Friday, January 14, 2011


8th to 14th January 2010

What a devastating week we have had in Australia, the destruction and loss of life that the Queensland floods have caused is just heart breaking.  My Nana and Pop live in Queensland and I prayed constantly for their safety and that the floods would not break the 1974 record, my prayers were answered on both accounts but still there is just an astonishing amount of damage and sorrow from this tragedy.  Now today we are hearing similar news from Victoria and Tasmania.  So many lives are being changed but I heard one man say on one of the reports that even though he had lost his house and most of his possessions they could be replaced, it is life that can not and he is just so grateful to still be alive. 

The journey these people have been on will now change their lives forever and they will grow stronger from it just like those that travel any difficult journey in their life time.  It will also bring communities and the people within them together, bonding them in a special way. I have watched the reports on television throughout this week and I think that we are so lucky to have technology today that does make us more aware of what is happening around us. 

We have had showers and overcast grey skies here in Canberra most of the week with rain predicted for the weekend, it is not like Summer at all.  With Nalani having had her knee surgery and the recovery process being a slow one, having to be indoors has not been as mundane as it would have been if our weather had been glorious.

This week I have experienced some concerns with my right ankle and heel again, when I was walking using my rollator which I am confidently mobilising around the house with, I experienced sudden pain that was a throbbing, sharp pain that caused my ankle to buckle under me.  I could not put weight on that foot for the rest of the day,spending the day using heat packs and panadol.  Pain is a terrible thing to have to put up with constantly and I know that many people have to live with it every waking moment and that must be so difficult and impeding for them.  My pain is something that brings tears to my eyes but at least it can be relieved and I am extremely grateful for that.

I have spent quite a bit of time working on art and craft projects this week, including making a special doorstop for Nalani for her Birthday which is next week.  I have also completed one of my paintings for the auction this year and have almost finished the second one and I am so thrilled with what they look like and I hope that they will put some sunshine and hope into others lives. 

Doing all my physiotherapy exercises to become stronger is extremely important to me because the stronger I am then I will be able to face any obstacles that are thrown my way and recover from them more rapidly than if I am weak.  I can notice a considerable amount of difference between my right and left sides, my right is weaker and I often find it fatigues so much more quickly, fortunately I learnt to use my left to perform many functions that my right normally did prior to having my tumour. 

My hair continues to grow slowly although it is patchy and was really very dry and wiry, my Nana gave me a special product to use on it called Argan Oil, it can be bought at a hairdresser and it adds moisture to your hair, it has helped mine to be more nourished and have some shine.  I wish that there was a similar product you could use on your scalp as mine is dry and scaly.  I am counting down the days until I have my first hair trim in almost two years, there is not much hair there to trim but it does truly need a tidy up so it does not look so wild and perhaps the trim will encourage growth. 

Jarrett ran at the AIS last night at an Interclub meeting, he ran in the 3000m, he ran amazingly, he easily came first in quite a large field of all ages, he even lapped some people two times!  He has been working hard on all his breathing techniques since being diagnosed with Vocal Chord Dysfunction and it has made a difference.

I have got back to playing Upwords again, it is such an enjoyable game and lots of fun for the whole family, I think I have recommended it before but I will do it again especially because so many people are stuck indoors because of poor weather.

Next Wednesday is my MRI , that is Nalani's 17th Birthday also, I have to admit that I am a little nervous about it but as always try to remain positive.  You are trying to get on with your life and are reminded of what has happened to you every time you have to go for tests, I guess it is natural to be a little nervous.  Sometimes I have headaches, seizures, pains or  balance issues, I just try to ignore them and move forward and that is what is so important although it is also important not to ignore some things if you think that they don't feel right. 

I believe that hope is such an important part of our lives and we should never give up hope even when our life seems like it has been turned upside down because through hope we could create a light that will become brighter and more clearer as we head towards it and find happiness.

Please pray with me for all the victims of the Queensland Floods that they will find strength, determination and spirit to move ahead from this devastating event.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dainere

So pleased to hear Nan and Pop are safe and well and that the flood did not reach the 1974 level. The devastation around Australia is unbelievable and incomprehensible. It will take so long to repair, restore and renew. It must be heartbreaking but, as you say, people are resilient and grateful that they are still here.

It is great that Nalani is making good progress. She must have been tired of walking like a chicken! :-) Is she looking forward to her birthday?? No doubt she is!
:-) I really hope and pray that you can have a "double celebration" on Wednesday with her birthday and a great MRI report.

Jarrett is going really well with his running! Congratulations! What is next for him on the running calendar?

We could use a little of your overcast and wet weather, though I saw Canberra got to 31 deg today. We have had over a week of hot, humid weather and it looks like continuing for the next week as well. But I'm not complaining, I know what terrible weather other places are having.

Hope that your right ankle and heel are improving. You must be a speed demon now on your rollator. You are very dedicated in doing your physiotherapy exercises. Well done! It's great that you are getting stronger.

Thank you for sharing with us, and best wishes for Wednesday,


~~Just Me in T~~ said...

As if natural disasters, such as the horrendous floods in Queensland were not bad enough for people to have to deal with, stories are now emerging of ‘low life’ looters, stealing from the victims.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere
Going away for a few weeks, but I will certainly be thinking about you on the 17th. Hope everything goes well, look forward to the news when I get back. Until then, keep smiling. Luv Sandra xoxox :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dainere,Thankfully the water levels are now going down, , so glad to hear that nan and pop have not been evacuated or affected.
we learn from these events dainere , lets hope we make use of it .

Meryl and I hope and pray that your ankle recovers , I guess when its pain is bad then that is the time to relax off using it for a while , Im sure Rhiannon can advise you about that .

So glad you have finished on of your paintings , we hope the auction goes well.

Congrats to Jarrett , he is a future Australian athlete we are sure.
we have talked before about your MRi , sincereley hope all goes well.

we will of course pray for the people affected by these terrible flood. lots of love stuart and meryl xxx

Anonymous said...

I too have family in Brisbane and Qld and thankfully they are all safe. It has been truly awful there with loss of lives as well as many animals not surviving. Australia is such a beautiful country but also we have the floods as well as bushfires.

The spirit of those people however, as with all australians, has shone through.

I will be thinking of you on Wed and praying that the news is good.

It is great to hear how well your brother is running and that Nalani is doing better.

Keep smiling :)


Anonymous said...

Hello Dainere,
Such devastation from the floods. Here in Port Stephens we are needing rain. So pleased that your Nan and Pop are safe. It is only natural to feel nervous and apprehensive. As you say, hope is so important and is so helpful in our lives. Praying for you that your MRI will show that all is progressing well. Give Tinderbelle a huge hug. I have a dog, Jessie. She is such a comfort to me. God bless you Dainere. Elizabeth Rayfield

Carol said...

Hello beautiful!

Can't wait to hear about your haircut - what fun! I also use Argan oil on the ends of my hair ... my hair is very fine and the ends dry out terribly, the oil helps protect them a little.

Thanks for your e-card before Christmas, I hope you and the family had a lovely Christmas and holiday. I took the boys back up to Blackheath in the Blue Mountains where we stayed last year, too. The first couple of days were VERY foggy and drizzly but it meant that at night we could light the fire. It was very beautiful. Then it cleared up and became sunny and hot so we did all of the fun things at Katoomba and drove out to Jenolan Caves for a day, too.

Hopefully I'll be able to make time to visit Canberra for a weekend again within the next couple of months and I can come say hello to you all.

Lots of love,

Carol Duncan