Friday, March 30, 2012


24th to 30th March 2012

This week has been Week 8 at school, only two more weeks until school holidays and both of them are short four day weeks with Easter.  Despite tiredness and some increased pain, I have been totally determined to be at school as I really enjoy my learning.

Before I tell you about my week at school though, I have to tell you about something extraordinary that I did on Saturday.  My Uncle James owns a classic mini and after telling him that going for a ride in it and blowing his very entertaining musical horn was an activity I would really love to do, he excitedly took me for that special ride and as we returned up our street, I got to blow the musical horn all the way up the street.  I had a huge smile on my face, I had a splendiferous time and it is something I will remember.
My Special Ride in Uncle James' Mini

Now for school, in Maths we are still learning about probability, it is actually a difficult concept but once you 'get it' it is rather easy. This week we looked at Representing Probability, tree diagrams and sampling with and without replacement.   In Sports Science we have been working on Sports Nutrition and today we just commenced work on the human body systems, I have been waiting to do this as I have learnt so much from Nalani and Jarrett about Anatomy already.  In English we have been doing some Grammar work as well as learning how to do a persuasive essay.

I have a Sports Science Assignment where we have to keep a physical activity and nutrition log each day for seven days and then next week we will have an open book assessment based on the information we have written down.  I also have a Math probability assignment based on the what we have learnt in class. 

On Tuesday I had physiotherapy, Kaitlyn worked on my back, buttocks and legs, she found my spine was a little croaked so she did a gentle release on it.  I had heat put on my neck and back and was given two new exercises to do. 

Today I had my flu injection, it did not hurt at all going in but after it came out it really stung and throbbed.  At least now I will be protected from the flu which in Canberra during the colder weather affects many people. 

My wonderful Occupational Therapist, Tom came this week with a special bath seat to help me get into the bath and also some bull horns for the toilet to make life just that bit easier for me.  Then today I was surprised with a ergo-tilt which you use at school or home to put your work on so that you do not have to bend your neck so much.  I feel very lucky to have this new equipment and know that it will make a difference for me.

I am so looking forward to competing in the Women and Girls Fun Run on Sunday, I am so determined to beat my time of 49:47 and coming 628th for the 5km event.  I am hoping that the forecast of showers will not occur until after the race is over. 

I hope that my West Tigers can find some inner strength and determination and win their game this weekend, it is very disappointing to see them sitting in second last place on the ladder at the moment.  I am still coming last in footy tipping, Nana and Pop are now equal and I am one behind them.

Next week will be a busy week not only with School but also I have an appointment with my paediatrician, physiotherapy and I have my School Cross Country on Thursday which I am very excited about. 

Sending you all many rainbows to fill your week with the most precious memories that will make you smile and brighten the lives of all those around you.

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