Saturday, July 6, 2013


6th July 2013
Dainere and Theodore 8.2.1998 - 24.6.2013

To the many of Dainere's Blog followers, please accept our deepest appreciation for your love and support throughout Dainere's journey and especially over the past few weeks. 

We desperately miss our precious girl, she is in our thoughts and hearts every moment of each and every day.

Throughout Dainere's short life, she was able to inspire so many people, change lives and raise desperately needed funds and awareness for paediatric brain tumours.

She did all of this with such a selfless, courageous, determined, loving, honest and humble nature.  She was a role model to young and old and her footprints will remain on many hearts forever. 

As this Blog came from Dainere's heart, soul and mind, we feel that it is not our place to continue writing it.  This Blog is one of Dainere's greatest legacies and we hope her beautiful gift of writing and inspiring will continue throughout many years to come.  So although it will not be updated, it will remain to inspire and touch more hearts and lives.

As Dainere's greatest wish in life was to raise awareness and funds to help find a cure for paediatric brain tumours please continue to share her story and assist in fundraising so that no other children will lose their lives to this absolutely horrendous disease.

We have included a link to a song which was played during Dainere's Celebration of Life, it is called 'Look For Me In Rainbows' by Vicki Brown.

If you were inspired by Dainere, thinking of or missing her you can light a candle, leave a flower or message on her Heaven Address page

This is then the final entry to be written on this Blog, our precious angel will be with you all forever and always, especially in rainbows.  

A special message sent from Dainere as 15 balloons were released at her burial

Update 16/11/2013

It is with extraordinary pride that we would like to share with you this splendiferous news.  Last night in Canberra Dainere and Jarrett were jointly awarded a commendation in the Individual Community Service Category at The Young Canberra Citizen of the Year Awards. 

Then in what was a moment of mixed emotions such great pride, joy, honour, love and sadness - Dainere and Jarrett were announced jointly as The Young Canberra Citizen of the Year 2013.

Jarrett will carry this honour with his usual humility, humbleness, maturity and dedication.  He will ensure that Dainere's legacy and greatest wish in life of raising desperately needed awareness and funds for Brain Tumour Research to find a cure, less devastating treatment and screening will one day occur.  

Both Jarrett and Dainere have shown such courage, determination, dedication, selflessness, passion and empathy for others, they are truly inspirational role models for the Community.   

Special mention to Jarrett who was the highest individual fundraiser in the 2013 City2Surf, raising an inspirational amount of $52 150 for The Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation Brain Tumour Research Fund.  Dainere would be so extremely proud of him not only for the funds he raised but also the awareness.  In the race he finished in a time of 00:59:02 and came 1369 which was a huge achievement as that was in the top 2% of finishers. 


Anonymous said...

Thank you Yvonne for your message about your beautiful daughter.

It has been an honour to be part of Dainere's journey. We will miss her splendiferous writings - we will miss everything about her.

When speaking about Dainere I say that she is the most selfless person I have met in my life.

I will continue to contribute to research into paediatric brain tumours, in memory of precious Dainere.

I know that when God calls me home I will meet Dainere again. That belief fills me with hope.

The photo of the heart receiving the balloons was amazing.

Thank you for the link to 'Look For Me In Rainbows'. On the day of Dainere's Celebration of Life I hoped that I might be able to track down its source.

My love and prayers to you, Stephen, Lysette, Nalani, Jarrett, Nan and Pop.

Elizabeth xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Thank you Yvonne for writing the last messages on Beautiful Dainere's Blog.

I add my love and prayers for your family, to those of so many friends who have been inspried by Dainere's courage, which we read about in her books and on this page. Dainere taught us so much.

Dainere has touched the hearts and lives of so many.
Like others I will continue to support Brain Tumour research in her memory.
I will watch with interest as Jarrett runs in the C2S in a few weeks time. May he find the strength he needs on that special day.

May you and your wonderfully caring family find strength in the love and prayers of others, many of whom you haven't met personally.

Michael, Clare and Shanae said...

Dear Yvonne,Stephen,Lysette,Nalani,Jarrett,Nan and Pop,

Thank you for allowing us to be part of Dainere's and the family's journey.

It was always a pleasure to read Dainere's words and to contribute in a small way.

We will continue to support Dainere's cause.

The song (and video) are wonderful.

The photos are splendiferous.

Not goodbye but au revoir.


Michael, Clare and Shanae xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Thank you Yvonne for concluding Dainere's blog in such a touchingly beautiful manner. Her story will continue to move and inspire countless people in the years to come.

