Friday, August 17, 2012


11th to 17th August 2012

Large, white,  delicate snowflakes have fallen in Canberra today and the temperature has plummeted to just 2.8 degrees.  Seeing the large snow flakes fluttering down ever so gently out of the darkened morning sky was so incredible.  As the flakes touched the ground they only sat there for a moment before melting away into just a small puddle of water.

On Saturday, a special friend, Monique organised an afternoon tea and fun activities to raise money for The Sydney Children's Hospital Brain Tumour Fund.  Everyone that went to it brought a special friend with them, a teddy bear or soft toy.  Monique read Theodore and Friends - Theodore is left out to all of the children that were there, they all seemed to enjoy it.  One of the fun activities was using toilet paper and designing a costume for an adult, it was great fun and some of the adults were so wrapped up in toilet paper they couldn't even move!

Then on Sunday, a magnificent cruise and thank you party was organised by the wonderful Cristina.  The weather turned out perfect after the day before had been so miserable and windy, Lake Burley Griffin sparkled as the Pirate Party Boat cruised smoothly and all the guests could take in the spendiferous sights of Canberra.  We were treated to a delicious sausage sizzle on the freshest buns I have tasted in ages and for dessert we had a totally scrumptious Italian custard cake.  I was able to thank some of the people who have played such an important role in my journey.  It was a day that left me with precious memories that I will treasure always. 

My big weekend left me drained of energy and not feeling too well, so I was pleased I did not have school until later in the day.   This week in Maths we are doing Linear Equations and graphs and in Sports Science I worked on the Officiating Course, I completed the first module and I achieved 100% in the assessment.  In English we are working on a huge assessment task where we have to pretend that we have been asked to direct the latest adaption of Romeo and Juliet, we have to create a proposal for a production company that tells them what our vision is for the film.  We do this assignment by keeping a process journal, creating either a storyboard or movie poster and finally a 500-600 word proposal. 

I had my weekly physiotherapy appointment with Kaitlyn and she worked on my spine, neck and right foot.  At the end of the session I enjoyed lying on my stomach with those lovely warm heat packs on my back. 

The sales of Theodore and Friends - Theodore is left out, have been phenomenal, they will definitely be sold out before the end of August with only a couple of copies left, which was a hope that I had.  There will be no further reprints so for those people that purchase a copy they are very unique books and I thank you for supporting my effort to raise funds for research to find a cure for this absolutely horrific disease. 

In the mail this week I was totally surprised to receive a parcel from my oncologist, in the parcel was a gold medal with the words 'Best Chemo Patient' engraved on it.  Those of you who have read my first book will remember that during my chemotherapy I was told that I would end up in hospital many times running temperatures, I did not and my oncologist had promised me a gold medal for that.  It is hanging in my bedroom and each time I look at it, it reminds me to have strength and courage in everything I do.

A huge thank you to Julian who despite terrible weather conditions, ran on Sunday in the City 2 Surf, he completed the demanding run and raised a considerable amount of funds for the Brain Tumour Fund.

In Footy Tipping I am still in the lead on 95, Nana and Pop are both on 91, so anyone could still win the competition with only two more rounds before the finals after this weekend.  My Tigers are playing the Bulldogs tonight, I have everything crossed for them and believe they are capable of winning. 

On a really tragic note, a girl who goes to our school and has fought Neuroblastoma for six years, Olivia Lambert passed away on Tuesday night. She was inspirational and fought so courageously throughout her journey, so I ask if you can say a prayer of comfort for her family during this sorrowful time. 


Anonymous said...

Hello Dainere,

You certainly had a great weekend!

I'm so happy for you about the sales of Theodore and Friends.

Congratulations for receiving your well-deserved gold medal.

Best of luck in the remaining footy tipping weeks.

Sad to hear about Olivia. She is in our prayers.

Kind regards,


Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere,
So lovely to hear that you received your gold medal - you truly deserved it. Don't know about you but I'm busting for the Paralympics to start. Everyone of those competitors have overcome so many trials and tribulations to be there and like you show determination and courage everyday. They really are true role models.
Wasn't the snow lovely. It's such a shame that it didn't settle but the flakes were so big and incredibly beautiful. Not sure if you saw but shortly after the snow storm there was the sparkly rainbow- such a splendiferous sight on such a cold day.
I'm thrilled to hear that there are only a few copies left of your book. I bet they will all be gone by next blog.
It was sad to hear that Olivia had passed away. I can only hope that her family take some comfort in how inspiring she was to so many people throughout her long battle.She will be sadly missed.
Ollie the cat has been enjoying the sunshine. This morning I snapped a photo of him stretched out in the carpet in the sun and his ginger coat looked so glossy. He sends you a head bump :-)
Love and hugs,
Catherine and Ollie xo