Friday, August 19, 2011


13th to 19th August 2011

As I type this post, the winds outside are powerful and ever so arctic, they are rattling the doors and windows, as they blow they are whistling with a high pitch sound that makes you cringe and rain which is more like sleet is falling from the grey skies.  We were out in the weather all rugged up for the opening ceremony of The Australian Cross Country Championships at Stromlo.  Although the weather is so bleak and miserable I had a smile on my face and felt so very proud as I watched Jarrett in his ACT School Sport Uniform during the ceremony.  Athletes who make it to that level truly love their chosen sport and show amazing dedication and skills.  Tomorrow is Jarrett's race, he is really excited about it and is hoping for a personal best time, I think he really deserves to do well.

We have had miserable weather for the entire week with two inches of rain falling in just the past day.  At School in English I am now reading the novel The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, we are still continuing to do algebra in Maths, in Science we are continuing our work on Chemical and Physical Reactions.  In Textiles I have begun a cross stitch bookmark which has my name on it.  In World Studies we have an assignment and I have chosen to do research on Child Poverty in the Developing World.  It is hard to believe that next week we will be half way through this Term, time just flies.

I saw Rhiannon for physiotherapy, as usual she was able to provide me with some relief from stiffness and pain I have been experiencing.  She worked on my neck and shoulders, knee, foot and hamstrings then she gave me some more exercises to help strengthen my upper body in preparation for the athletics carnival which is on 16th September, I am hoping to compete in all the throwing events and by strengthening my upper body I will be able to throw the discus, shot put and javelin further. 

Nalani has had so many assignments over the past week I feel so sorry for her, she works extremely hard on all her work.  With all the school work she has, it has been difficult for her to continue her rehabilitation on her knee but today at the opening ceremony she went for a jog on the course and she was so thrilled when she was not limping. 

I have nearly finished my latch hook craft, when it is completed I will take a photograph and post it on my Blog.  In the footy tips I am still winning, Nana is five points behind me and poor Pop is twelve points behind me.  I am hoping that the West Tigers continue to play well this weekend. 

Sarah who is a very inspirational lady, who I have mentioned before on my Blog has a website which tells all about her journey it is, her story is truly extraordinary and provides hope and inspiration for many people you may like to look at it. 

Today I saw two beautiful rainbows in the sky, I hope that they will bring all those people who are going through a difficult time or just feeling blue some happiness and hope throughout the coming week. 


Faseeha said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dainere,

I'm a long time reader first time commenter, I think not only your story but you yourself are so inspiriational, your attitudes towards life is very uplifting and I feel so honoured to have read all about your journey. I first found your book through talking to my sister who bought a copy online, then being inspired by it I decided to continue reading your blog on here and let me say what a tumultuous yet inspiring journey you have been on and continue to be on.

I remember quite a while back you mentioned a girl that is going through a similar journey, and you provided a link to her or her parents blog. I would love to read all about her and learn more about what it like to be going on such a special journey likes hers and yours. And if you can share more links about other people's journeys who are equally as inspiring as yours would be lovely.

One last thing I am going to start a 5 cent jar in your honour, I was one of those people who disregarded those little coins as I thought "it's only 5 cents" but after hearing your thoughts about it you are so right; each one just adds that little bit more tonwards helping to find a cure.

I look forward to continue reading and following your brave and truly heart warming story.

Kind Reguards Michelle :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Dear Dainere, oh the weather is causing havoc isnt it , what a shame , for Jarrett , hope the weather was better on saturday for him and you .

Oh wow you school term goes so fast Dainere , your days are so full of lots of interesting things .

Oh thats magic about the Athletics carnival , we do so hope you can take part , in all those throwing sports . GOOD LUCK .

OHHH thats great news about Nalani and not limping Well doen Nalani , you are truly inspirational , we are so glad for you .

We look forward to seeing a photo of your latch hook craft work .

Im sure your well wishes to people experiencing difficult times or just feeling blue will be realised Dainere .

lots of love to you for a great week ahead for you .

stuart and meryl xxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere

I read your book earlier this year and recently gave it to a friend whose partner is undergoing treatment for a Medulloblastoma (diagnosed as an adult). The entire family has found your book very comforting and informative


Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere

Glad you had a quieter week last week. It would have been good to have a week where you could catch your breath and recuperate from your tests, etc, in Sydney.

How are your exercises going this week? It's great that you are preparing for the Athletics Carnival. It's good, too, that Rhiannon is able to give you some relief from pain and stiffness.

I saw that it was -3 in Canberra this morning but that the temperature got to 20! What a wide variation! I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather. Do you have anything planted in your garden?

Hope Nalani isn't getting "snowed under" with work. Good that her jogging went well. Hope Jarrett has a good week, too.

Thanks for sharing your special insights with us.... lots of rainbows to you, too, and a special week,