Saturday, March 9, 2013


2nd to 8th March 2013

"Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all", this is a quote by Dale Carnegie and I think that it is so true.  So many people take the easy road and just give up, I believe in continuing to fight right to the end, it is only then that what seems impossible becomes possible.

Last weekend was spent working dedicatedly on my English assignment, the feature article for Macbeth.  I really wanted to challenge myself and look deeper into the story, so I decided to look at Lady Macbeth as a Merciless Mistress of Manipulation. Macbeth would have done absolutely anything for her, their relationship was actually the most happiest of all Shakespeare's couples.  She was full of ambition and wanted great things for herself and her husband, however she did not think, and the actions that were taken to murder Duncan took a toll on her and the once strong, powerful woman became weak and guilt filled, she went insane and took her life. 

At school this week we got our first assignment for Sports Science, it is to write nine fitness training sessions for a sport, looking at the FITT (frequency, intensity, time and type) principle and the components of fitness.  I am extremely excited about this assignment and I am looking forward to planning my sessions which I am going to do on throwing. 

In English we continued our work on Macbeth, we even watched a documentary about Ethan Hawke and the research he did to play the role of Macbeth in a stage play, I found it very interesting. 

Maths this week was focusing on revision on all our algebra work in readiness for our first test of the Term.  After this unit we will be moving onto a unit called Money Matters. 

We also had a day off school this week as it was moderation day, on that day our Year 12 students did practise for AST, which is an exam they have to do later in the year.  Jarrett had to do this as he is in Year 12 this year.  They have to write an essay and then later on they do short answer responses.

I had my usual Physiotherapy appointment, Kaitlyn worked on my right side; my leg, buttocks, hip, back and neck.  Then at the end of my appointment, I had three glorious heat packs on me.  Heat helps my muscles and my pain, so I always love having them on.  I don't have physiotherapy next week as Kaitlyn will be away, so I will be really looking forward to my appointment the week after. 

This week I have had a bit of a runny nose and a cough, I think that the changes in weather and being at school where people are coughing, sneezing and also have runny noses, has contributed to this. 

Something that I have found extremely frustrating this week is that my throat has been feeling really restricted, it is as if there is something in it, blocking it, putting pressure on it.  At times it is a bit difficult to swallow and when I am eating it can feel as though the food won't go down.

It was Interclub today, the weather was a pleasant twenty four degrees and although I was tired and sore from school, I really wanted to compete as it is the second last Interclub for the season.  The events were discus and shot put.  I was again throwing from my wheelchair, which is not ideal for a thrower but I just love to compete.  In discus I managed to throw 3.24m, not as good as how I threw at Championships but I was still really happy with it.  Then in Shot put I threw 1.26m, this was also not quite as good as at Championships but I had a huge smile on my face and one of the officials told me that I had one of the best techniques he had seen. 

Next week is the last Interclub, there is only one throwing event on as the center of the AIS field will be closed in preparation for Relay for Life.  I am hoping that I can compete in that and finish off the Summer Season and enjoy myself, the event that is on is shot put. 

Many of my friends are doing wonderful things to help other people this month.  Gavin is doing a special bike ride from Sydney to Canberra to raise awareness and funds for Stillbirth and SIDS, he lost his beautiful little girl Layla in 2011.
Ally is doing World's Greatest Shave to help raise awareness and funds for Leukemia.

I am continuing my efforts to raise desperately needed funds and awareness for Brain Tumours.  I have some copies of the A4 version of my Theodore and Friends - Theodore is Left Out book left to sell and I am going to have a stall at our School Fair as another way to help raise funds, I will sell my book and some other lovely items on the stall. 

A special thank you to Dianne for selling her delicious vegetables from her garden to help me raise funds, I am so appreciative of your help and this will help the researchers maybe one day find a cure for this horrendous disease. 

Have a rainbowiffic week filled with many special rainbow moments in which you find hope.


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you! You are so selfless and the quotes you use are amazing!
They are an inspiration to me!

I love you so much and I hope that there will be many more rainbows to come!


Lysette xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,

Thanks for another wonderful quotation.

You are certainly doing a lot at school.

There seems to be a bit of nasal congestion and coughing at the moment.

You did well at Interclub.

Best wishes for Relay for Life.

Also, best wishes for your stall at the School Fair.

Sending rainbows.



Anonymous said...

Such a true quote Dainere.

Shakespeare is such hard work. When I was overseas last year I visited his house and it was so amazing to be walking through rooms, where he and his family had lived.

Those throwing results are very impressive. Well done.

I'm certainly looking forward to meeting you soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere,
i was wondering if i can buy 2 copies of your book 'Theodore and Friends - Theodore is Left Out'.
Could you please email me at to arrange payment,etc. I have kids at your school so I am happy to leave money with the ladies at the front office if that is easiest for you.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Dainere, just catching up with your blog whilst we still have internet access in Lima , after friday we will be without it for a few days so no blog reading again imfraid . but well catch it later .

Yes amazing quotes , hope your cold and throat are getting better , especially your throat.

WEll done at interclub, your endless passion is amazing .

As we will not have access to the net when your school fete is on we will wish you ALL THE VERY BEST OF LUCK hope the photos sell for you .

We love you dearly , and even though we are 15000 kilometers away you are always in our thoughts . Good luck Princess .

love stuart and meryl