Thank you, too, for allowing us all to be a part not only of Dainere's life, but of the lives of all the members of your family as you have travelled this most difficult journey.

Dainere will forever be in our hearts as a shining example of selflessness, courage, humility and strong determination.

We will think of her each time we see a rainbow or a butterfly.

My love to you all,

Anna xoxox

Greg Jericho said...

Thank you Yvonne. I will miss reading this blog every week. I always loved finding out what Dainere had been up to and how her journey was going.

Best of luck to Jarrett for the Ciy2Surf.

Anonymous said...

Dear Yvonne and family ,
Our thoughts are with you all at this time , Dainere was a blessing and inspiration to all , your final words on her blog are so beautiful and she has touched the hearts of many . With every beautiful rainbow that shines may we all continue to be inspired to fulfill her wish . Your beautiful angel always watching over you all .. I'm sure she will be beside jarrett on his run ..
With love to you all
XX Christine and Ruby from Sydney

Dianne said...

Dear Yvonne, Steve, Nalani and Jarrett,

I too will miss the regular posts from this blog. I would so like to see the sequel to Dainere's first book including chapters from her family's own perspective on loving, caring and living with Dainere

Lv Dianne xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Yvonne for finishing of the blog in a fitting manner. I'm sorry I could not come to the celebration of Dainere's life but I loved 'look for me in rainbows'. I will continue to advocate for Dainere and in her memory for brain tumour research.

It has been an honour to have been a part of Dainere's everlasting legacy. She was the most kind, couragous, selfless, inspiring, wonderful, passionate and loving person I have ever met.

Please start up another blog or some other methodology pf being able to learn how you're doing.

I will miss Dainere more than words can say, I will miss her regular blog posts and I loved finding out how she was doing.

Steph J

Anonymous said...

God bless you all, Dainere is only a thought away, she made a difference in her short life, Love is eternal it never ends and is never forgotten, Love and best wishes to you all. Susan xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you all so much for everything. Words cannot express my gratitude for the ever precious and cherished moments spent with Dainere and your family. Never in my life have I met a more wonderful, kind hearted family.

Dainere lives forever in my heart.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dear Yvonne, Stephen, Lysette, Jarrett,Nalani and nan and pop.

WE have just returned from overseas today.

Dainere , has taught me so much , more than anyone could imagine , we both , that is Dainere and i could read each other. For someone so young she was so in tune with what life should be about , she was able to communicate all her feelings and wishes and thoughts .

I will miss so much our twice weeky e mails that we both looked forward so so much to reading , and of course also her blog an inspirational piece of writing each week.

She always put others before herself , she was just an amazing young lady , who we respect so much.

When hopefully i go to heaven , i know that i will be able to catch up with Dainere again .

Both Meryl and i have listened to the words of that beautiful song sung at her celebration of her life. So fitting for her

You all know that she will never ever be forgotten .

Thanks you all for allowing us to be part of her life in many ways especially on the personal way of writing to each other via e mail .

Words can not truly express how we feel but hope these help .

Our love and prayers to you all .

love stuart and meryl xxxxxxxxxxx

Tracey Hawkins said...

Dear Yvonne, thank you for writing and completing the last blog.
Take heart in that...what has been read can't be unseen, what has been shared can't be taken back, what has touched our hearts can't be unfelt. xxxxxxx

Kate said...

I personally didn't know Dainere, however a good friend of mine did. What a beautiful girl to say the absolute least. Reading her blog it is evident she was such a kind hearted and brave young girl. She will continue to inspire and touch others, just as she has me x

Dory said...

Fly free sweet beautiful Daniere... you are now where angels tread my blossom. You are free from the ravages of your illness, and the burden it brought. And your strength, courage, and sheer joyfulness at life, irrespective of what you were dealt, nor how insurmoutable things appeared. Through- out you fought valiantly, and clung tenaciously to this life. I haven't checked up on your much lately, and I am so so very saddened to read that you have grown your wings. To your parents and sister and brother..... I know they have heavy hearts and these are very difficult times for them. The death of your child is.... well.... the pain eventually changes into something bearable, so rest assured they will come through. They will be changed, and there will always be a hole in their hearts and lives, as you're not there. But they will hold you close in their hearts. Thankyou Daniere and her family for sharing your precious darling girl with us. Fly free Daniere, and be never far from your family's hearts. Your life is not measured by the number of breaths you took but by the moments you took our breath away.

Anonymous said...

Missing you Dainere, think about you everyday! Mez Xx

Yogi Marsahala said...

Miss you Dainere

Alana Jones said...

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