Saturday, April 14, 2012


7th to 13th April 2012

This week heralded the last week of Term 1, how quickly those ten weeks have gone and I have reflected on all that has happened in that short ten week period of time.  I had my 14th Birthday, I was diagnosed with a relapse in my spine of my medulloblastoma, my family and I had a terrific time at the Canberra Show, in the ACT Junior Championships I received a Gold Medal in Javelin and a bronze in both Discus and Shot put, I have had five sessions of radiotherapy treatment in Sydney, my Uncle James took me for a special ride in his classic mini and I blew the musical horn all the way up our street, we had a visit from Nana and Pop,  Mum, Nalani and I competed in the Women and Girls Fun Run and I achieved a quicker time and higher placing and with Nalani and Mum's assistance I competed in the School Cross Country and was the 1st AWD Athlete as well as  that I came 7th in my age group.

I have enjoyed my subjects at School and even though I have been in pain and often exhausted I have managed to do well in those subjects and coped with the demands of the workload.  In English this week I worked on some persuasive writing on that too much money is spent on toys and games.  In Maths we have now moved on from probability to perimeter, area and volume and in Sports Science we are now doing work on the human body systems, we looked at the skeletal system as well as the muscle system. 

In Assembly this week I was both surprised and  extremely honoured to be awarded one of the Senior School  end of Term Character awards, peers chose who they think has made a special contribution to the school during the Term.  I got to sign my name in the special book that is kept at the school and has all the names of the students throughout time who have won it. 

Health wise I have had some difficulties this week with pain and tingling down my arms but this has been assisted with physiotherapy, heat, pain killers, rest and massage.  Some days are more difficult than others but I always wake up and face the day with a smile on my face and a positive outlook.  I remind myself that there are people that are in so much pain who can not get up and those who for whatever reason can not move without assistance.  How lucky am I to be able to go to school, do my sport and enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the world outside.

I have my fingers, toes and everything else crossed this week that my West Tigers will win their game against the Panthers.  In footy tipping Nana is ahead of Pop by one and ahead of me by two but that could change if Pop or I have a good week.  I already have two right this week, as I chose Broncos and Dragons so hopefully my other picks will all be winners.

Next week I have something exciting to look forward to, my Occupational Therapist, Tom has organised an electric wheelchair for me, this will give me more independence and assist me to use less energy so I will hopefully be able to do more in a day than I can now. 

May you all have the most splendiferous week and remember to treasure every rainbow moment that occurs in your week, take a picture of it in your mind and keep it there for days that seem difficult. 


Anonymous said...

Dear Dear Dainere , wow yes how quickly that time has gone , and oh dear you have crammed so much into that time its amazing , well done . you will be well up on the human body skeletal system , the class wil find it hard to do better than you in this subject im sure .
Many congrats on everything you achieved Dainere , but especailly this week your well deserved award from school , WELL DONE.

Yes you have had some problems , but as usual you have come through , Meryl and i just think you are an amazing young girl.

Yes we hope you have a good win this week with your footy ,

Oh wo , we are happy that you will be getting an electric wheel chair , it will help you conserve your energy .

Meryl and i wish you the very best for this week coming Dainere , enjoy and take care .

lots of love , hugs and kisses.

stuart and meryl


Anonymous said...

Hi Daniere,
I think I must be tag teaming Stuart and Meryl as we are now in the UK for a holiday. You may remember that my daughter came over earlier in the year and I have gone to collect my mummy hugs.
When I read all you have experienced this last term you are such an example of leading life to the full. You really deserve your school award and it's obvious that you make such an impact n your peers.
Enjoy a well earned rest over the holidays- I hope your pain levels become more manageable .

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere

Apologies for not writing earlier but have been reading your blog, just not time to reply though. Now I have uninterrupted time.

Your 10 week term has been full of ups and downs. You have accpeted your challenges with maturity and integrity, such admirable qualities in someone so young Dainere. I learn from you each time I read your blog. You know I'm always thinking of you.

We took an unexpected trip to Qld for a week. We decided on Good Friday to drive to Broadbeach (10 mins from Surfers Paradise) and it's been a great week although thw weather today is miserable. We left Easter Sunday, no traffic on the road so my husband was happy, I was okay with my back, we stopped often and I walked around and we stayed in Ballina that night. We went via Byron Bay & Lennox Head then onto Broadbeach. We spent two days at Movieworld & Wet n Wild, I didn't ride of course, just looked after bags etc!! The boys have gone Go Karting and I have shopped. Don't know what we'll do here on our last very wet day but we leave early tomorrow morning for home. We've missed our dog a lot, this is the first time we've left him and I felt as though I'd left a baby behinStill one more week of holidays left, thank goodness!

I'm thrilled about your electric wheel chair, this will be great for you. I hope your physio treatments relieve some of the pain/discomfort you experience on a daily basis and I pray that you can have some relief at some stage throughout your day, sleep a little better at night time too.

I think I'm on 30 points, coming about 6th on our comp ladder of 26 people. Silly Cowboys & Roosters won this week, I didn't pick them and I was hoping to select all the winning teams to streak ahead!! Go the Tigers but I'm nervous for them!

Enjoy the rest of your break Dainere, spend quality time with your family. Have you cooked up any sweet treats lately? Holidays are a good time to cook new things.

Take care, Love always, Fran xoxox

Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere,
Sounds like you had a great weeek!
Hope the West Tigers win for you so you can beat Pop in the tipping competition! I say GO BULLDOGS!
I is fantastic you are so positive and inspire everyone around you to be too!
Hope you have a fantabulous week and that you are not in too much pain!
Lysette and Andrew XoX

Anonymous said...

Dearest Dainere,

Congratulations on your award at school. What a wonderful recognition from your peers; there are clearly many students who admire you and your achievements and this was there way of acknowledging it to you. What a well-deserved thrill for you!

The electric wheelchair sounds wonderful - I can't wait to hear how you manage with it.

Enjoy the school holidays. Take time to restore your energy and I hope that you are able to keep free of significant pain.

Go the Tigers!

Lots of love and big hugs,

Anna xoxoxoxoxoxox