even though most people had time off and relaxed, Jarrett still did his running training, now that is dedication!  On Easter Saturday he did hills, Sunday he went for an hour run, Tuesday was a half hour run, Wednesday was a 40 minute run and then Thursday was training with the squad.  I think he is wonderful, he really loves his running it is so important to him, I don't think there are many people that have the dedication he has. 

Many people spent time in their gardens over the break and we did the same, I planted new plants in my fairy garden this time I put polyanthums in, they are a variety of colours so should look truly beautiful when they bloom, I also found a garden arch at Bunnings that was really cheap so I asked Dad if we could get it, I am going to grow a plant over the top of it, it is at the top of the stairs that lead to my fairy garden. 

We had a lovely visit from Stuart and Meryl they are special people in my life and Stuart shares many of his experiences with me which helps me to continue to remain positive in my journey.  Then the Easter break was over and we only had a few more days of school holidays left.

Dad's Birthday is coming up on 7th May, so Mum, Nalani, Jarrett and I went shopping to Brand Depot and DFO to find some lovely gifts for him.  We also did some Mothers Days shopping for Nana.  I have also been making some special cards for Mum and Dad for both of their special days which come one after the other.

Every day I continue to do my physiotherapy exercises building my muscles hoping to be able to run again in the future.  Today I have physiotherapy with Rhiannon and I think she will be extremely impressed with the work I have been doing. 

Nalani is now jogging, she does exceedingly well when jogging on the spot but when she starts to jog in a straight line she seems to limp a little, I think this will change though as she practises more and become stronger, she goes to the gym at least three times a week for an hour.  She so desperately wants to return to her running, she also enjoys it and finds it helps her with her study load.

Next week is back to school, I also had a telephone call that a visiting oncologist from Sydney wants to see me to discuss my latest MRI results as well as blood results, that appointment is next Thursday, then the week after on the Monday I have to go into hospital for the glycogon stimulation testing as well as a couple of other tests they now want to do to investigate pituitary function.  I have a lung function test on 17th May to check my lung function following chemotherapy as many children who have certain types of chemotherapy have lung problems.  I have this feeling that this Term is going to be a busy but exciting one and also one that will bring new challenges.

I think that constant kindness can accomplish the most wonderful things in the world, like the sun making snow and ice melt, kindness can eliminate hate, mistrust, anger and misunderstanding.  Be kind to all those around you this coming week and the sun will shine on your life always.


Dianne said...
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Dianne said...

Dear Dainere,

Easter was extra special this year, it was nice to have the five days off and relax a bit.
I just watched the Royal Wedding - did you? Kate looked lovely,and you could see genuine feeling between them and for them. I was thinking the world was really warming to this couple and their marriage today - lately there has been so much not to celebrate like the earthquakes, Tsunami and floods.

I hope you have a happy start to Term 2 next week; it is good to hear the Dr is visiting you in Canberra which is so much easier on you all.

Happy birthday to Dad next week.
Lv Dianne xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Dear Dainere, oh you are so special. your words brought tears to my eye (remember only one eye will cry)

Your fairy garden sounds magical now Dainere , we should have asked you if we could see it when we saw you on The Tuesday .

Dainere , our friendship is a two way thing my friend , You give so much to those whom know you , it was so fantastic to catch up on the Tuesday and you are so so special to Meryl and I . You are such a caring young lady , making lovely cards and buying presents.
You continue to do those exercise Dainere they WILL do you good and help you back to running once more.

Well done Nalani , it was great to finally meet you too.

we will be with you in spirit on Thursday Dainere when the visiting Oncologist comes to see you . WE pray for a good result for you . yes you seem to have a full month of medical checks etc in May , Remember to think positive and build up that resistance .

MY Dear friend , your last paragraph is simply stunning , your use of words is far beyond your 13 years ,you have such a gift with them.

I will end here for now .

Much love and Best wishes , kisses and hugs , stuart and meryl xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

You certainly have had a great Easter/holiday break. So glad you were able to get out and about and rest, too. And that chocolate sure sounds tasty!

Good to read that both Jarrett and Nalani are into training. Practice is really important, as you know with your physio exercises. And your hard work is really paying off...well done!! I'm sure Rhiannon was impressed with your efforts.

Hope all goes well with your appointment tomorrow. As Stuart says, positivity is so important and you are a wonderful at that.

How are you going in your footy tipping competition? There have been quite a few "upsets" and it always seems to be hard to pick the winners each week. Your Tigers are certainly going better than my Peter's Roosters.

Hope that this term is a wonderful one for you.... not too busy, hopefully, with interesting units of work.

Sending love and prayers,


Anonymous said...

Oops, Dainere

Forgot to say... hope Mum and Dad have a wonderful weekend with their celebrations. :-) They are inspirational, wonderful people.


Anonymous said...

Hello Dainere,

I have not written to you for a long time but I always read your blog and keep up with your news. I don't cease to be amazed by your wonderful courage and outlook despite the daily hardships that you endure.

It's great to hear of the achievements of Nalani and Jarrett, too; your Mum and Dad need to be very proud of all their children.

I am thinking of you a lot during this time of medical testing and hope that results come back with some good news.

Keep smiling beautiful girl,

Lots of love always,

Anna xoxoxoxoxoxo